Been struggling within a lot and during full moons i'm furious,morose and feel like and ox in a cage with pent up anger from my solar plexus to my lower regions.  Very childish feelings actually and i am in the process of cleansing my colon to help me regenerate, deep breathing helps a lot yet the more i cleanse the stronger the emotions get. Psychotic people have been testing my anger trying to pick fights and stealing my money/energy in the "hood" where i am at and find it degenerating..Can anyone give me advice on how to strongly repel negativity and vampire style energies? Hopefully I am not wasting anybodies time and at this point in life I would highly appreciate any suggestions....

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Thanks for sharing Neil, the information you brought forth makes me feel like cities are set up as big pigpens or corrals filled with "game" or livestock...

I have felt this way also.  But, not on a consistant basis.  I think, for me, a lot of it stems from the more lies I find out about.  The more I learn that everything that I ever believed in or trusted was a lie. If I spend too much time learning about the abuses and atrocities done to the helpless and innocent and how everything we eat drink and breathe, normally has been poisoned in some way by the same people. Yes, I find myself walking around with a lot of anger.  I found that I was already doing the best thing I could do for myself and you too. By changing your diet, staying away from toxins, especially sugar and continuing to cleanse and trying to be still and meditate,(I know that 's almost impossible in the heat of a moment), and just be conscious of your OWN thoughts. Have a dialogue with yourself when you start feeling really negative and remind yourself that you can CHOOSE, to remain angry and let it run it's course or ChOOSE to stop and then focus only on images and words that would normally give you peace and joy.  Again, even that is hard to maintain sometimes. The harder thing to remember is that you can't repel negativity and vampire style energies when that is exactly what you are attracting to you when you hold those negative energies yourself.  I think one way we can repel the negativity around us, is by holding as much positive energy, (ie, thoughts, images), as we can.  By asking the questions, they are already solved by you on some level.  Just know that you are not the only one struggling.  You could call it "growing pains."  Keep doing what your doing.:)

Love, Taylor

Yea, you are right and can agree about being mad due to all the lies and b******* going on, yet i'm finding that its becoming easier to neutralize negativity as I strive for higher things. Will do regarding holding those positive words/symbols in our minds to break the repetitive chaotic patterns. Gracias Taylor

First I'll tell you what I have managed, to see if what I say will help:

I have neutralised nearly all external situations that would in the past have caused rage now, internally not completely, I still get it flaring up on very odd occassions when something deep is tested, or on the surface when someone pushes me into a corner, and I feel the only way out is simply to make words more forceful.

The latter rarely happens now, I can count the times I've allowed a situation to get to the point of anger, in the last month on one hand for instance, they'd be one or perhaps two. Still enough to burn out the energetic connections on certain parts of your brain mind you, but i'm getting there. - Setting boundaries is the key to the latter, after doing all you can, you just walk away, and even if hounded don't engage, the situation will difuse without you there supplying energy.

Now to neutralise external anger coming at you is very simple. You are in control of all your emotions, responsible for ALL of them, so it takes two people to have an argument. It sounds simplistic but its critical, as if you don't supply the energy for an argument, you won't have one, it just won't exist. The other parties energy will be cancelled out or just not be supplied with the fuel to continue. I say this coming from a father who gets angry at anything, and for so many years from the age of about 12, I would be his fuel, as I would be angry too. The more conscious and woken up I became, the more I realised I generated all thoughts/emotions/situations I was in, I just started stopping arguing, stopping responding with the triggers I always used to have. I have helped heal him a bit even, by showing him that his anger only hurts him, not those he's angry about.

Seeing expelled uncontrolled anger (external) for what it is might help, a loss of control of self, a burning out of your energy and connections to higher self, a total loss of logic and a raging animal state - you never gain anything by anger, it just puts you in a worse position. Simply put it takes a lack of something to create anger, a lack of understanding of what is really the root block of the conflict, a lack of compassion or a lack of control.

Now break down anger you might feel internally, its just intensity, the moment is intense, internal intensity itself isn't the problem. Its when you direct it at someone, it's a problem. Intensity to break through a problem is fine imho, if I feel it for any reason I go find a tough challenge in my life, and direct it at solving that, it gives me fuel, not rage. This I hope backs up what Neil is saying, use the intensity on the challenge. Sadhguru did a great video on youtube on this which helped me realise that much, intent is critical.

Appreciate the response. Basically what you are saying is to use anger's intensity as a fuel to help you through obstacles, instead of it burning you up inside. Thanks for sharing and will try my hardest to put into action.

Very welcome! The second video down at the bottom on this link below is the one I speak of, both were helpful for different reasons for me personally at that point in my life, and as I've located a few points of anger still in me, are worth watching for me again, thank you :)

Highly appreciate you referring me those videos of Sadhguru! He brought another angle of the intensity experienced during anger and so much knowledge, wisdom. Gracias Mark!

Great point, as you cleanse your body and increase your vibration all the darkness you were numb to because of the toxins start appearing out in the world to challenge you and bring down your vibrations, in these moments, see it as a test and abide as Self. Simply witness these things as shadows and realize that they will pass and are their to test as you make your assent into a more subtle states of being. The things must be witnessed and integrated into your consciousness. This processing can be rough as we have several illusory attachments in the world that bog us down. But if you can remain as Self, you will see that these are nothing more than just shadows dancing on the wall, and as you process these things more and more with a good energy and spirit, you will find that the negative energy will fully processed and you will have used it that as fuel for the universe to manifest a more advantageous arrangement. Namaste :)

I would recommend seeing a shaman or astrologer. S/He can protect your align your energy (anger) and give you protection.



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