In one of Sevans' broadcasts (TimeBreaker, I think), he mentions the moment in perfect balance between day and night. I have googled that query every which way and only come up with photography/health links. Does anyone have a clue?

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Yes, from what I remember there was a symbolic component on that and it was something about "the moment". Although he indeed mentions that point of the day and night, that's not really the only way you can approach it. The more a person Listens to what is being said the more it can be seen that there's always a metaphor behind, in this case it's more like fractal dynamics, or realm dynamics actually and it's like this: just like you're breathing, there's that moment after breathing out and just before you breath in again, right? Likewise you can find that moment when you're waking up but you're not quite awake and not quite completely asleep anymore, right? So it is the same in that balance point of the day and night and likewise there's that space between heaven and earth which is the mind. The mind is what gets between your "heartly" body functions and the "heavenly" astral projections. This means that the perfect moment for a person to be aware and jump on the ride to astral project is when the mind stops interfering. It is when you're in that balance point having one foot in the dream realm and one foot in this reality that the mind isn't neither too much lost in the dream nor too much awake to get you out of balance and make you actually wake up. See, it's just like the surfer riding a gigantic wave if he is not in the moment he will either be controlled by fear or he will want to be too much in control and fall. That's what this is all about, the moment where there is no judgement. Always search to find the metaphor behind what Sevan says, try not to see things literally all the time. You will see that the man talks multi-dimensionally and there's layers upon layers on those teachings. It comes to a point where it's possible to see a completely another story behind what is being said and that is where the beauty is.


Very well said Ahein,  TY 

Greetings Sara,

I heard this also, and was fascinated by the concept. I have been meditating on it for a while now too. I have had a dickens of a time finding the zero point in science info on the Net too.  But..... eureka ! Gnosis prevailed and this is what came to me....

One needs to find the sunrise & sunset times for that day / night, divide the numbers into each other & the fraction you end with is the exact Zero Point Hour for ones OWN time zone. That fraction is where the Zero point is before 12:00. or one can just subtract the sunrise time from the sunset time ( for YOUR city ) & that is when the zero point hour is ( rounded up ). 

Example: Sunrise: 7:18 AM / Sunset: 6:17 PM...   718 / 617 = 1.1636953  or  718 - 617 = 101 

So... 1 min and one second before Midnight or Noonday is my Zero Point for Today: 11:59  :) 

I also came across some valuable info on the Net regarding the energy balance of earth / solar radiation & the earth.

Wholeness :)    

Thank you both, Ahein & Thai Zen … the best possible balances. 



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