Quality Learning Tools for Toddlers & Young Children

Wholeness All,

Just wanted to know if any members have links to or any information concerning quality learning tools for toddlers and young children that will not expose them to the classical conditioning programs in use by the system and or tools that can be utilized to enhance the clear frequency that they already posses?

If anyone has any leads for me it would be greatly appreciated!


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Yvonne, Thank you! :)

JZ, The spring term starts next week. You can see what I have done with the students so far and look at what I'm pulling together for the spring term at: http://mulberrylearningcoop.wordpress.com/   This is the site the students go to for assignments. The classes I mentor are Creative Wordplay and Mysteries of Ancient History in the 4-5 group and Grammar in the 6+ group. Please share your thoughts.

Hi folks - I'm loving this information.   Here's a link - it might have been covered already - to Glenn Doman's work which I discovered over thirty years ago.  Proven to work for children (including those who have sustained brain damage) - flash reading cards is one of the methods.   Exciting stuff!  Babies can learn to read!


Blessings!   Yvonne :)

We highly suggested looking into Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Schooling. There is a absence of technology and inorganic teaching practices in the curriculum, so to create an organic human being. Not to say that ebooks and certain videos cannot be utilized, but there is not a reliance on technology to teach the students. Agriculture, astrology, music, self expression are some of the subjects that are taught at a particular age, when the need is developed. For example, revolution and war are taught when rebellion starts to kick in.


Wholeness Benjamin, thank you for sharing. I have waldorf curriculum. What's your thoughts on how waldorf bases it's early teaching with children based on all the different religions? I kind of came to a stopping point because I was trying to decypher why they were using religion and what the purpose was for this. What's your thoughts on this?

Hello my friend,

While we have not attended a Waldorf school or thoroughly studied the curriculum, it would seem as though the intention would be to reveal the truths within the common dogmas of today's cultures.

Steiner, concerning agriculture, actually spoke on elemental spirits and their importance in growing food and living among and with nature. Check this article out ...  http://oregonbd.org/nature-spirits-beth/

Where did you find that the Waldorf schooling failed you, or the children? Perhaps you can shed some light on some specifics?

While we don't morally agree with all of the biodynamic practices developed by Steiner, specifically the use of animal carcasses and internal organs, the idea of karma free plants is deeply beautiful and surely idealistic. We tend to see Natural Farming & Permaculture as a cleaner, more efficient means to true world building. Off topic a bit, but children should really all be learning their lessons from the world around them. Introducing a curriculum like permaculture and agro-forestry will teach our children that humans, are in fact the stewards of this land.



love this thread
thank you for the information!



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