Online petition in uk against codex alimentarius

Hi people, many of us know about codex and have felt powerless to do something about it fortunately there is an online petition that has over 100,000 signatures already it has been started by the nation speaks No not in my name, joining hands in health website which was started by a lady like myself that makes her own herbal remedies and products, this is a really positive step forward and would appreciate as many people signing as possible they do require that you are a UK citizen or ex-pat however they are giving details about petitions in other country's or how to start one. PEOPLE POWER!!


Please sign at


thanks love & light to all

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Also time to investigate what being a corporation yourself means... i.e. what is your "strawman" and what is the freeman... all the laws, permits and stuff... applies to your "strawman" which is a corporation set up at birth in your name... but in BLOCK capitals.  Once you realise this it to some extent takes away the fear and power that they apply with these "laws" applied to the strawman.


Once you've understood this... there is another way...


Have I done this yet? Not yet... but I know it is a way as I've spoken to people who already do it... So the fear of the "what they can do" is removed to some extent if you decide to remove your "strawman" jacket... There is a way.


This is a good start...


A petition will not doing anything simply because we are dealing with insane people.   The current establishment has no interest in keeping people relatively healthy.    Making people more aware of codex is one thing, but if one want to do something, we all have to band together pretty much start a new society in a sense.     Though it is a good start..


'People' power yes it makes people more aware, but a petition will most likely serve as something that people will just talk much about - such as  the G20 summit:  I have some acquaintances who spoke big about how we're heading into a "police state" - yet I asked these same people the same question and details about  can do about it, all they do is protest and complain - without providing solutions to the issue at hand.  Some of these same individuals did not even know that G20 meant group of 20... :(.  


Personally, I'm kind of tired in running around in circles myself and speaking with people around my own area about these matter of no real importance.   Yes the first step is to make more people aware, but many of us have been aware for a long time now, yet we don't have the tools required to solve the issues at hand - why is that?


Therefore, as someone who is interested in holistic health,  I've also looked into these matters, and have struggled with what can be done with Codex. The answers are not within this current establishment.    At the end of the day a petition will not slow down the machine - as the machine is designed to keep us in a state of low vibration.


The only answers I've found so far has been working with people in the "freeman"/commerce movement.   Even then there is much argument and confusion among what can be done using laws.


I myself have been studying the common law/admiralty law - freeman/ creditors in commerce etc.. and I've also recently have found positive law, under the faction known under as UCADIA.


So now we have even more confusion over what is going  in LAW, but I will say this though, a friend of mine has used POSITIVE LAW  with much success in court - therefore I can say first hand that it seems to work vs. the current LEGAL system - my friend has also started taking clients... so I guess actions speak. 


So there we have it, we have 3 main "factions" people using FREEMAN, UCC and UCADIA, yet there is much debate as one is saying that the other is promoting disinfo. 


*check out links. - article


*I will say this though, Rob Menard is pretty much the face of Freeman onthe land in Canada, what puzzles me is that he neglected to even show up have have a open discussion - as he was invited to speak on these matters with the people behind UCADIA.   Take from that what you will, but it doesn't tell one the whole story.


But that's all I can say about it, since I myself have been looking into these matters for a while now.


Concerns - what does concern me on a more spiritual level.  If you take a look at the UCADIA website  yourself:  you'll understand what I mean.


That being said I'd just like to bring this information as it may shed some light on petitions, law and codex altogether - you'll have to look into UCADIA yourself .


Here is a link:


The show is every thursday night at 9pm.


In regards to what Kai said:

"Time to stop being a person and start being a multi-dimensional being."  Yes, I agree whole heartidly, but at the same time, its not practical.   Many of us are just learning how to "fix our ship."  Looking at this issue from a wider and whole perspective, yes, we should just learn how to activate and ascend.  BUT here's the thing, with CODEX and how will the average person just starting their path have access to get things such as GOTU KOLA and other health substances  - the answer of course is use other methods, but as you can see, clearing the body nutritionally will just make it more difficult for the someone just starting out.  


So yes I think this issue has to be looked at practically, but knowing and innerstanding that our main goal is to ascend.


Hi Kai thanks for your input however i would disagree with you on this one, when your first stretching past fear its good to feel that you can do something back and signing a petition against something thats is immoral is a first step for some, yes it has already been implemented but this was done without consent which in its self makes it null and void, just like John mentioned when taking the coat of the strawman off (this is the birth contract which is also null and void because it is also without consent because the parents were not fully informed), you take back your rights one step at a time, informing others as you go about what is really being done, then you protect yourself with your freeman agreement where you state that you have the right to grow your own food and to share that food with who you like, that you have the right to grow and use medicinal plants for personal use and trade and to also show people how to use them plants for health purposes.


I make my own health and beauty products i show people by example how to do this themselves, how the products out there are bad for them and how easy and creative it is to do it yourself.  I choose to really be responsible for myself and my needs i grow my own food the anastasia way, my children are involved because i believe in showing them that you can stand up for your own rights and those of your fellow human beings.


I do believe codex can be stopped people have proven in the past few months that people do have the power so the more people that know and sign the petition is good, some of them might learn more from just doing that and pass that information on to their families and friends just like we did, i hated it when codex came out it frustrated me greatly that not enough people knew about it.  The petition was mentioned on a very popular radio show on the ad breaks every 15 mins the ad itself makes it clear that for the sake of our children we have to do something and whether or not the corporations (countries) have to listen to the WHO, i believe that we have many more numbers then them.


Love and light to you all

An update we now have 100,500 signatures extra 500 since yesterday!
Also on the joining hands website is download posters, leaflets and a brochure which has the following info:

'JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH' is an independent, non profit, voluntary health awareness campaign. The first of its kind to embrace all cultures, animals and the environment. It aims to encourage everyone back to a more natural way of life, and to also take responsibility for their own health. Our current goal is to expose the life threatening policies planned by the European Commission and ensure that our Government establishes a new legal framework for ‘Natural / Herbal Foods, Vitamins & Herbal Supplements’... to restore ‘consumer choice’ and protect the ancient principle that ‘Natural Foods are meant to FEED & HEAL’. Through this campaign we hope to stimulate a sea of change amongst Government Authorities and Regulators, leading to international acceptance of natural approaches to healthcare.

In preparation for the largest national 'health awakening' the UK has ever seen, we are inviting everyone to JOIN HANDS with us on this historic journey of restoration, empowerment and HOPE.

This brochure contains the beginnings of the campaign, celebrities and supported charities.

There is no charge for this item.



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