Today I found myself in the most fortunate position, no internet, this has in turn allowed me to take a moment to write about my experiences in the last week and what I have come to discover. First we must change your perspective a little about what people perceive to be going on. First and foremost we are living in a world that 94% of the people have no idea why they are here and what will happen when they leave. Generally in a flourishing society of harmony these questions would have to have answers that are readily available to its members in order for the said society to be balanced. There is no time for excuses, no time for feeling sorry, clueless, defensive, defenseless, and all that comes with such a reality that We as a Species are in some type of situation, a very sticky situation I have discovered and I'm calling it "Catch 22".

Let me enlighten thee on a few things I have learned along the way but before I do that I will tell you how I continuously come to know things and how it intricately works. Many think magic works like "poof" and fail to see all the inner workings of it, what is between the numbers. Humans are truly magical Beings, this is the thought We must never tire in keeping at the front of Our lobes. How it works is when you are alone attempting to figure all of this out , there will be only so much energy that you can truly dedicate towards penetrating such matters as "what the hell is going on here on Earth". Of course I felt this in early in the quest. In addition one person alone is not worth enlightening by the higher Beings unless they are sure they will share what they will discover with those that need to be reached. I was also told that those with the most wisdom would be the most valuable because they contain "organic storehouses" of information within their Aura. Basically the human being becomes the archive. We moveth about the dimension as Giant Orgone Generators effecting everything that comes in our proximity vanquishing the veils and clouds of the illusion whether We speak or remain silent. 

Because the Resistance is strong and determined We have been given the cream of everything in trust that We will do something with it. The last 2 weeks I have been able to do little more than simply soak it all in, digest it, and divine the proper way to simplify what is being said so it can be dispersed to the people. The Occultation itself has been so strong with the advent of the GB4000 frequency device and the testing of the frequency spectrum of RF channels my intermittent "reality" has been replaced with firm "actuality". There has been visits and various transmissions from many things since the channels are now amplified cellularly, however, my work does not focus on ET contact, I see one every time I walk out the house, and most are in human bodies ;-). No matter what shows up the focus still is, what's going on, give Us some answers that can be proven and are factual, go ahead I can deal with it. So with this persistence and the shear fact that the info itself will grace fertile ears, it continues to come forward. So I will say it for the record, it is because of the members of the Resistance that I know what I know. There are people that are here on this site that have a special message that they need to be communicated by various existences and I'm simply used as the vessel to convey that. In that position I also gain the knowledge so thus a symbiotic relationship has been formed. I have ascended with this knowledge spiritually and only remain as a steward to the Species physically, a noble position. I know because "They" want you to know because Knowing will become one of the greatest things to empower you.

So on with it. About a year ago I was with a good friend that spent a lot of time in India in which he almost lost his life and his soul several times dealing with the gods. He of course like many went to find "spiritual enlightenment" and was only met with a sea of serpents vying to gain control over him so they could just add another worshipper to their ranks to construct their etheric existences that are made of human souls. Guru still means Jupiter, check it. So after the various attempts to leave him in full prostration for the rest of his lives he was still a tough cookie to crack and although by the hairs of his chiny chin chin, he made it out but not without a whole codex of true stories of what it was like. A very humble person naturally he has and still remains a person who doesn't need to impress anyone, living wholly within his mind. This is what he had to share. 

After being taught the path to Samadhi or total enlightenment according to the Guru which is the Path of Destruction in which one must allow themselves to be consumed by the Destroyer to hopefully rise again as renewed SUIcide/ISU "all around the world the same death song". This seldom works and the end result is generally the person becomes "altered" wholly dedicated to the god of the latest prison religion. These sessions are built on extreme denial of everything which strips the person of all they are or pretending at that moment to be so a new program can be loaded. After 2 months of this denial my friend walked out of his humble quarters one day and was in for a visual surprise, he saw how the hive mind worked vividly.

Find more videos like this on THE RESISTANCE

Our Complex - R Complex

What he said was people had these tentacles coming from their body, chakra centers, and especially around their brain region. When "thinking" these tentacles would plug into others that were above and readily available to feed information into the person in order to "steer" the rest of their thought for basic milking purposes. The Hive Mind is a system which links through organic tentacles. This occurs when people use their basic material thinking ability. It is important to make a note here that while in meditation the high states do not begin until one ceases to think, once one sees something amazing and has the thought "whoa did you see that" instantly it disappears because that thought comes from the regular Brain and not the Zone as I call it. In addition most apparitions exist on an angle making it impossible to see them directly. This "Zone" is the right brain, basically unused. So if  humans use 10% of their brain, it is 10 percent of their left brain leaving the other 90% inactive. 

The right brain remains mostly 100% inactive because the millions of cells in the Corpus Callosum or "Bridge" in the center of the brain are not "firing off" properly. This Bridge is the symbolic Bridge to consciousness showed in many movies such as the last Mimzy. This is the area of the brain targeted to keep consciousness from actually happening, it acts as a barrier between what's really going on and what you think is going on.

He also continued that some people were not plugged into this "hive mind" but did not know it. They reacted based on what was going on around them and since so many people were plugged into the hive mind through carnal thought everyone that was not was basically surrounded by more people who were so they got it by proxy. 

I have since found more evidence that the tentacles themselves actually connect to the part of the brain now being called the R-Complex or reptilian portion of the Brain. This portion of the Brain is the genetic modification that has been made long ago on the human brain which I showed in The Code to previously contain more capacity due to previous skulls having more than even one two part Brain. In some cases skulls have been found with 4 part Brains. Credo Mutwa continues to support this by saying these beings gave humans their minds in order to keep them in the state in which they were in also "let us make man in our image" because their minds are aggressive, cold-blooded, automaton or ritualistic, controlling, wanting power, ownership, territory, hierarchy etc. But the main flaw is emotion and the willingness to react on emotion accompanied with instinct which moves at an alarming speed. So basically a person who acts on emotion and ill instinct without thinking of the far reaching repercussions of the ripple effect. It is no wonder dark forces, that means everything in low vibratory dark land, remain somehow trapped on one vibratory frequency, (Quarentine,Netted,Stasis) after all how many times can you make the same mistake before you eventually cause a grove thus birthing a cycle or circle which results in suspended animation or being removed from the big picture. There can be no doubt the humans are not experiencing the big picture so through various acts, mainly being kept in ignorance to such matters, this Species remains in the box. That is about to be over.

The box itself is wired together quite tricky I must say so myself. We are clearly dealing with very sentient life forms, however, I will say they are not intelligent. Such measures although achieved through the invention of very clever devices still will lead to the end result which is total mutiny and desolation of the system of control with the possible end result being the imprisonment of the controller by the previously controlled if they too have not totally learned Compassion. The cycle itself written of in the ancient works seems to continue to support such an idea of a cycle. At one moment large humans rule, i.e. Titans. Then on the flip cycle after a great war the Reptilians make a rebound and in turn come to rule the next cycle. Mating goes on in between and cross breeding is even introduced to form a truce that continuously fails through greed. 

This epiphany also allows us to see the difference between the human species and the reptilian species finally. The indigenous humanoids have been "modified" to be like the reptilian and are not necessary a direct descendant of the reptilian like thought of before. Of course we are all connected but it now appears the direct connection existed over trillions of years ago in a much grander Being. To try to connect what is going on now as far as life forms are concerned to what was going on then has very little application in this manufactured Virtual Reality since it appears all primordial life forms did not have physical bodies. In fact physicality as we know it is a Matrix concept.

The Linch Pen Bargaining Chip

Okay I said all of that to get to this point. This is by far going to be one of the greatest revelations of this time, nothing will surpass it beyond the solution itself. I can personally say that I could not have put all this together unless I had personally been to the heights of Islam which is Sufism, Christianity which is Gnosticism from Crete, Nuwabu, Bahi, Jainism, Manicheanism, etc. etc. and various other religions that contain parts of the truth dispersed about as a diaspora or more descriptively the body of Osiris pulled apart. As I have always said religion is simply a step and should never be looked at as the whole thing, once should continue to pass through the veils in order to reach the truth, but do not be surprised if one of the veils reveals a wizard behind a curtain using advanced technology under the cloak of true spirituality. I mean what is really the difference in a virtual reality? So some should not be surprised if their all too vivid encounter with Mr. Grey or Glorious Michael is but another presetting on numerous Blue Beam devices. 

It started awhile ago for me with this Code that was yet to be cracked but left me up at nights thinking. WOMEN - W"OMEN". Why did the word Women contain Omen within it? An omen is not necessarily something evil it simply means something so important it must remain hidden. Not just the regular type of hidden either, to even use the word is to suggest some type of deeply spiritual connotation.  As the cipher tumbled within my mind I could only divine further that "W" is "66" is Kabbalah making it 66 OMEN. 6+6=12 1+2=3 and a 3 is still a W turned over and of course 3 is the number of the serpents knowledge as in the trinity and celtic systems. 

21 2+1=3

There was also this deeper mention of the situation with woman and the serpent not just in the bible but in much more ancient works that simply said something to the tune of, for those that know the secret between woman and the serpent in glimpsing deeper into the true world know why to be leery of the daughters of Lilith who has as her consort Samael.

Now I will say for the record this is by no way written as an attack on women for those who are silly enough to venture out and think this is something of that nature. I for one am very fond of the female species and marvel at the creation itself. To ignore the obvious will get us nowhere which is exactly were most people are, nowhere. Likewise there has always been a heavy demarcation between the Daughters of Liltih and their behavior, the daughters of Mag and there behavior, the Daughters of DOMA and their behavior. So as you see most women find themselves as daughters of previous situations obviously. So it will be ultimately what Archetype the woman chooses to follow. This late in the game we have all within Us so it will still be what we choose to amplify. But let there be no mistake, the lustivious, succubus, loose type behavior being magnified in society is "Lilithian Idealogy". 

Men can wave no flags here, they find themselves often in worst shape, but it should be clear that both are fueling each other with negativity that is leaving Our species super stagnant as We witness the death of a virtual reality. 

When love is degraded into a simple act of sex, orgasmic energy, which should be perpetual, is degraded beyond its actual effect which is the chain reaction within the Chakra centers leading to complete and constant awareness since the body has the energy to keep its "motors" running.

So once again to our wonderful female members  know that We are with you in suppressing this force that seeks to tarnish the true state of the radiant woman. Oh did I mention the Moon is really a Male and the Sun is Female? More on that later. So this is what is going on. There are several waning Moon cults in the world, obviously, there symbol is the Crescent Moon. In these cults you will find women who are very deep into the occult using things such as Ambrosia, Herbs, Oils, and various forms of Tantrics to boost spiritual power. 

Hidden Knowledge. What one should consider is anyone that accelerates there spiritual awareness to its peak will eventually become aware of the other life forms that reside outside of the visual spectrum of the common human, especially the Reptilian forces. So it is safe to say that anyone really in the "know" is aware of the Beings. In the Know? Those refusing to accept this remain in denial never being able to put the whole thing together by shear thought of the ludicracy of the idea. The Western world is most guilty in regards to this because they still fail to see China and India as it really is, the largest populations in the world are worshipping serpent gods, case closed. 

So going further one would ask why has it not stopped? Has there not been one that has found out about this level of control and thus sought to end it totally? The answer is of course yes. This has happened several times in history but it is always edited out. If one becomes in the know and decides "not" to join with these oppressive forces they are also showed how to emancipate themselves from the system entirely which becomes clear once you reach such a level. In addition some remain in the Matrix for a short moment after they find out in order to spread what they have learned to others seeking to also emancipate themselves. They are allowed to do this because the Matrix cannot control them, they can bend and break rules. This generally takes place towards the end of the cycle. The whole illusions starts to fall apart anyway after a certain period because humans, although made to be as such, are not stupid and the hundredth monkey still prevails. Activated humans equal frequncies that are too strong for VR's to handle making the entire construct begin to short circuit. Eventually during every cycle or "Vision" VI = 6 SION this is the 6th supposedly, some of the occupants that are extremely "resistant" to mind control for whatever reason start to pull the whole thing apart. 

The goal now is to prevent what seems to always happen next according to the timelines. A few, compared to how many there really is on Earth, escape "S Cape?" to higher realities with endless possibilities. They tend to leave in groups and the developers of those groups are fully aware of how to do such things. The masses remain in a generated stupor which is increased by the energy emitting from the moon until eventually the reality crumbles with those that have been left behind within it. Floating through space they are netted, blinking like ghost until inserted into another reality and the cycle begins again with a few upgrades to add more possibilities and run extra trials. 8x8 I-Ching goes to 9x9. This takes place in some form of catastrophe, mainly floods, in which the end result is the persons soul reincarnates into a new Matrix with no memory of what has happened before because the mind itself alters when something that shocks it beyond expectancy occurs. 

So to be clear, MKUltra and mind control shows that if a person is shocked by a situation that is so horrible they cannot take it stably, they alter into a different part of the brain locking themselves out of the other part that contains the information of the disaster. This also indicates people are locked into certain parts of their Aura, more than likely the root chakra red. In turn we have seen a person can be "walked" by labyrinth into parts of the brain that contain past life experiences in order for them to see what happened. So even further besides the electromagnetic effects to our Aura based memory, We often remember very little about past lives because they always end in what can be perceived to be "tragedy". This has less to do with the way a person dies and more to do with what they experience after physical death which most people are simply not prepared for. I mean how can you ever be prepared for a wormhole transfer if you have no clue that it is about to happen? Not to mention the effects on the mind when it is actually happening. Alteration ensues and in turn you forget the whole ordeal including much of what lead up to it which was your previous life and how you carried yourself.

So basically the reason why the Adept women is used by the Reptilian forces is because they are ultimately made aware of how the whole thing is wired together by the cunning reptile gods that often appear to women during there occultation. Let is remember once again women get 60% more contact than men. They have her wired to the Moon through her womb. 

After doing my own little side study I discovered that many women were effected by the rockets that were fired and detonated at the Moon. These woman reported abnormal and/or painful menstrual cycles during this particular time in which they claim they were looking for water. Since the Moon is the Reptilian base this means that these dirty little reptiles are actually threatening Our women that if they don't stay in league with them, they will face the ultimate outcome. The splitting of the female from male has caused birth pains obviously because previously male/female as you know it were in the same body and birthing took place internally on a spiritual level, "non-physical spawning". This is not all, the G in masonry stands for many things as We talked about but the main meaning is Gravity. The moon controls gravity so one slight shift of the moon and the inhabitants of Earth are basically back in the stone age by cataclysm. 

So the Tower of Babel is the symbol of when man reaches the height of knowledge and then the "god" gets jealous and comes and resets man back to square one through confusion of language and destruction of his not so newly discovered technology which is still far more primitive to a race that has been allowed to continue for Aeons gaining knowledge without interruption. This further leads to why they always refer to the serpents wisdom being the greatest not because it is smarter but because it has the advantage time and not being wiped. Further this bares witness to why the governments were tricked into getting so-called advanced knowledge from the Grays who of course work for the Reptilians. There are rogue Grays running around also. All of this is very clear for me to see at this point. 

I tell you the truth this whole thing is wired on our perception. This reality as we think of it does not exist as such, it is a mere sliver of a wavelength. We have given credit to things that do not deserve it and this has made it more real for Us. The more a person believes they must preserve what they have the more they hook themselves to it. They have no idea this construct has been preconceived and is not their idea. Shoes, clothes, cars, money, planets, temples, etc. all programs fed into the perceptive nodes. 

So the solution is in the perception. The fear makes the dense reality cohesive. The fear of not making it, the fear of dying, the fear of god, the fear of the devil, the fear of losing, the fear of not changing anything,  etc. So the humans are basically taking the whole reality, which should not be confused with actuality, so serious when it dies they pretend to die with it and indeed their thoughts exist no longer from that period because it is dissolved like clicking empty in the trash folder. I am not the body. To exist beyond it you are now being trained to see beyond it. To know that it is not everything, this little world, in fact the only thing that really exists here is Us.

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indeed ayzik, the first time i heard of lilith was in a book i read written by a female rabbi, the book is " she who dwells within" and it tells the story of lilith and it also gives i would say rituals, it's been a while since i read it so i don't remember it too well. care to elaborate on lil' wayne...>_<, par don my ig but enlighten me on the moon and rituals as, i have had awful experiences in the pass from w omen and that includes myself. experience is the greatest teacher...
Isaiah 34:14f

Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,
goat-demons shall call to each other;
there too Lilith shall repose,
and find a place to rest.
There shall the owl nest
and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow

lilith from the dead sea scrolls-4q songs of the sage/4qshir
And I, the Sage,
declare the grandeur of his radiance
in order to frighten and terrify
all the spirits of the ravaging angels
and the bastard spirits,
demons, Liliths, owls and [jackals...]
and those who strike unexpectedly
to lead astray the spirit of knowledge....

2 Baruch 10:7-8 - Second (Syriac) apocalypse of Baruch

But we, the living, woe to us,
because we have seen those afflictions of Zion
and that which has befallen Jerusalem.

I shall call the Sirens from the sea,
and you, Lilin[1], come from the desert,
and you, demons and dragons from the woods.
Awake and gird up your loins to mourn,
and raise lamentations with me,
and mourn with me.

"mirrors are windows into lilith's world

"The wife brought the mirror and all of the fine furnishings in the cellar to her own home and proudly displayed it. She hung the mirror in the room of their daughter, who was a dark-haired coquette. The girl glanced at herself in the mirror all the time, and in this way she was drawn into Lilith's web.... For that mirror had hung in the the den of demons, and a daughter of Lilith had made her home there. And when the mirror was taken from the haunted house, the demoness came with it. For every mirror is a gateway to the Other World and leads directly to Lilith's cave. That is the cave Lilith went to when she abandoned Adam and the Garden of Eden for all time, the cave where she sported with her demon lovers. From these unions multitudes of demons were born, who flocked from that cave and infiltrated the world. And when they want to return, they simply enter the nearest mirror. That is why it is said that Lilith makes her home in every mirror...

"Now the daughter of Lilith who made her home in that mirror watched every movement of the girl who posed before it. She bided her time and one day she slipped out of the mirror and took possession of the girl, entering through her eyes. In this way she took control of her, stirring her desire at will.... So it happened that this young girl, driven by the evil wishes of Lilith's daughter, ran around with young men who lived in the same neighborhood."

Great read, Adrit old me a little about this the other day... about how I "saw" ( remoted) my deceased friend after she passed away. I saw her bouncing off a very thinly woven net that looked opaque white ( made of organic matter it seemed)... she bounced off and I got a little freaked out, ergo my conversation about it with Kitty back then... now this ( shocking the entity) makes lots of sense) ;)

Thanx for this one, great morning read :D...

I am still searching for the text that relates about Madame Blavatsky btw... Will look around but if you remember what "book" it is in I'd verrry much appreciate that Sevan, as you know of my relationship ( sort of, have to talk) with her...

thanx cutie!!!

Excellent post from our archives bringing it to the top for those with eyes to see

And so glad you did."Mr Spirit Matter".......Really Powerful post Sevan as Usual...Thank You for taking the time and Energy to share this.............WOW!!!!!!

Thank you



I believe your last statement incredible correct. It takes time to restore the energy that can be lost in a poor choice of dispersement, of self, sometimes it is karma to be the witness and walk through with open eyes.   It has value and indepth learning that is valuable.

When i traveled through churches looking for a sign of life( I never found any) i was amazed at the total distaste for the female that is displayed....I find humor in the tails contrived by mankind since the begining of time to.devaluate the feminine.

I being female just find the adventure quite enjoyable. Birthing is grand, but I believe it is overrated as the ulitmate experience. I see it as we are canals to bring forth what has decided to come forth.The unborn has a plan. We are the guardians for their plan.

The feminist movement helped increase income to female workers where it went was because of the politics (as usual the Leaders) not the cause

If it is fact that anger is a part of growth in social  change, then i believe the female became angry, they are still moving through it. I felt then it was a stage of devolpment and still do.

Just thoughts





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