Proving housing costs only 3,000 and hard work in the UK

Proving housing costs only 3,000 and hard work in the UK 

The man had no skill or experience prior to this construction, it was all self built in Wales.

I wasn't sure where to put this but I hope it helps, as it looks pretty good, and was built from recycled sources, using the earth as an insulator again.

Maybe the resistance site would benefit from somewhere to post cost saving tips like this, that will help people move out of their current deadlocks. Such as the necessity to usage a mortgage to gain a home, or the reliance on certain poisonous building materials, which this man and his family have avoided.

Please post your own examples if you have any, I know Whole once showed me an excellent site.

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hmmmm....... this is a grand view of natural  potentials, for  All...

Thanks for sharing it...  The flooring looks great  and have an expensive look to them. 

Simond, the name is fitting,...brings up  a sort of robin hood factor... 

simond-  diamond

in the rough

indeed outside of the box

mort·gage   (môrgj)

1. A temporary, conditional pledge of property to a creditor as security for performance of an obligation or repayment of a debt.
2. A contract or deed specifying the terms of a mortgage.
3. The claim of a mortgagee upon mortgaged property.
tr.v. mort·gagedmort·gag·ingmort·gag·es
1. To pledge or convey (property) by means of a mortgage.
2. To make subject to a claim or risk; pledge against a doubtful outcome:
aka- as a dead pledge

mort is also french / latin / english for death, like rigor mortis, mort and mortally afraid.

mortgage thus:gaging (gage/guage-ing) the mort, gaging the death?

those sneaky bankers, it really is a scam, a con-spira-sea, an attempt to con us out of the natural spiral we travel in, you and we. 

The USA would not allow this. if they did I would b there with bells on. 

Is there no version at all of affordable housing in the USA, if there is please share it :)

I would love to live in one of these beautiful......more with nature.

Thank you for sharing.



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