Does the MMS cleansing process as described in the book lend to overall alkalinity in the body?  The use of MMS/Food Acid then diluted in water with increasing dosages up to 15drops x 3 times per day, then down to 6 drops twice a week is the process outlined in the accompanying literature.

In listening to the Skype Q&A recording, Sevan mentioned simply adding a few drops of MMS to water to maintain alkalinity, was he referring to the process above, or is simply drinking a few drops of MMS in my water (without acid activation process) still helpful in attaining an alkaline state?

Can anyone expand on the overall post-cleansing-program use of MMS for best overall results?

Much Love and Gratitude


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      50 drops of acid , ten drops  of 28 % sodium chlorite solution .  Draw a hot bath , mix it in the water after it activates 

also , if you add dead sea salt to the mms solution it turns it gold . And it does alot better job of penetrating orally , if you have a toothache , i discovered that today  . And in a bath . The bath is the best thing because it penetrates deep  into the skin and cleans lymphe nodes . Basically cleans what you would have had to sweat out otherwis . So it lighten the load on your cleaners   ( liver , kidneys )   The dead sea salt really makes alot of fifferrence in penetration  .   Also , you can also make ORMUS  by coagulating a 1 part food grade sodium hydroxide , 2 part distilled water :       Through a saturated soution of dead sea salt up to 10.7 ph .   It takes a while to drop to the bottom . Then be sure and wash it and let it drop 3 more times .  this stuff makes more alkaline . 

I found the MMS cleansing to be quite hard experience at the end. I felt i'll and weak and the whole world seemed to smell like disinfectant. My girlfriend didn't like it either but wasn't so i'll, and yet another friend of mine done the course and didn't feel any different, he didn't even mind the taste particularly, so I really think it depends on the individual. I now put 2 drops in 2 litres of water and use that as my only source of drinking water. Have Fun

Thanks noitavlas for the re mind ers, especially the dead sea salt... just spiraled a knowingness by reading your post.

getting Ph strips from the health food store are a great way to see where your levels are at, its a little roll of paper with a ph chart and you just pull off a piece and put it under you tongue for a minute then compare it to the chart and it will tell you how acid or alkaline you are. Heres a website for them too



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