One of our original intents in creating our physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to express ourself using our consciousness

Our present religions caused our races to unify our physical bodies with our abstract ego and resulted in a denial of our inner self.

Knowing and creating with our inner self is what we were to achieve in this period of consciousness blossoming.

This allows us to attain our true essence. Intent moved by emotion creates physicality. We focused on physicality and other ets are amazed at what we've done, but this will not help us move to a loving frequency during the impoding of 3rd denstiy coming in 2013. We will be shot into a black hole just as we did when we came here. A graduation out of physicality as we know it. All dimensions have physicality. Alot are going home and others are starting over. We on earth are unusual because we have a large range of emotions. Intent moved by emotion creates physicality. This is why we are able to create and hold all this stuff.

We have free will. We have to evolve. We have to do it ourselves. If you follow an et that says they are here to help you, don't believe it. If you spend a repeated time in nature away from cities and show genuine intent, the benevalent ets might come but it is up to you. You effect others and they don't respect us. It's up to you to show them you are serious about evolving into creations intent.

If we can't attain genuine repsect for our self and others we are a threat to the benevolent et in our planetary system. They couldn't help us as we would infect their world with negativity. We destroy ourselves in ignorance. Fear removes the original intent from creation and intention is everything and we have the wide range of emotion that will get it done.

It's just what the hell will a pissed off baby god make? Havock...the advanced beings don't need that. They have already had that in their past history. The Draco have destroyed many of their planets already and they are the best killers in the universe. We have 100's of thousands of our children taken underground each year and they are eaten because of their great energy fields and that just fuels the Draco reptilian agenda. So think about that before you decide to be a breeder for them. Protect your children because even if you're a coward, you can find passion for your family and if that's gone the rug will be pulled out from under us.

We have to do it ourselves and we are fully capable. It just takes a desire and focus.

We live in a 21 tillion year old vedia holographic tone. There are a 100 trillion galaxies. We didn't all originate here. Our world is a veiled consciousness. In preparation for advanced maturity. all frequencies should be assembled in a whole consciousness intent.

Our physical bodies cannot live in less than 15% oxygen, now it is less than 17%. There is a small group of copper based left on earth. They can live in low oxygen, high carbon environment.

All of this human race had physicality based on copper and we were green. We are genetically able to hold extreme levels of emotion because we had already evolved and came back here on purpose. We just forgot the purpose.

We were mixed with primate genetics which gave us the wide range of emotions and made us gods. animals are locked into divine energy, they have no choice. we now have both. this is why benevolent ets cannot intervene because we would change them. They don't know what will happen when we shoot into their territory coming soon when 3rd density implodes and we take our thousands of years of cell memory in our dna with us.

The orion dracons don't want even one of us to enter their space as even one of us could bring up freedom... self determination and ruin their game. They are scared to death of us. Just like a corporate head fears a creative type wondering around in their facility.

After many nuclear wars our bodies were genetically altered and we were assisted in adapting from copper base to carbon in contained environment areas like eden. We were helped in these. Sin meant genetically damaged. We had high content of copper, zinc, magnesium and carbon and could live in a high carbon dioxide atmosphere. Our blood was green.

Our physicality had a natural defense to positive and negative frquencies due to the copper mineral in our blood.

Lack of copper in our blood has caused a partial loss of brain capacity and nervous system. We can un lock our cell memory in our DNA with copper supplements. Our skin color changed from green, red, yellow, black then while. White being genetically weakest. Our pituitary and thyroids were almost closed and atrophied. Whites were persecuted and forced underground under the Himalayas until 5525 years ago.

Our present religions caused our bodies to unifiy with our abstract ego and we must break our denial of our inner self. Intent moved by emotion creates physicality. We on earth are unusual because we have a large range of emotions. This is needed by the other et races because they are low in this and it's needed for creation. We need to advance because we are moving our of physicality on this earth. We can go home to our origin race or to another dimension but we are all still going to be ourselves with thousands of years of memory in our energy fields. We will go where the frequency matches our thoughts. The time is now to learn to hold the vedia holographic tone of love.

Evolution spiritual growth stages true humans go through...

wandering -  where we came from, our purpose and gathering our tools....

initiation -  preparing our own path each one different and hopefully purifying and centering...

honoing -  understanding the source of our creation and recognizing the sacred in onesself...

stating intention -   realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create self...

surrender -   letting go of control to allow vulnerablity to learn what is already known...

embrace our own darkness -  walking into the unknown parts of self...being and becoming the void....

lighting the flame in the heart -  connecting to self and finding meaningful honest ritual

transformation -  climbing the ladder of self responsibility to hold a vision of being oneness,being the                                  vision that alters all perception...

becoming human -  empathy and compassion towards all, being in truly responsible relationships,

                                they all mirror back a part of us, a part of me

walking the path -  integrating all of lifes experiences, being a teacher by being

service -  discarding the illusion of separatenss, total approach to life in humility and joy

the last -  the worship of the isness is the creator of self

I don't use god as the gods in the old testament are extraterrestrials and their angels. archangle Michael was a fleet of craft that patrolled here they are not helpers of the Isness.

Problems with this are always fear -

planing, building and creating in a space of fear are always in a state of unraveling and disintegration,

they drain you and your earth of energy both materially and physically

it is illusive - a very secretive energy

fear witholds love from self and each other, it does not create itself, it has to feed

the first projection of fear is denial - an emotion of incredible restriction and as a restriction will result in the opposite reality as that which it claims to be... based on a misunderstanding of ones own worth and security.

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Hello.  What is the source of this information or are you its author?  I'd like to share it with others.Thanks.

The information is from Andromedan contactee Alex Collier validated by personal readings I've done.



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