Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan


Dear friends, I was fortunate to spend several months in the jungle of Peru with indigenous shamanic healers and I can tell you that the healing and teachings from the plant spirits and indigenous healers are very real and amazing. Now is the time to connect and remember our roots, connection with the earth and our ancestors. I will write more about my experiences here when I get a chance.


This is a great audiobook, one of the best in my opinion in the shamanic/plant spirit field...there are not many books and audiobooks for that matter in English about plant spirit medicine.
This audiobook is about 6hrs long and has many parts. Download here: PSM (FULL) 3 files (its too big to upload here, short clips below). It contains a lot of ancient knowledge and practical teachings about plant medicine, nature and indigenous teachers. Well worth a listen, especially when alone...or sitting on the bus etc.


"Ancient shamanic practice compelled the magician-healer first to make contact with the spirit of the plant to ask for its help before administering the herbal cure. This practice is alive today in Mexico among the traditional Indian shaman healers-principally the elder Huichol Indian shaman and plant spirit healer Don Guadalupe Gonzales Rios. Elliot Cowan reveals these ancient practices and guides the reader in the effective use of the wild herb plants in the area in which he or she lives. the result is a wonderful psychic and spiritual approach to holistic healing"

If you like it get the book here on Amazon:
Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants



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Thanks James, I'll give it a listen for sure.  

Sure, glad to share. sent you a pm.

Thank you for sharing this valuable audiobook.

glad you found it useful. I'm going to give it a listen again soon...learn something new from it everytime.

downloaded, thanks james!!! 

i know some friends of mine who will enjoy this too

James thank you for sharing your experience, I live in Mexico and here there is a lot of knowledge by the Aztec and Mayan people who have been thought by their ancestors about ancient healing and health methods using plants. Please let me know if I could send information or something you may require.

Wholeness   Julio Renaud

Thank you!

great book. this page is the best ever.

wow this is great thankyou so much

Thank you for making this available!



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