Gota Kola (2) 500mg tabs in the morning first thing and then in the evening. If you start getting headaches decrease to one tablet. The headaches come when the body has too much grease or non-akaline food intake. Brushing the whole body especially around the crouch with a soft brush stimulates the Lymphatic system thus lossening what generally holds you in the body. The lymphatic system tends to be like a giant clogged pore. Covering your eyes while sleep increases dream awareness and can lead to lucid sleep which is just as valuable as astral travel. Even a small light from a powered off electronic device will disturb REM. The whole body is light sensative, sleep in the dark.Etherium Gold and Etherium Black and Alterra really boosts the elements that the body is missing, the body is the real alchemist turning at time garbage food into serotonin meltonin etc, however it is missing certain elements that the Elite are sure people do not get on a regular bases such as Iridium and Rhodium. You will find them here . Whole body breathing before sleeping, forcing air into the stomach and imagining the pockets in your diaphram located across your lower back is blowing up. Thier are three chambers that hold air thier, working on popping open these chambers will allow meditation to feel like you just took the purest elixer. I will post more as it comes to me, in addition check in the library later and thier will be a book on 3rd eye awakening techniques. We are here for you.

Sleep with crystals, they are alive and have always been our patient allies.

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I also hit that page and eventually came to the conclusion that when you really do the research. All that etherium is is a special form of trace minerals derived from natural sources such as sea-salts, rocks etc. The state that materials are in are called mono-atomic. In this state the material is something quite different from the original element. In this state it can be found in every plant, animal, and human. There is a more detailed description here if you haven't read it already.

good stuff


So please tell me more about . when your sleeping with electronics on. i really feel like im being block from something when im on my way to sleep. what is that? why is that?. whats the rem for it? thanks MBM
Do some research of that with orgonite, positive orgone and dormant orgone energy, I think all your questions regarding that will be answered.
thank you! love and blessings

@ Sevan


Thank you for the info, I've really been struggling with astral travel, i''ll definitely add me to my routine. I was also wondering if it were possible of ways to activating ones third ear at a later point. I ask because I found breathing techniques to really activate my third eye when I placed my awareness into it and I really noticed a difference in perspective when I'm walking around and all of a sudden it'll vibrate. I'm still experimenting with it but I would like see if maybe combining the two would expand my awareness as well as others, thank you

Crowley's Book 4 is a secret document outlining out to enter the astral realm.

one can not THANK you enough,sincerely appreciate all that you have gone through to be able to get this information and share it in totality.WHOLENESS ,THANKS

Chamae rose also I find helps cleanse the lymphatic system as well as other major organs I`ve been using it for three months and my body feels lighter

Hey all,

I came across this link:

I found it quite useful and very relaxing.

Also another link for those of you out there interested in frequency/meditation.





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