Emotional traumas are stored in our energy body, these can be both blockages and tearing in the eletro magnetic field of a body. This can be the body of a human, animal, or even a planet. If there is a tear in the bodies electromagnetic field, this can manifest as a sort of leakage of energy from the individual. This tear is literally a hole, A place where energy is both given, and received too readily or easily.This opens one up to being supceptible to negative thought forms, psychic attacks, addictions, spirts, and physcial illness. Have you ever found your self over extending your self either emotionally, or in action to others? Maybe you find your self offering your time, money or services to others consistently knowing you will only be taken advantage of. All these are common external signs of these issues.
Blockages are slightly different. These are areas in the body where fear has gathered energy in a way that restricts proper energy flow through out the bodies. At some point along the way, there was a lesson that was meant to be learned, or a expression of self was limited to such a degree that by clenching up in fear, the body has permanently stored this feeling of limitation down to the celluar level.  Have you ever been in the middle of an activity and felt a sort of tightness or pain in your stomach, chest, maybe your throat? Maybe someone said something to you that cause this sort of clenching in one of these places. Some call these things that cause this "triggers". Some times these blockages can be from experiences so traumatic, that they can cause us to seemingly just react in an uncontrollable knee jerk reflex sort of manner. Childishly lashing out at the cause of the trigger, which may be a string of harsh words at a loved one, possibly a rude gesture to a stranger. Or in some cases extreme violence or psychosis.
If someone were to view an damaged auric field with astral sight, or a slightly active third eye. They would see in the places of many of these tears and blockages would be various parasitic entities residing. In the case of tears in the field, these entities can be seen coming and going from the individual. Entering the body, feeding off the persons energy, and then leaving only to go attack others. In the case of the blockages, one may have some sort of darker entity, or even some sort of lighter entity seemingly lodged in the auric field, creating this blockage. In many shamanic practices, the shaman will enter into a trance and remove these entities from the clients. While in many serious cases, this may be the only way, often one can do this themselves if they know the proper techniques.
The first step to overcoming these types of traumas is to recognize the source of them. There are many paths and methods one can take to work through these sort of things.
The first thing one may want to do is make a list of everyone you have known on a personal basis, be as thorough as possible. Carlos Casteneda called this "taking a personal inventory". If you like, you can start with one person in particular that comes to mind, in which there was one particularly traumatic event. After going through this process with one event, then one can make a thorough list to ensure there are no lose ends.
One cannot move past many of these things simply by talking about them a lot, or thinking about them over and over. They are generally ingrained into the subconscious memory. This is spoke of in my previous write up about homeostasis. The "right side" of the brain, aka the subconscious para sympathetic nervous system.
First get into your favorite meditation position, half lotus, a chair, its whatever your comfortable with really. Next begin a conscious belly breathing. Take a minute to just sit with yourself. Make the out breath slightly longer then the in breath, and pause just slightly at the end of each in breath. Now, engage the parasympathetic nervous system by slowing the breath count to 7.5 breaths per minute. This will begin a slight trance state.  Now visualize yourself as the highest manifestation of self that you can imagine. If you were the most high in a physical body, what would you look like? Your "astral self" flowing white robes? A crown? This is more then just you though, this is the supreme that rests inside of you. If you have trouble with visualization, then do your best to just feel what this would feel like. As your doing this, contract the perineum muscle. This is the muscle that you use if you want to stop urination in mid stream. What this does is awaken the pleasure centers and endorphins in the body, associating pleasure with the reprogramming. Next as we continue as our "astral self" we bring up the memories of our emotional trauma. Think back to the situation where it started. Observe this situation as a third party. As your higher self. But also take note of where this engages your energy body. Where on your body can you feel this happening? In your chest? Stomach area? Now imagine your higher self drawing back all the energy expelled into this situation back into the higher self, imagine this glowing energy being pulled back into the body of the higher self. During this, continue with the abdominal breaths, although at this point you shouldn't be having to think about it, it should be taking care of itself. Lastly feel the feelings of forgiveness for both yourself involved in the situation, and the other party as well. Dissolve the visualization, reside as the higher self for a few moments. And finally dissolve that as well.
To regain the totality of ones personal power one could go through this meditation with all the people you have found on your list, and the emotionally traumatic interactions one has had. I have found it easiest to have each mediation session cover one person on my list.
These practices can be greatly enhanced by working with an alchemical formula, elixir, monatomics, herb, or crystal that is relevant to the chakra, or the type of trauma.
Please contact me directly for a regimen of specific meditation practices, physical exercise, nutrition, supplements, and alchemical formulas designed specifically for you.
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thorough write-up and very helpful.

the way you explain the science is real fluent n comprehendible.



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