Looks like frequency month. :-) The track you will find attached below is the best of its class. This is a track designed to keep you in the mentally awakened state during meditation which prevents you from basically falling into the Theta region while meditating.


Within the track you will hear a heart beat, but you will notice if you talk or do not pay attention you cannot here the heart beat. This is due to the status of your concentration and if your mind has wandered without you knowing it. So the goal is to focus on the heart beat. Any moment you cannot hear the heart beat during meditation this means you have drifted into another state that will not allow you to maximize you meditation experience.


This frequency has been labeled "Premium" because it is all, if anything, a intermediate - advance Meditator needs to reach higher states in their meditation. This should not be confused with Chakra Activation tones as they are for Chakra activation. This tone is an aid to assist you in reaching higher states of meditation without falling asleep or getting distracted unknowingly. Wholeness.



Post Script: This track has been shortened to 7 minutes in order to meet the 7MB download upload limit so it is suggested you place the track on loop or repeat before meditation.

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Thanks :) Do you know if theses are generated at 432hz?

Thank you 7.

But isn't the the goal of meditation to reach the Theta and Delta regions while awake, or somewhat conscious?

Again thank you.

thank you ,I think this will be helpfull in the journey.I ve used the chakra tones for man its been like 2 years now.Its been great
Thanks sevan.
Wow this is great thanks sevan
To everyone you are more than welcome as you have all given me so many reasons to not only exist but to push it beyond the limits.

Sevan first thank you for this wonderful Meditation Mp3 it is very helpful to me and i have Entered in practicing ancient kundalini tuning methods were we can tune our chakra from our eyes alone sensation in eyes can be felt when touching each chakras and use eye as a spiritual tool to control all seven chakras very very advanced method not recommended for individual with negative karmic level this is very helpful for 3 Dimensional manifestation it is used most by Siddhas.

Seven i need to record the frequency of this 7 stones i hope you have all this stones

Amethyst,Moonstone,Lapis Lazule, Malachite,citrine,Garnet,Carnelian this 7 sacred stones when placed in specific geometry position according to planetary position which will harmonize individual health and spiritual growth at present this doc present in oldTamil which is very hard to translate but i am trying will share it after the practice and its outcome.

My guru told me some stones not vibrating with Harmonic to Earth it needs very pure heart soul consciousness to heal the stones and make it right.

My friends to working on it i dont know what is My higherself plan about this stones,But i am getting Good Vibes need your help on this any info might help in our path.

There is Myth about this stones connecting Lord Shiva

This is also an organic method in Ch'an (zen) Buddhism..to keep awareness on your whole body.  If you drift come back to the method.

perfect timing 

Mr Sevan,
I will be traveling to Costa Rica. in the upcoming days and would like to meet up with you and your team to learn more about the movement, and to discuss possible ways in which I can contribute to the resistance.
I am a fan of the work, and my thirst for knowledge is growing more and more each day.
Hence, I hope to see you soon out there.



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