Okay, this one took me 6 months of sitting in a glass bathroom testing individual frequencies for hours listing to there effects and positions according to the bodies harmonic scale, finally I discovered it. 3.9 Over Zion

I will say that this month has launched off so rapidly I could not stop this if I wanted to. One day is like one month and I have so many things that I need to upload to you. This is also my birthday month the 22th to be exact and thus I feel the rise is now. I thought I actually lost "3.9 Over Zion" and in fits of shear madness and bouts of disdain grumpiness, all of a sudden I found it, which made me so happy since I no longer have the frequency generator ever since my computer broke that last time I have been unable to buy the software again.


So here is how it works: take a glass or if you would like a hearty supply, something of a glass vase and fill it with your water of choice. This Vase must be glass. Then place the Vase or glass Pitcher, or Wine bottle "no wine please" in front of the speaker and play "Over Zion". What I discovered with this frequency is We can actually raise a column wave in your house the will assist you greatly with energy. Plus it changes the crystalline pattern of the water thoroughly and once the recording is done. "Drink Me" should come to mind, and one now has another key to getting out of wonderland.


You can also refill the glass when it gets no less than 25% empty and the new water will change frequency to that of the existing water, you could also just play Over Zion every time and charge the water and the environment for fun and purified pleasure. Thank you all so much for being here, it is most certain the future is getting brighter as We continue to open Ourselves to being proactive. That is all I had to say for tonight, you are free to roam about the ship, please stay clear of all lowers levels you will find the doors clearly marked. :-)

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At 20 minutes meditation I can certainly see why a really high frequency being might damage this slower, dense version of forced exsistance. My ears were constantly adapting to it. It did some third eye movement too, gave the purple more resonance, shimmers you might say.

Is it beneficial or hindering that the ears both hear different parts of it, even on speakers?

thanks for staying in the lab for us all. listening to this feels like a certain amount of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i am seeing where even with constant reading and videos etc. it is a must to also ingest a balanced mixture of all of these frequency raising tones. this is a constant journey.trying. wholeness to all.

I used a really high quality pair of headphones that fit over my glass vessel of water to charge it and the water was moving quite noticeably by the end of the sequence!

Is it just me or does the water somehow taste different? To me it seems "SUPER smooth"!!!

Will report any other finding....

Thank you for this :)


HUGE energy increase after consuming about a litre of water. I feel clear and refreshed, my thoughts are very calm right now,

Brought a glass to my girlfriend and immediately she noticed a difference in the "feel" of the water.

absolutely incredible stuff!

Been spreading this method for quite some time now and had a good opportunity to test it out on various group. !00% positive results. I have yet to do a PH test, but the water seems to be received as alkaline in the body. It definitely has a flushing effect on the body and raises vibration. The difference between this water and the water that comes directly out of my RO system is night and day. I just keep refilling my glass jug and it programs the water added the vessel. amazing....

Wow. Just started purchasing mineral drops to alkaline my family's water for past few weeks and stumbled upon this. Perfect. Trying it out now! :)

Thank You Sevan!

Here is an image of the setup I'm using, iv'e tried the speaker method but found this way to be most effective. I set the headphones to the maximum level possible without distortion. Headphones used are Denon hp-1000. Glass vessel is 1 US gallon, most "dj style" headphones fit snugly on these. I noticed that I can actually see ripples on the surface of the water when the sound hits a certain octave.


Nice Silas!

Where can I find the tune of "over Zion

in the original post at the top of this page there is a link that says "attachments".



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