Plasma Cosmology according to the Electric Universe

Greetings Everyone,

I hope that most of you take the time to evaluate something I hold dear and that has transmuted my once pessimistic cosmological view.

Currently there is in a sense a Copernican like revolution occurring in reference to the way science interprets the phenomena that is viewed not only in our local solar system but the universe at large as well as small.

The basic premise is that the fundamental force that drives our reality is electric in nature and not gravitational. We and everything within the cosmos are instead electric circuits interacting with one another exchanging the energetic flow of multiple celestial bodies.

From a scientific point of view this resolves inconsistencies with perceptions of our sun for example, as a thermo nuclear reaction with a finite nature into a electric anode that converts the current of our galactic center into life giving energy with unlimited potential and an infinite nature.

I hope that anyone that is intrigued, has questions or concerns regarding this multi-disciplinary paradigm shift take the time to review the link I have provided.

It is difficult to summarize all the fields of science, thought, spirituality and the story of us all that this methodology can effect. I am confident that the individuals that make up the Resistance can find the synchronicity of this event.

Thunderbolts Project

I recommend working your way through the recent videos that highlight the most current developments in the Electric Universe (EU) Community.

I look forward to any insight or input on this subject and I hope you enjoy the implications of this mainstream scientific awakening.

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