How do we protect ourselves?

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Hi Kuba , the dilemma i'm facing is in human form, i've got a serious problem.
I saw a man with an aura,very peculiar, it was as if it illuminated like liquid mercury or led.
He was very aggressive and quite destructive.,i sent the highest purest form of light to him it seemed that he only continued with more aggression.. ,our home and our lives were threatened in a way i have never felt before .. i tried fire, that made more of an impact, still the anger and extreme hatred of this man, seeming human, although now i feel that perhaps he wasn't a he , but an "it".
This auric field, have you seen it?it was like the liquid man in terminator, its the only way i can explain it..i have not seen anything like that before, perhaps you may assist me on this?
thanks Kuba, muchly appreciate it.
No offense meant .. but Why don't you just avoid him ? And focus on progressing within one's own consciousness ?
hi Santhip, none taken taken, the situation is rather impossible to avoid, if i could , we would.
In short i will just share with you the present situation..trying to be short...we are staying on a property which was a safe haven to my dad, he use to be part of the Old Apostolic church, since then being very disgruntled and i feel he started to see the truth behind this very seemingly illuminati based organization, that is pretty much what started this drama. My dad is disabled, and my mother very sick, i have recently been laid off, and car has been stolen.
current status, they want to evict us, but they are using gorilla tactics with a very aggressive approach. They have invited other prospective buyers to scout the property, let me state this, its not been sold at all, they simply harrass us.
But one incident happened yesterday that absolutely broke my heart, bare in mind that in South Africa its pretty much like the wild west. It seems that everyone gets away with murder here... This prospective buyer came with his troop of workers, and slaughtered all the trees on our property, in a total of 18+ trees, old indigenous, the house we are staying in is a historical monument and over a hundred years old.
So my friend, this is the present problem...the trees damaged the house.
this has terrorism sprayed alover it..and a very old enemy that has made its presence felt throughout our existence...
Come to think of it, i do have the ability to start rain, perhaps i should make a tornado, :) heart is broken and im trying to focus on the spiritual reason/lesson...
That's a tough story. Is it not possible to talk with some non-profits working there ? Is there any kind of law that can be sought after ? I am sorry to hear this. Maybe deep meditation may reveal some kind of insight.
Hey Santhip , indeed i had a deep meditation, the message came to me where i was in a place with many books, and a women of no significant appearance gave me a very thin little book, titled : the art of war...really great...we are not giving up and i found the book online.....have a lot of reading material...
will keep you up to date...
By the way, the law is on our side, and we have some probono lawyers working on this case..will keep you informed...
wholeness to you and everybody else who supporting me, i can feel the energy..
hey Everybody, thanks i checked it out, also downloaded some books, this is great,Misty, how did you manage to find books like that?these are surely worth posting on wikileaks :)
Camphor basically strips the air running spirits away for long periods. The is another post like this that came up just recently, if someone could link these posts that would be great.
camphor and sage go hand in hand... great for protection and cleansing
Indeed and don't forget the high frequency downloads in the "downloadable tools" section to bring up the overall vibration.



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