*When one lives a life that is honest, respectable and honorable ---> there is nothing to fear and there is nothing hide.

*Shout out to the Resistance Crew: if people would put themselves in your shoes they would innerstand the amount of dedication it takes to bring forth knowledge: QUALITY KNOWLEDGE that inspires the soul.


Let's not forget to cycle the energy back:




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Wholeness Jon, enjoyed your video. Innerstand the challenge to verbally communicate~felt your intent and energy and was able to feel your message. Being Spiritually Supreme is much easier to communicate telepathic, however we are learning to awaken to spiritual skills and talents all ways. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You are loved and appreciated.

Loved the msg you had to share. it's a nice reminder to keep on that fine line stepping on to both dualistic views at times.

Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing!



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