Does anyone have any experience with orgonite? I came across some things on the web about making orgonite devices to clear out chemtrails and to help against radiation from cellphone towers and wifi.  Very interesting stuff. This could possibly be the answer for people living in the city to be able to recall dreams better and activate, in my opinion.

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I too live in a city with much polluction and am planning to build some of my own. I'm in the process of choosing stones for my structure but so far ive chosen clear quartz crystal for healing and amplification. I own a book on building orgones and I believe the best research on orgone is willheim reich books. However theyre banned so it may be difficult finding them but I can help you if need be

Kai is a good member on here to get ahold of :) He and his grandad have much experience with orgonite devices.  They have experimented with adding various other crystals for amplification and grounding to the devices other then the ordinary quartz crystals, in addition they have used various types of resin and know which are best to use.  There is a lot of great info online and we too are looking to get some made come spring when the weather gets warmer here :) If you are going to make quite a few i recommend finding wholesale quartz providers, is such a site. Wholeness Nfini

hi, orgonite, saw your post, and i would like to share this post, i did in joy the information when in the post  i have not made any devices as of yet,

most of the information i do have on the subject came from a resistance members your are already linked with on your page that has a similar name to your own, 

i have used the orgonite muffin devices,  near the computer and plants and have seen clear results of the work they do. 

Thank you all for your replies and information.  It's always cool to get some interaction going on here.  :0)

thank you for this post, made some coonections with some studies im currently doing, will be back when i got more of an understanding

Hi NfiniTINAked!

I am like you interested in this spiritual technology. The phone company dropped off the tower across the road from me today, too much snow to start putting it together. Anyway, the orgone devices are like churches, they need to be charged and then discharged in a calculated timing interval. Most people charge the church on SUNday, once every 7 days and then these capacators discharge via underground chambers during occult rituals during periods like SATURday night. That 7 interval is geometrically related to the crystal structure of two tetrahedra sharing one vertex:

That page above was found researching ILVAITE:

Ilvaite mined in Dalnegorsk, Russia, crystallizes in the form of masses, columnar structures and thick prismatic crystals with diamon shaped cross sections and vertical striations. Colors range from grey to black. Weight 1/3 oz. Metaphysical Properties: Can be used to align the subtle bodies, enhancing emotional stability. Can be used in the treatment of fever, diarrhea, hemorrhage, and ulcerations. Ones conscious thoughts of the conditions should be made known to the mineral prior to the commencement of healing.

People are biocrystalline and everything pulses. Sometimes we have to do a cleanse and I feel the orgonite devices are the same. Ilvaite is like the liver, a big filter that holds anger. Microwave towers are generating angry waves. We share love and affect our DNA's ability to resonate to subtle vibrations. Big hugs to you for sharing your curiosity about orgonite!

strong fractionating capacitance can break up a geopathic-

but only conjugate (centripetal) capacitance- will ever

create growth / life..(like stonehenge causes seed germination

with it's electric field- or the garden of eden / bioactive field..

prevented aging..

Good friend of mine and I make orgonite and scalar wave frequency generators



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