Wholeness & positive vibrations to all.

This is my first post since I joined this beautiful teaching site and I'm delighted to read all the information that Seven has posted. Especially the parts where Seven explains the symbolism & how to detect certain pattern.

I have a few questions regarding Chakra points. Firstly, I feel recently that my chakras are being used by other "entities" from time to time; maybe it's nothing but I wanted to know if there is a way to have full control over our own chakras ? And is there a way to find out if there are other "entities"?
I get that feeling due to my activities in the past with a certain group between my mid 20s to my mid 30s and I think that "they" may have tampered or created a portal within my chakras. I could be wrong but there is no harm in finding out :)

Secondly, has anyone seen "life of Pi" ? I think that the tiger is a metaphor for Pi's inner survival persona. What you all think ?

I hope this isn't a terrible first impression of my self, it's just when I have concerns that i am focused on the issue ;)


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Hello, I hope you are feeling better. It sucks when that fear and those that may cause the fear can mess with us and our energy. Just be careful because it is actually a part of the fear energy that may feed into that sensation that other entities may be attracted to and take advantage of. Try to challenge yourself with facing that experience head-on and strengthen your practice and delve deeper into your own inner resources.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but it does look pretty good. I'll probably watch it when it comes to the cheap theaters or when it's released on DVD. 

Here is a link to a book that may help you with psychic self-defense by samantha stevens

take care

I apologise for the low frequency of this post but it has some gems for the original poster as to some of their techniques, if you know of them you might already know the answers or by hearing them your spirit is prepared when it happens (it learns fast). If you can get past the egoic state this post is coming from at present, I hope it helps as I have been wanting to get this into words for a while.

First don't forget the universal law can apply, I may call on it again as so far I cannot beat or move beyond (even integrate) these parts of me myself. If I genuinely cannot pass a one sided challenge, that is when higher forces can even the scales, if it truly is beyond my ability. If you want to know the names of those you face, don't forget the law of challenge has to apply, challenge them for their name three times and they will give it. They may be overconfident and give it on the first ;).


They use my chakras, two entites, one female/childish/fear based (haven't got the name yet) - likes to torment children, and one male/sage/domineering man named Daniel have defeated or rather held my spirit pinned for a long time, when I say long I am meaning thousands of years. Almine scared the male off for a few months, and Rupert Steiner kindly went up against the female to drive her out, but then they returned in force. I got very dejected and almost threw in the towel recently but I had the crown chakra shut down tonight, or at least invert, which has prompted me to decide to go back at it. 

I hate to say it as I know i advise raising frequency too, but raising frequencies doesn't -always- help on the astral, just like crystal barriers are exceptionally potent things across all realms but when you dream, it depends where you're going as to what protection you have. That is where your rooms and lands magnetic map is taking your spirit/plasma field/aura when you dream. High frequency bursts to clear chakras works on the physical but you can't take it with you when you dream, at least i've found no method to yet. (Anything is possible however, as low frequency bursts seem possible, you just need a reliable image or way of generating it perhaps?).

They can portal inside of you and stun you with low frequency entities or images which I have found no defense for as of yet, and usually I adept to their attacks in one night but not this one. When I asked my oversoul to see the biggest block in my chakras I paid a visit to a load of actors, people who barely cared about the show I was in. Mostly the trick is to maze you quite literally, or keep you blinded (physically and astrally) to where your spirit or representation of the body actually is, so you cannot regain control of it. The mind is their battleground, literally as this is how they like it (a battle), no matter how serene you make your physical or even mental life they can and do still bring the battle into the other planes you exist upon. This is the same trick they use on the physical to keep people in sleeper states, either misdirection or to keep people conflicted. If I get a really helpful download from the oversoul they will block it by misdirection, playing tunes just as I am about to wake up or making me think there is a knock at the door when I am still asleep so the dream ends prematurely, all 'near real' or lower astral plane tricks (near real being a plane just before the astral but after the physical).

So what have i learned.

Well usually I am ultimately able to adept to anything, any attack/lesson, usually its just a matter of remembering it or doing what they do and adding my own twist (as this creates a unique skill to me). Yet sometimes, as with the portal low frequency stun trick, I have just never experienced it before in past lives and so have no defense. However things like being able to picture places and jump to them, is just a matter of remembering you can do anything, especially when you are on the mental plane or above (usual dream realm). For instance I adapted jumping by simply creating new places and jumping to them, so I could not be followed. The lower astral realms though are much harder, that is where they sit, as that is where we have less absolute control, it's more of a shared reality matrix we inhabit, with these beings. 

So really what we need is something that works in the near real or lower astral, almost physical but not. I don't think in this case high frequency hits these beings and astral cleansing isn't fully effective on near real or lower astral entities.

This is just my observation, as I feel we move elsewhere  (on the physical) when we dream, and so returning to the body is blocked. With discipline, clean living and a high vibration I can tackle things on the mental planes, but not the lower astral. I know there are those that will say they are doing us a favor, or me a favor by teaching me in this hard school of 'accelerated learning' but i've had it with the knocks :), quite literally.

As to your activities with any group being a barrier to ascension. Before starting to wake up around 2000 I dealt with these entities as a witch does, but don't think that is the only way they can portal in, all they need these days is a regular film and some occult symbolism  thrown in and wala they have their portal. Unless you can close it that is, if you find a way please share it :), 

I know I have a portal in the stomach area and it has nothing to do with diet.

Also while these forces can portal in, so can mystics like almine or adepts from the resistance ;), if you open yourself up. Heck there is even a police force that rounds up these wayward spirits, provided you don't 'hate', fear or worry about the police part of you, be open to the police dropping by I am and sometimes now my dreams have their representations popping up chasing certain spirits. Part of the programming on earth is to hate or fear the police, so you shut them out of helping you on other realms.

Always remember that, ask nice here and who knows maybe one will show up and even the scales for you.

In all that I didn't mention the keys for many, I know it hasn't worked for me, but it works for many. - Research astral hygiene. Its a topic that you may find hard to find information on or people willing to share much, very tight lipped, but again I recommend people like Daniel Winter for this.

I can tell you:

1, Burning sage is effective.

2, Not to leave anything around the bed you don't want to enter while asleep.

3, High Frequency can crack chakra blocks, not portals imho but blocks. 

4, Sacred Space technologies neutralises many issues. 


Here are my own thoughts.

5, Don't waste your sexual energy, as this is energy you could be using when you face these inner demons (dimensions) of your existence. Organised or even better Fractal sleeping areas will allow you more coherent dreaming, again important when overcoming them as you want to be focused on you, not distractions. Whereas eating before bed will drain you of energy, as will sleeping in a chaotic environment (like having the TV on or a powercable by your head), leaving you disempowered or less coherent as a spirit/astral body/plasma field.

6, Most of the spirits in these kinds of frequencies enjoy conflict, so if you are feeling like facing one they will probably oblige you, who knows you might find the technique that neutralises/integrates or otherwise binds them. Set that intent before you sleep clearly in your mind, but be prepared to be in a maze to start with, a maze you don't realise is their creation at first. This is after all how many work.

7, They are pieces of you, much as we (the reptillian part of us) likes to not think of those that cause suffering in this way. As such they can be influenced in the way you influence anything, maybe try portalling into them for a change as one example. With family members the portal works both ways, I don't see why it wouldn't with entities, which are just part of the extended family.

8, If you want to accelerate to the finding of the physical component, perhaps put a piece of moldavite on the chakra they are portaling into, sleep with that for a month. Be prepared to face your fears or challenges in a very direct, condensed manner.

9, If you know a shaman, maybe they can weaken the barriers of the veil a bit so you can face these beings or the portal itself more directly, or at least see what or where its coming from. Who knows they may just have the direct way to bind or banish them.

I am sorry for posting so much but I really hope i helped, as it's something I've struggled with, probably for thousands of years, but certain 30+ :)



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