Is anyone else making machines using Sacred Geometry? I believe this to be the interface to change the crystaline dimension.  My first engine is a conversion tool to take the negative and change it to a neutral polarity.  I have also incorporated this concept in my breathing over the past week - with phenomenal results I might add - I can see the changes.  I can also see the energy that is me now...who ever said learning was boring?

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I have learned that SG is a programming language of the subconscious/intuition.  I would like to collaborate with others in this endevour/experiment, but if not I will continue drawing little circles all by myself. 

Kares has begun.  The cutting off of the spirit to those who refuse to accept the light within.  Physical symptoms begin with a tingling in the toes which will progress up the legs and trunk.  Physical death is attributed to heart failure.  Once the symptoms start it can be reversed only by accepting the light, all other treatments will prove to be futile.  I have seen this show up in the SG matrix, and received confirmation from an indepentant source.  Blessings to all to be sucessful on this timeline.  NO FEAR

I used to use the triangle - square - hexagon in my breathing and meditation work with some good results. The triangle being a point of connection with a higher more complicated dimension of existence (of me), - square the manifestation of whatever it was - hexagon integration in the grid.

Working in reverse the hexagon being a point of connection with a more simple one, so to break things up or apart. Tree of life as a base. Though looking back the triangle was always the most useful for all of the me's. ;)

Sevan is of course right when he speaks of the triangle as the shape for travel, but then you have the other shapes we already know for the other stages, travel - building - integration. At least thats how I understand it at present.

Did a little research on the triangle since your posting.  Not enough yet. You have put me on a good tangent here my brother.  Thank you.

"making machines using sacred geometry", sure, we can find lots of machines like that if we research the internet a bit. There's millions of them. Not to mention you can see them - if you have the eye for it - just by observing your own house and the objects contained in it... Likewise there's lots of organics (not machines...) using sacret geometry too, and that's a completely another level because it was the first level, all the rest aka: machines, came after... so yeah, there's a world made of this already don't worry you're not the first one, you are in it... :)

I am making my machines in the crystal dimension using art as the medium.  With intention, source, and the creative act of painting I am changing things for the better.  Ahein - I fully understand we use it here in this reality, what I am saying is that the crystal dimension can be programmed using SG to do many things.  One that I have created is a psi shield for all empaths and sensitives - Kelly's Youtube channel had a vid released today and she had no clue where her shield came from, her other two friends also noted a decrease in psi attacks.  Another device mutates the negative energies.  The one I am working on now demonstrates that we are cutting the haters off from the source - they will die if they do not change - they will die a spiritual death called Kares.  Is that more clear Ahein?  Below is one of my "machines."  Primative art, but it is a machine, not just a pretty thing to look at.

Oh, it is as clear as it already was before :)
Again, when you started the post asking "Is anyone else making machines using Sacred Geometry?" and if not then  "I will continue drawing little circles all by myself", my answer was the same as it is now: Yes! You just have to look for it since there's lots of work already like what you're doing. That's all I'm saying here so it is indeed awesome when we feel we're not alone, right? ;)

An example that I came across a couple of years ago:

There's tons of other examples also with sound and music creation and other forms of art out there that are powerful emotional healing tools, positive subliminal information involving methaphysics that represent the energetic nature of things before they manifest wich in turn leads to an increase of consciousness. You just have to - like I said before, research a little bit.

Nice piece of work you got there btw :)

How can anything die that is eternally there, it will always be there?

They are spirit, that's it. Sure they are spirit in a 100 Billion different forms, but you can't remove them from themselves, no matter how difficult you make it for them. That was the old mysteries order mistake, they tried to pressure people into an extreme form of change (not all the orders), which of course just made them extreme. Which is where we are today.

It is a theme for me recently to say, on a variety of different topics, that small changes hold and succeed while big radical ones are fought or resisted more. This is because you are working with a large unified grid that will always pull you back to balance or center. (The hexagon)

That's fly!

this is something that explains shape, dimension, language, energy, geometry,math, etc.  I have been creating the shapes with the body movements and the elbows and knees create the triangle shape very easily.  Using a combination of Tribal fusion, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Mayan Magnetic Movements, I have created a mathematical/alchemical/language utilising much of what is shown here.  He explains a lot which is hidden in histories of movement coursing many cultures, time spans.


I joined this site in the search of more info/knowlodge around Sacred Geometry. and the search about this subject here on this site brought me to your comment above which is the newest on the subject (here), therefore, that is why Im here on your page.

Would you be kind enough in sharing your further experiences in using S. geometry?

I have read a lot on the subject and was sure that it was all positive, till I started finding more recent comments around the net where some people claiming all sorts of detrimental experiences after a period of using it for several reasons.

As it is mainly spread good perspectives on it from teachers/researches/writers and all dated back by around the year 2012 where it was a boom around the subject, Im trying to find more recent perspectives from people working/using sacred geometry as per now Im not so sure what is really information or mis-information on the subject.

Thank you for your attention and if in somehow you do not feel inclined to answer my question, feel free to do so. All is good. Thank you!




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