Greetings, wholeness and balance fellow resistance members.

I have been thinking a lot recently about the emerging global situation regarding energy, food availability, chem trails, GMO, fracking and the water table etc.. (one could go on for ever) and the reasons why all this has been able to come about, relative to how they can be solved. I have through research and reflection come to the realization that the global downward spiral into lower vibrational states for all but the most vigilant has been achieved through the creation of scarcity which in turn has lead to the people of the world being placed into a perpetual hunger games of one sort or another. The fear and competition this has created has slowly resulted in all people becoming alienated from each other as all must compete for resources which are supplied by external powerful monopolies in return for our energy or life essence.

Now most see others as either competitors or parasites to be bettered or looked after, which has lead to all our relationships gradually becoming either disingenuous, adversarial or passive aggressive. Collectively we have become slaves to fear of lacking and are controlled through our reliance on the military industrial complex for the provision and protection of what we have been led to believe are limited resources. We have been disconnected from the earth which gives up it's bounteous harvest in abundance, water falls from the sky, sun heats us, the wind blows through the trees no fan or light needs to be plugged in the achieve this. Energy, food, water & oxygen is all around us yet many of us toil all day to earn enough curren(t)cy to purchase (or get enough purchase or hold on to) these things from the monopolies.

Everything that was once free now has to be bought or (sold) so we are led to believe and thus our very existence our connection to the earth our mother, the universe and ourselves (as all is self) has been abstracted and is now experienced by most via a defacto matrix of scarcity, re-branding, up-sell and alteration. Our home has been turned into L'EGO LAND and we are now experiencing an (L)imitation of life through a low level synthetic simulation ( or hardware abstraction layer) in short we are plastic boys and girls eating plastic food from plastic plates, eating with plastic knives and forks. The complex, multi-fractal, abundant, self aware, life giving, organic, real world where we could all experience bliss & self knowing is just over the fence but we have to be prepared to leave lego land (the land of ego) in order to experience it in any other way than a fleeting glimpse.

 I guess what I'm trying to say is that each and every one if us is ultimately responsible for the way the world is today and in that also lies the solution to the problem. If we can all take individual responsibility for the part we are playing and do something about it on a local level, then globally we will also see a change. Now I realize that this may be easier said than done and that I guess, is where spirituality comes in. Striving to know ones self though meditation, cleansing, right living and maybe most importantly right action throws up the problem of how do I get the time & resources to do cleanse and eat right etc.. 

If we use dense & inefficient ways of getting energy to do these things i.e. working for the man to get money then we defeat the object. We must instead find ways in which we can meditate (which requires time and solitude) cleanse (which requires clean food sources) and do right actions or not do wrong actions (i.e. not powering the power structure by working)

To this end I have realized that I must find a way to be self sufficient, self (em)powering, low entropic and disengage from the fake, defacto matrix of control in order to starve the beast, reconnect with the earth, the cosmos, and ultimately the self or all that is. Not only have I realized that this is necessary I have begun working on achieving those very things. I have in fact already accomplished much towards this goal although I still have a long way to go but felt that I should share my methods, ideas, experiences, failures & successes with you all so that we can get together pool our resources and  help each other to find perpetual energy sources and lifestyles.

Some areas I am working to incorporate into my lifestyle include;

  • Closed loop food production systems
  • Fractal, low cost living spaces
  • Starving the beast (I have already written one book that helps the individual with this)
  • Recycling broken electrical goods
  • Asset protection for perpetuity
  • DIY Renewable energy
  • Superfoods, Colloidals, herbal medicines, bodycare

If you would like me to share my progress on the above, please let me know your thoughts by leaving comments and suggestions below. I also join you to share your projects, experiences, howtos & video's etc.. on this discussion for the benefit off all the members

Wholness & balance vibrations

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Absolutely Sean, I am hoping that we can get together and lead by example in this and free ourselves physically mentally and spiritually

Like your wiseness and positiveness! Where do you live Leon? Do you grow your own food through permaculture or even a terrace in town? I'm glad to follow you in this very interesting conversation, on all its aspects!

Thanks Elizabeth

please check out my answer here;


What do you mean by "fractal, low cost living spaces"? and what exactly is "DIY renewable energy"? 

Essentially what I mean by the term "fractal, low cost living spaces" is affordable easy to erect dwellings or shelters which lend themselves to the achievement of fractal compression & fractality phase conjugation through their construction using sacred geometry. (Concepts postulated by Dan Winter Theoretically inhabiting such spaces give rise to increased bliss, longevity, health & welbeing along with heightened abilities (i.e. ESP, ASTRAL PROJECTION, INTUITION) They are also excellent spaces to grow food and as such I am toying with the idea of food cultivation in the living space so that you are living in and around your food source and nature within an space configured to maximize your DNA's self referring potential.

One such structure which I have been exploring for this purpose is the Geodesic dome concept. This is a half spherical structure made by connecting hexagons and pentagons, much like the way a football is constructed. These can be built relatively cheaply and could be then outfitted with internal structures which will divide the living space. Although I have not yet built my own dome (due to current space constraints) I am working on the indoor plant cultivation and sustainable energy production and micro-climate management aspects using a polytunnel.

I have been visualizing and slowly working towards actualizing this concept as part of a fully sustainable food growing and living space powered by solar and wind energy with a micro-climate managed by a microprocessor unit. I am hoping that others will be interested in creating a self reliant community outside of the control grid all living in such dwellings free from any unnecessary interaction with or reliance on external resources 

Seems perfect! Dan Winter, excellent! Where are you in the process? do you have any picture of the different steps till where you are? I don't understand how polytunnel works, but I would like to visualize your idea, which seems of a great interest for me.

On the left you can see the inside of my poly-tunnel in which I am conducting a feasibility study and pilot of indoor agriculture which utilizes aquaponics to grow food and rear fish in a symbiotic closed loop cycle. To the left of the picture are some grow beds with a fish tank below and to the rear of the photo.

Aquaponics is a low entropy system ideal for situations where water is scarce and the growing of food outside is not always feasable (chemtrails) This is my initial small scale setup which I will move to the upper deck of a geodesic dome when built, This mix of fish, plants, running water within the dome like structure is sure to make a wonderful and conducive living space with great chi + it will be affordable and self sustaining.

To the right is the Arduino micro-processor that I am developing to control the pumps, lights, heating and ventilation within the dome. It will measure light levels, co2, temperature, humidity, water levels etc.. and maintain the perfect micro-climate for both plants and humans in a way which is energy efficient and self regulating.

Of course all of this will be powered by solar and wind power until the advent of some other free energy technology so that it is not connected to the grid in anyway. Eventually more than one dome can be connected together to create, different zones for learning, for meditation, food production, eating, sleeping, yoga etc..

How interesting! I can see your process, starting this way will get you to the dome and everything which goes with this perfect way of life for any Human Being! I would love to help you on your project, even if I am more on permaculture (which is natural gardening really!). My big dream is to live in a dedicated hamlet, for we all believe in along with the entire alternative movement and especially in Resistance 2010. Can you give me your email Leon, I will send you my own link on how I see things on my way? Mine is

Hi Elizabeth

That is very gracious of you, thanks, of course I am open to traditional permaculture methods also and I think that a combination of solutions will inevitably be more effective. I am currently constrained by space for the domes although I have a contact who is producing domes made from a polymer that can also incorporate a photovoltaic element meaning that they create their own power. I will be starting on the dome aspect once I have completed the pilot as then I am certain that my other constraints will be removed.

I am sure that there are many who miss the connection between all of this and self actualization and spiritual ascension, personally I am convinced that physical sovereignty (or self rule, inhabiting the throne of the self) requires an effort on the physical as well as the spiritual level. We can't free our minds without emancipating our bodies and vice versa. In short as is above so is below, so as Sevan put it we can take a crack at the below so that above our power of self sustenance will be reflected. I see it like a feedback loop whereby the more you do spiritually the more you achieve physically and then this feeds back into your spiritual power

So although it may seem as though much of what I am focused on is not relevant to the resistance I am conscious of the  need for us all act in this world even though we may not be of it.

You can email me at it would be great to hear from you.

Wholeness resistance members and friends

I thought I'd create this video for you to see how things are going with the microclimate and aquaponics food production

I hope it's not too techi and gives you a glimps into my world at the moment.

Comments are always welcome :-)

Seeking a community that incorporates what you have listed. Where are you located, Leon? 

Hello both of you! I live in France, where do you live Shunyata ? It would be so nice to meet somewhere some day with Resistance Family Brothers and Sisters!



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