Greetings, wholeness and balance fellow resistance members.

I have been thinking a lot recently about the emerging global situation regarding energy, food availability, chem trails, GMO, fracking and the water table etc.. (one could go on for ever) and the reasons why all this has been able to come about, relative to how they can be solved. I have through research and reflection come to the realization that the global downward spiral into lower vibrational states for all but the most vigilant has been achieved through the creation of scarcity which in turn has lead to the people of the world being placed into a perpetual hunger games of one sort or another. The fear and competition this has created has slowly resulted in all people becoming alienated from each other as all must compete for resources which are supplied by external powerful monopolies in return for our energy or life essence.

Now most see others as either competitors or parasites to be bettered or looked after, which has lead to all our relationships gradually becoming either disingenuous, adversarial or passive aggressive. Collectively we have become slaves to fear of lacking and are controlled through our reliance on the military industrial complex for the provision and protection of what we have been led to believe are limited resources. We have been disconnected from the earth which gives up it's bounteous harvest in abundance, water falls from the sky, sun heats us, the wind blows through the trees no fan or light needs to be plugged in the achieve this. Energy, food, water & oxygen is all around us yet many of us toil all day to earn enough curren(t)cy to purchase (or get enough purchase or hold on to) these things from the monopolies.

Everything that was once free now has to be bought or (sold) so we are led to believe and thus our very existence our connection to the earth our mother, the universe and ourselves (as all is self) has been abstracted and is now experienced by most via a defacto matrix of scarcity, re-branding, up-sell and alteration. Our home has been turned into L'EGO LAND and we are now experiencing an (L)imitation of life through a low level synthetic simulation ( or hardware abstraction layer) in short we are plastic boys and girls eating plastic food from plastic plates, eating with plastic knives and forks. The complex, multi-fractal, abundant, self aware, life giving, organic, real world where we could all experience bliss & self knowing is just over the fence but we have to be prepared to leave lego land (the land of ego) in order to experience it in any other way than a fleeting glimpse.

 I guess what I'm trying to say is that each and every one if us is ultimately responsible for the way the world is today and in that also lies the solution to the problem. If we can all take individual responsibility for the part we are playing and do something about it on a local level, then globally we will also see a change. Now I realize that this may be easier said than done and that I guess, is where spirituality comes in. Striving to know ones self though meditation, cleansing, right living and maybe most importantly right action throws up the problem of how do I get the time & resources to do cleanse and eat right etc.. 

If we use dense & inefficient ways of getting energy to do these things i.e. working for the man to get money then we defeat the object. We must instead find ways in which we can meditate (which requires time and solitude) cleanse (which requires clean food sources) and do right actions or not do wrong actions (i.e. not powering the power structure by working)

To this end I have realized that I must find a way to be self sufficient, self (em)powering, low entropic and disengage from the fake, defacto matrix of control in order to starve the beast, reconnect with the earth, the cosmos, and ultimately the self or all that is. Not only have I realized that this is necessary I have begun working on achieving those very things. I have in fact already accomplished much towards this goal although I still have a long way to go but felt that I should share my methods, ideas, experiences, failures & successes with you all so that we can get together pool our resources and  help each other to find perpetual energy sources and lifestyles.

Some areas I am working to incorporate into my lifestyle include;

  • Closed loop food production systems
  • Fractal, low cost living spaces
  • Starving the beast (I have already written one book that helps the individual with this)
  • Recycling broken electrical goods
  • Asset protection for perpetuity
  • DIY Renewable energy
  • Superfoods, Colloidals, herbal medicines, bodycare

If you would like me to share my progress on the above, please let me know your thoughts by leaving comments and suggestions below. I also join you to share your projects, experiences, howtos & video's etc.. on this discussion for the benefit off all the members

Wholness & balance vibrations

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Bonjour Marie! (are you French by the way?). I am very interested in your permaculture garden and ongoing project.

Can we get in touch? Where do you live? In Europe would be nice, we could meet, for I only trust physical relationships these days to really go forward as fast as we can. I'm based in Lyon but move and travel a lot, have never found the perfect place to live till then though... Glad to hear from you in this friendly group. Where are you Leon? You didn't reply to my offer... A bientôt Marie!

Wholeness Leon! Absolutely agree and love your ideas. Unfortunately I'm still staying in a apartment, although my brother has already build us the aquaponics system, which makes life so much easier when you can eat your own food instead of going to the shops to buy something that is full of ... well you know what. Keep me updated on progress please.

We are on the same page Bud, We are using several food growing methods and provide for our selfs and families around us. This is our latest project at Uni-Phi-Farms.

New to the site and very interested in this discussion.  Thanks to Leon and all for sharing.  I am just beginning a sustainable community in the north.  Lots of challenges.  Just setting up aquaponics but I am not as techi as you Leon. :(  We are in our first winter here.

I have recently moved to Atlanta, GA and I am looking for opportunities to
to get involved in activities that includes selfsustenability in the area.

Not sure who might be interested but I recently came across this Open Source, as they call it R D I Y and I think it is a fabulous idea.Hopefully this was not already shared and I missed seeing it.

 I personally am not into hydroponics and am currently setting up a small test aquaponics in my house to work out the kinks before we go larger but lots of people would benefit from a people's patent for something like this.  Enjoy!  Wholeness and balance!/

Also came across a link to an awesome wind turbine that looks like a decorative tree - leave it to the French - so amazing!http:/

We call our development here in the north S.L.I.D.E. (Sustainable Living in Dawson East)  Anyone who wants to come join, we are just in the beginning stages, only been here one year. Looking for like minded individuals, seeking a better way. Thankful for all that others have shared their journeys here.

Leon, Thank you for starting this conversation. I am new to the resistance and just starting to get involved. The information being shared in this conversation is wonderful. I am working toward similar goals with a focus on urban homesteading as I do not feel the draw to move out of the small city I live in. The idea of being in country is appealing but in practice I keep finding myself wanting to stay put and set an example for fellow city dwellers on how to work with nature to achieve the creation of a community based in choice and freedom. 

Currently I homeschool, garden, have a background in integrative nutrition, and live as seasonally and locally as I can. Every year I commit to learning new skills.

Can any of the permaculture folks direct me to more information on transforming the organic garden I have over to a natural farming type garden? I have a small city lot with raised beds in the back yard. The entire front yard is a perennial flower garden that I'd like to transition to having more eatables in. Thank you all!

Greetings, This was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing. 

Hi Leon, that was a great post, very well put and I concur...I am on a similar frequency, I just want to take matters into my own hands and find others that are willing to do the same.  I would love to hear how you are progressing,  and wish you the best of luck.  I too came to the same consclusion and  I am presently trying to create community up here in Canada. i spent the spring working on an organic farm, reacquainting myself with community lifestyle, although I never spent vast amounts of time with people I hardly new before,  I have whoof'd, and hosteled a bit so this environment wasn't completely foreign. This experience was very educational and gave me insight as to what would and what wouldn't work in a sustainable community. This particular farm had a great product, and the people running it did a good job, but their business structure was that of a corporation, one with a large mortgage which put a lot of stress onto the owners and their volunteers. I came away knowing that choice to purchase a turnkey operation with huge debt at the getgo and corporate governance is not how I would do it. Another thing is their product catered to all the high end restaurants and middle class who could afford these products. No judgement here, it just seems our system has so many gaps in it! Now Organic gardening is very doable, and all the interns and I planted our own gardens within a community field, it was great, sometimes we worked together to and sometimes we worked along side each other sharing what we new to help each others gardens flourish, it was really great.

After spending some time at other communities I came to the conclusion that I would try and create a vision of community with simplicity in mind. There are so many ideas on the internet which I am grateful for, and a lot of my ideas are not original, but I am just sharing the vision with you in hopes to get feedback,  so fire away...Purchase Land in an area where prices are low, but where the soil is adequate, try and find something with an established well, focus on erecting tiny homes like you see on youtube and help people with design and building them, placing them far enough away from each other to give everyone privacy, plant a big garden in the spring that everyone would contribute to, and start finding recycled material for an earthship green house for winter gardening. I think having the Secret Energy Innerversity as a way for people to innerstand who they are and empower them inwardly would be a great symbiosis for this initiative. The structuring of it all like for ownership, and shares or what not definitely needs fine tuning, but I am sure it can be worked out. I just want it to be affordable and doable for most people.

The thing I am noticing though is how I really value this truth I have been finding and really love Sevans message and so appreciate his sharing. I first thought that everyone involved in this community would embrace having an Innerversity focus, as a pillar for the community truth empowerment, a quasi spirituality... but you can't demand people partake in the innerstanding if they don't want to, can you? But I believe there has to be a charter of some sort to revert to peoples egoic misteps. Maybe using Eckhart Tolles, A New Earth book as a mechanism for conflict resolution would be enough, it could be a start...Anyways,  I was listening to Sacha Stone because he has this wonderful community initiative called A new earth project, and while listening to an interview the host asked why his community would work when so many others have failed, 'Every community has failed because they bow to the Cabal, the head of the snake has to be cut off' which is exactly what he and Sevan, and Kate and so many others are trying to's ironic that I heard this interview just after I visited 3 different communities and came to a similar conclusion, i just hadn't realized how deep the lies had gone until, well, just recently.

So there are some thoughts, I hope to hear what you think, and look forward to learning more about your efforts.

Q. What is your version of a closed loop food production system? thanks

Been checking other posts, all very helpful and I think I have got my answer to that Q.

Very impressive info and thanks for everyones input...

There is a winter earthship at for those interested...Wholeness



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