I've been going to school recently and I have been having difficulty sitting still in class. Does anyone have any suggestions how to pay attention to a school lesson that I do not find to be interesting? I have tried to slow down my breath, but it doesn't help that much and my heart beat accelerates. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. 

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Just a suggestion that came to mind when sitting with what you were saying for a moment:
When you can, take some time in the day to observe what you may feel to be unsettling.(early morning seems to work best)

Also, have you experimented with some of the supplements mentioned within the resistance? Etherium gold and black come to mind without any intended meaning that this will bring resolution to this perceived issue.

thank you dear, i was going on about this topic in my mind for the last few days. there is still some things that are cognitively and emotionally unsettled, so i will try to put more energy and focus into that. maybe, i will try those supplements even though i am apprehensive about pills. but i take cough syrup when i have a cold so let's see if it has a positive effect for this situation. 


Your going to have to go through a considerate amount of frustration no matter who you are . But it will teach you better patience once you get into it . I think thats what throws alot of poeple . Learning to deal with the frustation .

Yes. Don/t think. If you are listening with your whole being giving the speaker full attention, there is no thought. By simply being. Doesn/t help that the school institution is bogus and you/re learning uninteresting things. Breathing control is cool, but requires2 much concentration and the teacher will just become a drone. Quieting an active mind takes practice. Stay present, thoughts are easy2 get lost in, then you/re living in the past or future.

find something... anything, no matter how small it is, which you find interesting, about the lesson, and then make a note of it, and ask questions about it, then research this. know that this time at school too, will end

yes, slowing down the breath, as well as any mental tension such as criticism that is not that helpful would be good to check and let go of. being mindful of your posture, position of your feet and hands also influence how you may feel. 



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