Paleo Hebrew Initial Findings, Resources.

Disclaimer. This is a resource guide. I am just starting my research but want to share what I am finding right away, and the resources I am pulling up for anyone to do the same


1, Introduction

2, Why Study it?

3, Alephbet Reference

4, Paleo Dictionary Reference - With Crown Diamond, Numerlogical Values, Gematria, etc.

5, Dictionary Examples:

6, Further Study Research

1, Introduction

When seeking to get to the root, search for Paleo Hebrew, not biblical Hebrew or Ancient Hebrew. You'll get closer to the middle or early semetic periods of text looking under Paleo. Early and Middle are quite close, everything else gets further from the root, or base understanding of it. 

It is very easy to pick up the basic concepts, as your brain begins to rewire in a different way even after a day or so. The language was made to be incredibly easy, some say inbuilt into us, as it is a journey, alive in its creation of sentences.

2, Why study it?

Your language is your perception and action, it is the boundary of how you think, or perceive what you are doing. Increase or even remove the boundary, and you increase yourself. I am starting to believe that this language is everything because it is a route, a road or a pattern sequence, so the boundary therefore would be everything, or all of creation you wanted to explore.


3, Alpehbet Reference:



I have put that on my wall as one speaker suggested, so that I can glance to it whenever I like, to absorb the symbols, that is how it works, how symbols work.

Now it should be noted at this point that it is possible that as this language is everything, you can take anything out of it, which is precisely why we are where we are on Earth! Please bear that in mind as you listen to individual speakers, it is not just a structure as I keep repeating. Whereas English is more an object orientated defining language, Paleo Hebrew is the program itself, running it all. At least in my initial opinion, its the 'root' on the 'tree' of life.

4, Paleo Hebrew Dictionary


You will only be able to read Paleo Hebrew if you download this font:

Paleo Dictionary Link, the best I have found thus far.

5, Dictonary Examples

(These don't display correctly here, even with the font, but they give an example of what you'll find if you look in the dictionary)

Asnah -

I shall become/a a bramble/thorn/hns.

Notaricon: an individual/a that bristles/s with the potentiality/n of life/h; to focus/a steadfastly/s on the desire/n for enlightenment/h; fractious/aoverextension/s gains/n noteriety/h.

Gematria, 116/wyq: spiritual separation brings struggle.
Numerological Value, 35/
hl: enforced isolation.

My own Aha moment: Enforced Isolation!!! 

 (devahi) -
illness; sorrow, distress; faint, sick, ill.

Notaricon: an emotional/d outpouring/w is triggered/y; perceptions/dimpaired/contracted/w by actions/y; an impediment/d to balanced/wactivity/y.

Gematria, 20/k: the trident.
Numerological Value, 20/
k: (limited) productivity.
wyd/realm; dwy/Yod

My own Aha Moment - Perceptions -> Contracted by actions...

 6, Further Study Resources:


Extended introduction to the language:


Crown Diamond References:

Showing Paleo Hebrew, Greek, and Latin

Showing the possible implications of the letters on the crown Diamond (Pure Theory at this point)

Eriktology Videos


This man speaks about external messiahs, so there is that dogma to move through but the gist of what he is saying, the journey of the language begins to open it up. He does several of these videos on his channel, I've gone through two so far myself. As he says himself you can take this and apply it to any system on Earth, because it is all systems.


I believe this is the referenced dictionary he holds up, but I am not fully sure. 

A reference Guide to Being, Definitions of Light

And their other dictionary references.

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fred wolf first did the 'spectrograms of the hebrew alphabet'- with carlos suares, showing

the power spectra- harmonic geometry of the letterforms sound WAS the optical shape-

I was the first to replicate

pics at

more important is why- the plasma residue geometry of the toroid 'flame letter' symmetry element

is the tetra index of compression become conjugate / centripetal in the brain(image here):

Daniel as always you come along and give me a whole other level :) I wish you did some speeches in England, i'd be there front row center! The spiraling language in the brain to create the reality we perceive, and in the oversoul the matter we stand on.

I am going to resist the urge to jump into questions and take some time studying this, but I'll drop any questions and a PM when I have given it the time it deserves, much gratitude.

the hebrew letter subset of ophanim (golden dawn)

were held in the mind of the shaman- at precisely 4 directions

(exactly the way lasers phase conjugate optics to self organize and time reverse)

and EVERYONE present felt the wind start to implode at center..

storms .. the size of well.. the 'tempest'

in fact dee and kelley MADE the storm which took out the spanish armada

(whose meterology is still studied today)-

Shakespeare historically proven to learning alchemic imploding with dee and kelley in prague

(films tell the history)

a decent intro to steering a solar wind..- our issue of the moment

i just have to say... wow.

A word about external messiahs. If one accepts the maxim "as above, so below," it's reasonable to also accept "as within, so without." The prayer of any messiah worth his salt is that we may be One.

I'm honored that you found affirmations at, Mark; and you are correct in your assertion that paleo-hebrew is very like an .exe program.

The link at provides basic parameters for each of the letters and can be very useful.

finally starting to study this myself, omg, our inheritance is so great. hahaha



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