Since the user who posted this seems to no longer be with us, this post dissapeared, i saved a copy and I am now reposting it as it was useful information.

I believe orgone, Chi, Prana and Life force are all one and the same thing: Aether; the missing 5th element which holds together and animates the other 4.

You can look into Wilhelm Reich and his inventions, history and well, everything, here: I believe this factors in with daniel winters work, but better than belief on matters on which knowledge is available, IS knowledge.

I had an idea that, we could burn "Essential" Information onto Dvds and simply "gift them" also, hand them out, semi-hide them in public places, put "easter eggs" everywhere, with our brilliant universalizing knowledge :) So others too can Know the Edge.

perhaps I will slim this down a little bit in the future.

Original Post: 

I am creating this post as a way to hyperlink members of the Resistance to information that answers some of the most common questions asked about orgonite.

Please ask questions here too. Though, note that I will never prove orgone / orgonite to you - that is your personal task to get involved with.

I might forget to source link some of these articles. Just so you know: most of these are from or


This topic will be continually updated with further articles and reports. Most information will be sourced from other websites. Some content in the future may be from members of the site. Those who have experienced orgonite/orgone are encouraged to share their stories.




The articles about Wilhelm Reich are rather large, and albeit important, I want to save most space for orgonite information specifically. Please do read plenty about Mr Reich as he is the one who had well-established research into the life processes revolving around orgone and bions. Articles about Wilhelm Reich (discoverer/researcher of OR...


In the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter.

Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an 
organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganicsubstance) would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (which Reich called "OR" or "POR") and harmful negative etheric energy ("deadly orgone" or "DOR").

Orgone Accumulator DiagramHe constructed large boxes called 
orgone accumulators or "oracs" using this simple layering principle and was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments, including various forms of cancer, by having them sit inside the box for periods of time.

In 1986, scientists at the 
University of Marburg, Germany published the results of a blind study1 which showed that 30-minute orgone accumulator treatments caused consistent, positive psycho-physiological effects not seen with the all-fiberglass box used for a control, stating "the results received in our investigation furnish evidence for the assumption that the physical properties of the orgone accumulator and its psychophysiological efficacy on human organisms, postulated by Reich and his associates, factually exist."

Reich's work was continued in earnest in the 1960's by more open-minded Russian scientists such as 
Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev (1908-1983), who also scientifically proved that such unseen energies indeed exist all around us, and who's Reich-inspired work led to the unfortunate development of practical Soviet military defense applications which utilized principles of so-called "torsion fields" (e.g., etheric energy). Kozyrev's work, which indeed confirms both Reich's research and our empirical experiences with orgonite, was classified until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Following in their footsteps, thousands of Ph.D.-level researchers from both sides of the Iron Curtain spanning multiple generations have continued Kozyrev and Reich's pioneering work, slowly forcing mainstream Western science to finally,
"officially recognize" the concept of a universal, unseen energy medium they call "dark matter," "vacuum flux" or "zero-point energy," depending on who you ask. It is commonly understood among orgonite enthusiasts that these are all essentially describing the same thing, which Reich called "orgone".


Reich built his research lab, dubbed Orgonon, in rural Maine, USA, as this location was at the time very isolated from sources of "deadly orgone," which his accumulators would collect indiscriminantly. Operating an orgone accumulator near sources of DOR (such as nuclear power plants, radio towers, etc.) has the potential of harming anyone receiving treatment inside it, so geographical location was and is an important factor for orgone accumulator operation.

In 2000, a couple named 
Don and Carol Croft discovered through some Internet research and empirical observation that mixing catalyzed organic fiberglass resin with inorganic metal shavings, poured into small molds such as paper cups and muffin pans, would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy similarly to Reich's accumulators. Orgonite Diagram

Carol Croft, gifted with a keen sense of discrete energies, realized the significance of this finding and took it a step further by adding small quartz crystals to the mixture for their ability to efficiently collect, transmute and emit etheric energy. This addition to the resin/metal matrix creates a substance which functions as a 
self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient DOR→POR (negative to positive) energy transmutation factory.

When orgonite is within range of a source of DOR/negative energy, it will efficiently and continuously transform it into POR/positive energy as it is being transmitted, which essentially creates positive energy transmitters out of any and all emitters of harmful negative energy, which are totally defenseless against the effect.

The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known 
piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically. It is believed this is also what causes the orgonite to function so effectively as a positive energy generator.

Thus orgonite represents a very significant improvement over Reich's early work with orgone accumulators, since Reich's "oracs" attract deadly orgone energy as well as positive and do nothing to transmute it into a purely beneficial form, which orgonite does inherently and continuously.

Within a year of this development, Don began 
publishing reports of his and his wife's experiences in, among other things, the tactical deployment of small pieces of orgonite near any and all sources of DOR, or life-negative energy, such as cellphone towers, nuclear power plants, underground bases and natural Earth energy gridlines and vorticies. Don included in his reports the specific life-positive, cleansing, healing, confirming effects they would notice following such "gifting" activities, causing Don to strongly encourage his readers to replicate his efforts in their own communities.


In addition to his effective health treatments, Dr. Wilhelm ReichReich with Cloudbuster also utilized his advanced knowledge of discrete energies to build and successfully test a weather modification device called a "cloudbuster", which operated on the principle that clouds are held together by orgone energy, and removing this energy causes clouds to rapidly disintegrate. Reich developed a superior weather prediction model which took into account the otherwise-ignored etheric component of our weather and produced more accurate weather predictions than the popular and incomplete "pressure system" model.

Reich's cloudbuster consisted of a set of turret-mounted metal pipes connected by rubber tubing to a body of water for energetic grounding which would dissipate clouds by draining the orgone energy holding them together and, with careful and time-consuming effort, significantly alter overall weather patterns, in some cases intentionally causing the complete reversal of drought conditions in the desert in a matter of months.

Reich's design was proven very effective as intended, but could also be very dangerous if mis-handled. Large amounts of DOR accumulate in the pipes during operation, and even momentary contact with bare skin has caused some operators everything from intense pain to long-term paralysis, simply from brushing past the pipes with a bare leg.

Don Croft has invented a more advanced, effective and safer version of Reich's cloudbusterCroft Chembuster called a
chembuster which combines the original cloudbuster's basic operating principles with the advantages of orgonite.

A typical chembuster consists of 6 six-foot copper pipes embedded in a base of orgonite (typically poured in a paint bucket) with 
double-terminated quartz crystals in the base of each pipe to create an etheric energy vacuum effect which literally sucks the negative energy from the sky within a several mile radius into the orgonite base where it is then transmuted into harmless, beneficial positive energy. Unlike Reich's cloudbusters, chembusters can be safely left in continuous operation where they will quickly restore andmaintain atmospheric energy balance within an area. In drought-stricken regions of the globe, this always occurs in the form of rain sufficient to end the drought conditions. This has been successfully demonstrated in variuos parts of AfricaCalifornia and in many other locations around the world by various dedicated individuals.

The infallibly-beneficial nature of orgonite eliminates the need for special training, safety precautions, or rigorous effort to operate a chembuster, since it simply transmutes any negative energy it attracts from the atmosphere while the rest of the device functions as an etheric vortex generator, actively balancing the energy between sky and ground, eliminating smog/air pollution and negatively-charged 
artificial cloud formations called "chemtrails", replacing their spreading blanket of poisonous DOR clouds with the deep blue skies and puffy white natural clouds we all remember from childhood.

Detailed instructions for building your own chembuster (which costs about $150 USD using all new materials) can be found in our section on How to Make Orgonite.


Cellphone TowerIt has been the experience of many chembuster enthusiasts that the widespread deployment of digital cellular communications towers across the populated areas of the world in the last several years has created a thick blanket of DOR/negative energy which saturates our homes and communities, promotes drought, negativity, fear, etc., and significantly hinders chembuster operation (among many other detrimental effects).

However, it has been widely experienced that these negative effects can be disabled and chembusters can be made to start working properly again simply by tossing or burying small muffin-sized chunks of orgonite called 
TowerBusters (TB's) near all the cellphone towers in their area, an increasingly-popular activity which has become known as "gifting", and is conducted literally all over the world now by thousands of selfless and highly-dedicated individuals and Internet-organized groups.

This site is intended to provide a basic, accurate, efficient introduction to orgonite for those interested in learning more about it. If you wish to perform further research, we have a comprehensive list of informational resources in our 
Further Readingsection.

The positive, self-empowering effects of working with orgonite quickly become obvious to those who choose to make and use it. If you are interested in seeking your own confirmations of it's effectiveness, please visit our section on 
How to Make Orgoniteto find out how you can begin to improve the energy and create real beneficial changes in your home and community.

Go get orgonized!


1Müschenich, S. & Gebauer, R.: "Die (Psycho-) Physiologischen Wirkungen des Reich'schen Orgonakkumulators auf den Menschlichen Organismus [The (Psycho) Physiological Effects of the Reich Orgone Accumulator]", University of Marburg (W. Germany), Department of Psychology, Dissertation, 1986.

3-OUNCE TOWER BUSTER by Don Croft6 standard 3 fl oz TBs. This arrangement is used to bust or heal ley lines.

I started out making these in little 3oz paper cups but after deploying a couple of thousand of those during the testing phase in August, 2002,  I tried muffin pans and now I make most of them this way. The only reason I still make a few in paper cups is so that I can shoot them, 200 yards, out of my Spudgun, which I bought (you need the 2" barrel version, and you don't need the fancy, non-portable propane rig)    

In a way, this non-lethal artillery piece is sort of like a back scratcher: sometimes you just can't quite get orgonite close enough to the target by tossing and this does the trick.  Be careful not to do what one of our fellow spiritual road warriors did, though: he inadvertently shot a TB into one of those big, nasty ELF drum transmitters, right through the drumskin.  I've used the Spudgun exclusively in gridding remote polluted areas because I didn't want the secret police's snooper minions to find them within throwing distance of the road.

Cbswork expounds on the benefits of overgifting, which is often required in key areas, like Los Angeles, where the satanic, occult/corporate world order had put an awful lot of stock in their Deadly Orgone Radiation generating infrastructure, not that it did them any good ;-)

He's done the bulk of his gifting work with many thousands of 3-Oz. Towerbusters, by the way.  He, Carol and I sometimes get a  chuckle at the notion that a few people have had that making a heroic single device will disable a whole lot of towers.  We don't need to be 'saved' by anyone else's efforts, after all-we need to save ourselves, so I think it's appropriate that the infantry-style taking of territory by tower-to-tower gifting is the only one that works and it is, after all, the most empowering, confirming aspect of this effort. That's just part of growing up and a network develops through the same stages that a human being does.  Consider all these new deathforce transmitters in your commuity as your golden opportunity to seize your freedom/responsibility birthright and also to provide a profoundly precious service (healing) to your community.

I'll now go over the muffin tray method, which can be applied to the paper cup method, of course:

1. I use non-stick muffin pans but of course the resin contracts as it cools, so even the cheaper ones work fine.

2. While you're in MalWart getting those pans, and if you don't have any little pieces of quartz on hand, go to the craft section and get the mesh bags of tumbled rocks (the smaller rocks).  Pick out the quartz and other crystals. You can also get bits of quartz from the soil or streambed if you have a clue what to look for. The cloudy, even white, broken bits are just as good as a ten dollar Herkimer Diamond, of course, for this application.

If  you opt for the dollar bag of  MalWart polished stones and are unsure that you can spot quartz on the ground or creekbed, find the ones that are semi-transparent and/or  dirty-looking inside.  The white ones are often just marble, which is not as good as quartz but is adequate for TBs.   You can get suitable quartz crystals by the pound from Gladys Bridges at but I mention WalMart to show you that it's not hard to find ingredients. Gladys sends out distinct quartz pieces that are between a quarter and a half inch long.  You get a LOT of crystals in a pound.

3. Drop a small xtal in each muffin mold. I often  use a broken just a dirty, broken  crystal chip about the size of your little toenail but if you're new to this you likely won't feel confident doing this.  My confidence is based on a couple of years of towerbusting experience, so I know that a TB with a funky little chip will bust an average Entropy tower and I'm stating it for the record.

4. Fill the molds almost to the top with loose metal.  Remember that 3oz is sufficient and that the molds are each 4oz.  I want you to get the absolute most bang for your hard-earned or even lazily-obtained buck.  3oz of orgonite in a holly or juniper bush is sufficient for busting most of the single transmitters you'll encounter and even for turning those frowns of a chapel-full of devil-hating churchgoers upside down.

5. Pour the resin in by stages until it comes almost up to the brim of the mold after you've put the metal and crystal in.  If  the metal is too fine to permit the resin to soak through before hardening, mix the metal with the catalyzed resin, then spoon it in like you're making cornbread.  You're probably going to learn the hard way to mix in the catalyst first.  I'm still learning that lesson from time to time ;-)

6. When I'm going to toss out a bunch in town, I paint them green and brown (camo scheme). You'll be surprised how difficult these are to find once they've been tossed.

How Many Towerbusters Per Tower? 

See:     6 TBs in a circle    18 and One-O-Eight

Cloudbuster Construction Details
[back] Orgone generators & some tutorials

The following was written by Don Croft


Carol and I got these specs by dowsing, and they work very, very well, though may not be the last word, if you get my drift. Let us know at if you can successfully modify it.

BUCKET: Base: 9" in dia., 9" deep. I use two-gallon plastic buckets from the Home Depot paint department, but two-gallon food buckets, available from restaurants, or two-gallon spackle buckets from drywall contractors are fine. I leave the buckets on, as the handles make it easier to move the finished cloudbuster.

COPPER PIPES: Six standard 1" copper pipes, 6' long, open at one end, the capped ends submerged to within an inch or so of the bottom of the bucket before casting. For portability and shipping, you can use 12” sections of pipe in the base, adding five-foot lengths by putting couplers between the 12” and five-foot pieces. You won’t need
to buy as much copper pipe this way, too.

CRYSTALS: I glued a double-terminated quartz crystal, about 2" long, into a .75” section of garden hose, and one of these devices is glued in turn inside each of the six copper end caps, pointing in the same direction as the pipe will be after the cap is glued on. I use 'Goop' glue. I taped around the cap where it joined the pipe to prevent resin from leaking into the cap during casting.

[2008] Single terminated work fine.

METAL PARTICLES: Get some metal particles from a machine shop, recycling yard or a place where they saw a lot of aluminum (sign shops and aluminum fabrication shops are good places to look). I use aluminum for weight considerations, but ANY metal will do. Very fine particles (such as filings from a key-making machine)
aren’t quite as good as ones that will easily go through a window screen & slightly bigger ones are okay. There really is a wide margin of suitability! .

PLYWOOD: Template 1 - 3/4” exterior plywood is used to make the base for the copper endcaps/pipes. I arrange the six pipes evenly around a 2 1/2” radius circle, which makes the pipes 2 1/2” apart on centers. A flat, 1 1/4” auger bit drills a suitable hole for each end cap.

Template 2 - Make another piece to fit inside the rim of the bucket. Remember to cut a section away so you can fit your fingers under it to remove it from the bucket. This piece is not part of the finished CB, just used to get the spacing for the pipes right during construction. Cut the holes in this with a 1 1/8” flat bit so that it will fit well over the six pipes. This piece will hold the pipes in position while the second batch of resin hardens.

Template 3 - I make a circular plywood spacer for the top ends of the pipes, 4” radius with 1 1/8” holes on the same 2 1/2” radius circles for the pipe ends. This keeps the pipes parallel with each other and fairly rigid so you can point it at unholy things like predatory entities and City Hall ;-)


RESIN: I use polyester resin (used to build fiberglass boats) but epoxy also works, as does envirotech resin from (this sets up very quickly, so you need to be proficient with it). (If you are going to construct many of these units, try to purchase your resin in 5 gallon buckets over the internet, possibly from a surfboard or boat manufacturing supply company. ACE hardware for $12.95 per gallon. Home depot gets $24 per gallon for resin.

On a level surface, pour an inch or so of catalyzed resin into the bottom of the bucket and stir in metal particles until the surface is uniform and flat.

The ratio that seems to work is approx. one part resin to one part metal particles.

Put the base wood Template 1 onto that before it hardens, so that it just touches the surface and doesn't sink in much. Pour a half gallon of catalyzed resin into the bucket after the six pipes are set into the holes in the base template. Use the dowel to stir in handfuls of metal particles in the same ratio as before. Note that the wood Template 1 should not be pushed down to the bottom of the bucket with the resin squishing over the top.

Expeditiously move the Template 2 down on to the six pipes until it is snugly within the rim of the bucket. Put the top Template 3 onto the top of the pipes and move them until the pipes are parallel. After the resin has hardened, remove the second template and set it aside. This is only used during construction, as I mentioned.
You can finish off putting the resin/metal mixture in now in two stages if you want, up to within a half inch of the rim of the bucket. Now it’s finished (wait until it hardens before you shoot anything ;-)


Cut six pipes, 12" long, and put the crystals/endcaps on them for the base. Buy six joints which allow a pipe to come into them from both directions and stop at the middle. This allows you to make the rest of the pipe assembly from three pipes, 10' long, cut in half. The finished product leaves you with only one piece of pipe, four feet long leftover.

When positioning the 12" pipes for pouring the second layer of mix, temporarily tape the top ends of the 12" pipes so no metal particles are dropped in them by mistake.

After the mix is made, take off the tape and push the rim plywood piece down onto the pipes so that it fits into the rim of the bucket.

Put the spacers, then the 5' pipes onto the 12"base pipes, then put the third (top) plywood piece onto the tips.

The pipes will look skewed, most likely, so just twist the top plywood piece around until the pipes line up parallel. As you do that, the rim plywood piece will move around. You need to do this expeditiously, though not in a hurry, so that the resin doesn't harden before you're done.

We experimented with 5' extensions to the pipes to increase the range. It had a strong effect on the moon and on the upper atmosphere of the planet for hundreds of miles. We also apparently shut down the weather warfare facility under Homestead Air Force Base while we were in the Keys by leaving the extended cloudbuster pointing at the dead orgone field above it for a week.

We found that we don't need to point it in any particular direction in order to clear the atmosphere of bad orgone, and the longer it's left standing, the nicer it feels for a longer distance from the cloudbuster (many miles). We just stand it on its bottom, pointing straight up. We did once eliminate a belt of smog which was just off the coast by aiming at it for a few minutes, so direction can be a factor.

We also severely alarmed the operators of a ufo that was in the vicinity. It instantaneously shot out into space, where it remained in the same position relative to us, so the basic 6' long pipe configuration apparently only affects the atmosphere.

Do be discriminating which UFO’s you aim at, though. If they are not predatory and you make them mad, they may pay you back by messing with your carburetor or something, as they did to us once. The really advanced ones are not susceptible to the cloudbuster, as they apparently don’t need a deadly orgone field to operate. Our take is that all but these use nuclear fusion or some other noxious, old-paradigm energy source. It’s open season on the B Sirian craft and other predatory ones, as far as we’re concerned. They can’t hurt you, by the way, if you aren’t afraid of them. Universal law restricts them more than it does us. We can pay later for breaking it, but they are just unable to break it, apparently.

Cloudbusters destroy chemtrails consistently. It may take a few days for your cloudbuster to activate the environment enough to do this, but after that point the spew will disappear within seconds of leaving the UN jets and dissipated trails that drift within range of the cloudbuster will also disperse, but more slowly. The ones that are made up of solids take longer to dissipate, but we’ve found that these only make up about 10% or so of the spewing episodes.

The evil intent of the UN is most apparent to me in the fact that Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) publishes all of its official literature and dictates its philosophy. Only this belief system, which closely resembles the doctrine of the Nazi party, could condone the rampant genocide which is now being carried out by the UN.

Dr. Reich’s cloudbusters were extremely dangerous when in operation since he had no orgone generator attached to them. Bad orgone does carry a charge which can quickly drain one’s life force away when it’s concentrated in one spot. It's slightly similar to a strong positively charges static electrical field. When cloudcover is unproductive or unbalanced (too much lightning, for instance, or too much rain) the cloudbuster busts it up. We plowed a furrow through a line of artificially created thunderstorm in June, 2001. Carol said the square-shaped thunderheads were chock full of predatory ET's, bent on mutilating animals at the time.

It also stops droughts. Overall, it just balances the weather, I think it sort of mediates between the ground and the atmosphere somehow. The one in Namibia finally brought heavy rain to the desert there. It happened 9/5/01, and continued for several days. Gert, the fellow who made the cloudbuster and reported the occurrence, told me that this had simply never happened in the Namib desert before to the best of anyone's knowledge. It's arguably the driest region on the planet.

WARNING: If you touch the pipes when they’re drawing in strong unbalanced or dead orgone and don’t put your hand on the base after that, you may experience headaches, even into the next day, as a friend of ours did recently.

Mind you that our efforts, though somewhat pioneering, should be seen mainly as a springboard for further developments rather than the last word.

Somebody's starting a list for cloudbuster aficionados shortly.

SUGGESTION: If you want even more rain, try putting water on top of the material in the bucket and/or hosing down the whole apparatus daily.



By cbswork
February 11, 2003 

At some point in your experience with orgone, you'll discover the miraculous healing and balancing effects of working with orgone energy devices, commonly known as HHGs (Holy Hand Grenades) and TBs (Tower Busters.) This is an entirely natural outcome. You know what it has done for you, your family, and friends. You've watched it take "old sourpusses" and turn them into thoughtful angels, conscious of their ugliness. You've watched the ugliness around your home and neighborhood shift into something higher and nobler. You've seen your plants, pets, and water become simply alive after having these things about.

And, at some point, you'll want to share this gift with others.

Truly, it is a gift. It's the gift of life, taken away from us by those forces in religion, metaphysics, and government who don't want you to be, all you can be. Orgone devices don't give life, they retrieve life stolen from you.

That life was stolen through subliminal, hypnotic suggestions imbedded in radio, television, and through the very air itself, courtesy of these "towers." It was stolen from us by the flouride put in our drinking water, the processed sugars put in our foods, and by the lies and distortions placed in our minds, by the false history books, taught by false teachers.

When the gift of orgone came into your life, things began to appear as they really are. The beautiful, as well as ugly. As the weeks pass and your environment adjusts to the restored and balanced frequencies of what it should normally be, the sheer magnitude and volume of the assault upon the human condition becomes very apparent. And then, something happens inside you.

You know what you need to do.

You know that in order for you to do be truly free, you must also free those around you. Your sense of right and wrong - buried from years of self-interest or for other reasons - is now your daily guidepost. That guide within you - your conscience - is shouting from deep within your heart to take the gift given you, and give it to others.

With that in mind...




Place a full sized Croft HHG on the water main going to your house. Do this first. Not only are you orgonizing your water, but the water of your neighborhood. Orgone dilutes of negative energetic effect of the poison, flouride, though not the chemical aspects of it. By gifting your water main, you are sending healing energy, via the water itself, out to your area, because orgonized water is conductive and spreads, even against the flow of water itself. In fact, gifting water itself would be a whole chapter, all by itself. If you are on a well system, place an HHG over the main pipe coming out of your pump that feeds your house. Whatever the situation, get your water orgonized. One pint-sized HHG or larger will be sufficient to handle any volume your residence may use.

Place HHGs under your beds, over your fridge, on your water heater, and in your gardens, spaced 15 feet apart, the ionizing limit of orgone, in a standard pint/half-pint configuration. For Scalar energy, the range is much further, a few miles in fact. But for the plants in your area, most hhgs have a limited range and this can easily be seen (this was demonstrated to Don Croft in December of 2002, by taking him to a small field where I had placed a single, half-pint hhg near a large series of planted Oleander bushes. Where the hhg was placed, everything within 15 feet of it was double size, double stalks, and radiant - beyond that, same old, same old. This is the ionizing effect of orgone, on plants.)

Put HHGs at each corner of your property, even if its just an apartment. Doing this creates a grid zone of energetic energy, that will help stave off the negative effects of cell phone microwave transmissions and also, as has been demonstrated to me on countless occasions, forces paranormal entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, astral demonic types, and black magicians outside the grid. The base of trees are especially wonderful places to put hhgs - given what a tall tree does for its neighborhood - giving it a boost of energy will help it "de-smog" the pollutants it breathes in.

Put small hhgs or tbs over your TV and computer monitors, right on top. Any source of ELF/VLF energy needs its very own orgone device. That hhg will work harder than any other in your home, dissipating the negative effects of these common household items, that we all use daily. No one person can advise you on the amount of HHGs or TBs to place in your home, as every situation is naturally different.

The theme thus far is...get your home environment in order first. You can't give, if you are under the gun, so clear out the old stuff so you can be who you should be, without extra-dimensional or outside interference. In some places, like New York or Los Angeles, many are needed in a home - say twenty - to get the same effects and protection as six would get you in, say, Colorado or Montana. Your heart will tell you when your are there. Listen to it.

When your home is done, now place at least TWO HHGs in your automobiles. One under the front seat, one in the trunk; if you have a truck, one under the seat, another TB in the rear bumper - you'll figure out how to get one in there that will stay there. You'll be a travelling field of orgone, bringing freedom wherever you go. It will also stop predators who are sitting outside your home grid from hurting you as you leave to go about your daily life. As many orgone aware people can attest - and they have countless times - car accidents, astral spooks, and cops looking for a victim, have all gone bazocko in the presence of orgone, allowing you to safely travel with you and yours. This is important. Very often, maliciously focused persons and government agencies are just sitting around the corner, waiting for you to leave. This being the case, some good energy can only help out and it has on several occasions to many of us since our introduction into this wonderful technology.

Next on our list would be your immediate environs. Where you work, where you shop, the gas station(s) you frequent - any place that is part of your routine should have hhgs and tbs already there and waiting for you when you arrive. I've gifted restaurants I go to, shopping centers, gas stations, parks, friend's homes (even without their knowledge, if I have to be around there) - anywhere that is your daily routine, should have orgone in place. The amount of devices is, again, up to the dictates of where you live and what your heart tells you. Sometimes, a single gift does it all. Other times, you need a whole bag, just to "set things a'right." Bag them all and as Tiospaye1 often says, "let God sort them out."

Having faithfully done the above, its time to grid your hometown, the place you live and move and have your being. Start from the streets directly adjacent to your home. Go up one street and down the next, for miles in each direction. Get the parks, every ivy bush, trees, ditches - everywhere you can put a gift, do it. You are center to the hub of a great and ever expanding grid-wheel and see to it that this grid grows in size each month or whenever practicable. Many have done this with great success and report excellent results from the community - better attitudes, a vibrant and healthy plant and aviary life, and a far better atmosphere all around than was ever there before.

What you are doing is freeing the world around you. By this process, you are disabling underground bases, cell towers and their negative effects, black magicians, and satanists who live in your area. You are freeing the many from the dogma of the church and are forcing law enforcement to rethink what they have allowed themselves to become. Parents become better parents, children better adjusted and normalized. The years ahead no doubt will reveal much; as yet, the data is too new and baselines are just now being established. On the whole, all fronts and aspects of life show a much improved increase in vitality and radiance.

If gifting known baddies (places that are well known spots of negativity) bothers you, then take a different tact. Just keep making the grid bigger. Start with your town and gift every street possible or at least every other street. Then the adjacent towns and cities, and so forth. Within three to five months, you'll have freed either thousands or millions, depending upon where you live.

Going After Targets



Sticking rotting, dead bodies into the soil is generally perceived by the more advanced cultures as something to be avoided. Cemetaries quickly become manmade vortexes used by astral and etheric entities as entryways into our world. Souls are often trapped there, caught by the vortex while passing through or by their own ignorance, because the etheric web around their well preserved heart hasn't dissolved yet. Either way, the thing to do is gift these places with a vengeance. Several things will happen. The negative vortex will start to slow its CCW spin and eventually stop. Souls trapped, will be freed. Soured ground, over time, will return to its normal state, though we do not know as yet how long that will take. Dorks who like to do satanic rituals at the more infamouse graveyards, will find their mojo "no longer worky."


Masonic, Mormon, and Esoteric Order Temples

My, these places deserve everything that is coming to them. Ritual abuse, child murder and kidnapping, black magic incantations - the works. These places are also mini-manmade vortexes, but on a lesser scale. Very often, these sites are chosen for their place within the greater Major and Minor arcana Grid, for the express purpose of hijacking our planet for dark purposes. Every city, township, and locale across the globe has them, and this is not by accident. Over gift these places. Take them down. Time to end the dark influence in our lives and it must start with these esoteric orders.

If the location or organization claims to serve humanity, they will want to be gifted. If their motives are not on the up and up, then they need it to see the light, so to say, that they so often brag about bringing to the world. Grid gifting, gets them all. Up one street and down the next. You'll be glad you did.


Out and About

Make sure you keep a personal orgone device on your person - pendant, TB, or some such thing, so that you become your very own field of orgone, no matter the circumstance. This will assure you that clear, uncluttered energy is with you, healing, serving, and cleansing wherever life's path may lead you. It will also aid in protecting you against foul play.

Over gifting

There is no such thing as over-gifting. The reason this is so, is because TPTB constantly search for these orgone creations and try to remove them. Gifts are found, taken home, thrown away, or kicked into the street and lost. That's life. In high profile target areas, a great many are needed, in case some of them are found as described. In high-density cities like Los Angeles or New York, sometimes gifts need to be placed a few hundred feet apart, instead of miles. Your heart will tell you.


Gifting should be fun and in fact, its exhilerating! Bringing such freedom to total strangers in areas you may or may not go to is a total blast. The smile that appears on your face lasts a very long time. Still, gift safely. Don't break laws that will land in you a place where the man can do whatever he wants to you - and he will, given half a chance. Don't trespass on Federal land, cuz nowadayz, they'll call you a terrorist and throw away the key...after they torture you. Don't toss TBs from your car with a cop sitting behind you or you'll discover your area's littering laws firsthand. And today, in America at least, if they can bust you for one thing, it gives them an automatic right to search your car or even seize it, depending upon your state. Don't give them a reason to ruin your life, because the simple fact of the matter is, they will look for ANY reason, at ANY time, to stop your gifts to humanity.

No, boys and girls, cops - federal, military, or local - are not the nice sweethearts who love their country's citizens. They follow orders. They will gleefully ruin your life, if you give them any excuse whatsoever. Gift safely. Gift wisely. And many times, gift S I L E N T L Y.


In reality, anyplace is a good place to gift. If the idea of gifting some location occurs to you, follow that nudge and do it. Don't make excuses Not To Be. The more visible the hand of oppression in your world, the more necessary that fist needs the freeing gift of orgone. There is a reason you are reading this article - perchance The Life has picked you to help out. Its time to take advantage of that opportunity and here is one important thing you can do that actually goes beyond whining and moaning about the sad state of affairs in our world.

Gifting is action oriented. No one can tell you how wonderful it is, until you try it for yourself. With very little money, a dedicated person can take their community and restore its sanity, offset any dark influences, and change the course of history on a local level, with postive, outward repercussions that will travel over the world. But that does not describe the majority of men and women.

If you are a spineless do-nothing, who prefers to attack, slander, and hand-wring your daily life away, gifting even your own family and street may seem like too much of a bother to you. There are several orgone aware people who have tons of time making up excuses and reasons why they can't find twenty dollars for a gallon of resin, which easily makes 48 TBs - more than enough to cover an area miles in circumference.

Many orgone aware people are also extremely poor. Several vendors on this forum have made it very clear that if that accurately describes your situation, the TBs you need are often shipped to you at no charge. Time and again, men and women have offered hhgs and TBs to people for mere pennies on the dollar, to help out any SINCERE person who finds themselves in such predicaments.

Gift, don't gift, its all up to you. Never before have so many depended upon so few and in a world crisis as now presents itself. Are you ready to do some good today? Throw down and stand tall for freedom?

We hope so.


I Wish I Knew How This Works

By Don Croft


Here's our take on how the cloudbuster works, and also how the UN chemtrails, HAARP, and electronic mind control are able to function.  It all has to do with non-electromagnetic energy in the form of deadly and/or dead orgone.  I use Dr. Reich's terms for this energy, since he's the only scientist who has done extensive research with it.

I used to make orgone accumulators.  I made them in  many shapes and sizes and recognized the benefits and advantages from the beginning.  The only drawback to these is that they absorb harmful orgone as readily as they do healthy orgone.

Orgone is omnipresent.  It's ether, life force, prana, ch'i, etc., and makes up the energy and matter potential in all of creation.  In its balanced state it promotes life, growth, equilibrium, but in its unbalanced state (deadly orgone is overactive orgone, dead orgone is, well, DEAD) it has exactly the opposite effect.  When you see smog, you're seeing dead orgone in which particulate matter is suspended, sort of like a colloid.  Very strong wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, cloudcover which yields no rain, drought, are all manifestations of harmful orgone.

In order for any parasitic activity to take place, an energy field needs to first be developed.  Parasites do that in the body by excreting acids into their immediate environment.  Infections, chronic pain, and a host of symptoms are manifestations of the activity of these parasites.  Healthy orgone results when the polarity of the parasites' environment is reversed from positive (acidic) to negative (slightly alkaline) by the introduction of weak electric current through the skin.  This is the business we're currently engaged in, so we get plenty of data and confirmation regarding this  process [Don's referring to The Terminator.. Ed.].

In the atmosphere, agents of the presenet day order create massive fields of unbalanced orgone energy by introducing very powerful, specific frequencies of radio waves, spraying large volumes of acidic petrochemicals above the clouds, and by other, less believable means.


Enter the Orgone Generator

My frustration with the orgone accumulator's fickle behavior was answered three years ago, when one of my customers directed my attention to  . He was actually experiencing some frustration, since he paid $500 for $5 worth of epoxy and metal particles, and apparently nothing else.

My daughter, Nora, was living with me then (she sees energy the way my new wife, Carol, does). As soon as I put the two materials together, Nora confirmed that it was, indeed putting out a very strong, constant field of  healthy blue orgone.  Adding crystals and copper pipes made it possible for me to direct the energy and alter the characteristics of the field.

One of my first thoughts was that I could create a cloudbuster that didn't need to be connected to running water, or any water, for that matter, as Dr. Reich's needed to be, and I could set it up to aim at city hall in the town I was living in: Ashland, Oregon.  Theyr'e as crooked as any other local government, so I expected to get some good, observable results.

It was some time before I got around to making a cloudbuster, though.  Nora could see energy, but I needed some input from somebody older than 12.  A little over a year ago, Carol and I started working together.  We began experimenting with small orgone generators, mostly around natural vortices, which Carol is able to see.  Every one we've ever encountered since, except the vortice that the Navajos nurture at Four Corners, has been distorted and misdirected by the present day order.

In each case, putting an orgone generator within the vortex brought it back to vibrant health and balance, sometimes instantaneously, other times, as at the Federal Reserve  Bank of New York, and at the secret facilities under Montauk, NY, over a period of hours and even days, depending on the nature of the activities carried out within the vortices previously. We developed the Holy Handgrenade during this time, which is a cone shaped orgone generator, 5'' or so high, with a verticle crystal  inside near the point and four horizontal crystals arrayed within the bottom surface.

We've put these in vortices along the east coast of the US and across the country to the west coast, in Canada and the Bahamas.  We're just getting started.  Some intrepid Canadians are about to put one each at the Vatican and Assisi.  I'm recommending that people put one at every major masonic temple in the world, since any time you put one in a focal point of error, the whole region gets the benefit and the people of error get deprived of the earth energy they had been abusing.

I wrote a full account of our activities over several months, which anyone can have if they email me.  It's also being published serial fashion in Open Line, a monthly metaphysical newspaper.  There's no physics like metaphysics, after all.

In late March, this year, we had planned to make a sort of pilgrimage to Orgonon, Wilhelm Reich's home and lab in Maine.

I set it up at our site in the RV campground in Ft Pierce, Florida for several hours while we packed, then took it apart and put it in the car.  I didnt' assemble it again for another week, when we arrived in Maine.  We looked at the weather channel in the motel, and noticed that the whole state of Florida was still experiencing a drought, but there was a circle of heavy rainfall for a twenty mile or so radius arouund Ft. Pierce.

The next morning, on a whim, I assembled the cloudbuster in our motel room.  There had been very heavy overcast for days, and another blizzard was forecast for that day.  We went outside at about 8:30 to get breakfast and saw a neat blue hole right above us, and several people were standing around, staring at it.  It was surrounded by the same, very dark clouds that had been there for days. The hole grew gradually for several hours, even after we left that afternoon. The people at the Reich Museum had made it clear that we were not welcome, sad to say, though I  had emailed them a couple of weeks before to let them know that we'd be in the area.  I think they'll take things like that more seriously in the future ;-)

Here's how we think it works--when metal particles are put in an organic matrix, orgone is apparently generated instead of just accumulated.  I don't know why.  When unbalanced orgone is present, it's drawn into the orgone generating material and transmuted into healthy orgone.  I don't have a clue how this happens, either.

Making an orgone generator in a two gallon bucket and sticking copper pipes straight up out of it draws harmful orgone into the generator from many miles around and it goes out as healthy orgone in all directions, though Carol sees it happening in a sort of lens shape, parallel to the ground more or less, then moving up into the atmosphere.  This gradual effect may explain why it sometimes takes a cloudbuster up to a week to get enough good stuff up to the 20,000' + altitude to disappear the chemtrails.  The average radius for effective chemtrail destruction by a cloudbuster seems to be about thirty miles.  Good weather effects extend a great deal farther.  The rest of the region has had a drought, but the area around Spokane has been getting rain every week or so all summer.  As we drive along I-90 toward Settle, there's a lot of new green growth and flowers all summer long until we reach the Columbia Gorge, 150 miles west.  Anyone who lives here can tell you that this is not characteristic of the semi-desert environment west of Spokane.

We have concluded that it takes three things to make any macroparasitic/predatory activity to succeed:  A field of unbalanced orgone, technology of some sort, and an operator who directs his/her intention through both.  Just as fire requires three things, oxygen, heat and fuel, and removing any one of these stops the fire, removing any of the components of parasitic/predatory activity stops that process cold.  We're focusing on removing the harmful orgone medium, which puts us squarely on the side of universal law.  No need to go into the other-than-human entities' involvment here, though it does add another dimension, so to speak.

Parasites are as parasites do, after all.  Most people are not parasitic or predatory, so by simply neutralizing the effects of those who are by removing their harmful energies, the whole planet will come up a notch or two in awareness, freedom, etc.  Another benefit of a healthy, strong orgone field is that fear and anger become diminished, and whatever diminishes fear increases courage; whatever diminishes anger increases love and acceptance..

There are two cloudbusters in Spokane this summer.  Now that the smog is gone and the orgone level has increased, the whole ambience of the city has improved.  I personally used to dread having to go there, but now, after a whole day in the city (including traffic) I arrive back home feeling refreshed and relaxed.  I had once vowed that I would never again spend the night in any US city because I was so badly affected by the concentration of harmful orgone found in all cities.

This really is what magic is all about.  The possibilities are limitless.

I've been encouraging people to build holy handgrenades for their homes, too.  I've gotten several unsolicited reports from people who did that  which said that they no longer had trouble being in the presence of the overbearing inlaws and others who came to visit them.  This needs to be experienced to be appreciated, I think.



"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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and, i had to cut some of info which was in the original post as it went over the 100,000 character limit, so here is the document. 

open with OOO


here is another great resource!


thank you all  for this beautiful information, as my homestead is Ireland and if you have read their history,

it  is well necessary to actually do something for the energies that have build up, the suffering off the people and off course the church that still has a great influence here.

With this my life has become that of war-rioar (always fellt i had it in me but in my old life their was nothing to war about)

I will leave updates as well, off to how this north west part of Ireland  is going to look greener and healthier  in future sat-elite pics.

Hopefully it will expand, as their will be more people aware and actively participating in this quest and join our family

love an light for the day ahead

So cool, thanks for putting this in... I had found videos on you tube and forgot about it. Wonderful energy and needed right now. I will have to start building. I look forward to figuring out how to do it... and any who have made them... tell me which one is best as I have seen several alternatives.

Why not add magnets to orgonite as we are basically storing shadows and throwing the orgone away.  If orgone serves to emit good energy and trap negative, then at what point does it get full or cease to work and why? Why not incorporate neodynium magnets as they act as gates. A new design to properly cycle the energy would be more benificial. We just need someone with an open third eye to see the way in which the energy truly works.

cause anthony didn't ask why not before (:

that's why (not) :D

Light Vibrations,  very timely..... I have my muffin pans and am off to a crystal store in city tomorrow. NYC needs nudge in the  Wholeness direction:)

Happy Gifting



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