Just curious if anyone has experienced such a thing? If so please explain how this is achieved, thank you.

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I remember looking at this on a coast to coast program where a man named Neil Slade was demonstrating how one can use their imagination to flick their amydala into pleasure mode. This was done through imagining a feather and ticking the other where the amydala was present. Here is a picture of where it could be as well as additional information from Neil's Slade that will be helpful. neilslade.com/art/brain/chap1.html





Wow thanx for the info. I've been imagining but nothing yet lol! let me know if you hear of anyone this worked for k.

Keep working on it, this is all very new right? :) its all in the imagination and really tricking your brain into believing you just penetrated your skull with a feather as the brain cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Sometimes you gotta move around until you hit the right spot. you should feel a happy peaceful feeling once you hit it

When I too first read about this recently I was very intrigued and decided I preferred to learn from Neil's teacher T.D.A Lingo. Finally was able to find his work book. I haven't read any of it yet, but hopefully it can be of use to you! Let me know how it goes!


Thats a great find thanks kaizen!

Awesome! Thanx soo much for sharing, I will let you know how it goes.

I've actually done this while trying to first activate my third eye. I never heard that term, however I'm glad you used it, because it leaves me with more things to look up.

But I started by trying to find the energy point in my forehead. I first practiced focusing on it, and eventually was able to be able to feel it shift forward or backwards. You can kind of hear and feel it move.
If you get rid of fluoride in your diet and practice every day, I'm sure you can do it. =]



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