Hi all,

for the past year ive been on the receiving end of a powerful psychic

attack from my partners mother(aren't we all):)

When i saw what she was up too i laughed and thought,mm ill give her three weeks to run out of energy-a yr nd a half later the attacks continue with unabated intensity.(My partners mom(and dead grandmother) have been sourced as the origin of the attacks by 2 high level pro energy clearers(one a published author)

(The woman has been told by more than one local spiritual teacher to mend her ways and watch her karma but she just laughs)

Im not a beginner,metaphysically,ive been a healer nd energy worker for 25yrs,and have shamanic training,still the endless intensity of these attacks has been challenging to say the least.

They seem connected to Reptile,hell world beings,that are very resistant to astral shields,12d light shields,angelic protection,banishings ,prayer or anything else.

Ive got a very good spiritual Radiologist working on this at present,

which is helping,and ive got v good at protection nd rebuilding my aura,

Any insights or thoughts anyone?

(Hitting the woman over the head with a bat is(sadly) out of the question


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A couple things come to mind assuming you've exhausted non-confrontational verbal communication:

The term escapes me at the moment, but there is mention of a practice that basically suggests that whatever is being brought forward/sent by said individuals, simply doesn't exist. As a result of not believing in it, or exercising your own will to cancel it out, it wont have any effect. This is similar to simply not giving it any energy/thought.

Another perspective is to consider yourself a transformer by continuing to use these obstacles as stepping stones for your own development. I.E: In comes negative energy, out goes positive. However, it seems the trick behind this is that one would be genuinely perceiving the incoming 'attacks' as beneficial occurrences that serve only to refine you. Evidently, it has inspired a desire for a deeper comprehension as to why you are continuing to experience whatever it is you are experiencing, and so the more your frequency increases, denser frequencies will have less influence/impact.

Of course these are subtle ways of the mind in utilizing the power of silence as a world server. Transforming adverse situations into blessings in this way is doing just that. First by freeing yourself from the web by cutting strings (of attachment/purpose as to why it's in your life), and also by sending the energy back of whatever it is that this person is demonstrating (through their behavour) they are lacking/need. i.e a child acting out for attention because they feel ignore/neglected/unloved. Love & affection would remedy the situation.
They may not be aware of it at the time, and clearly there is some ignorance contributing to such intentions, but this is a perfect opportunity for co-operating in this way.

hope this offers some different perspectives/approaches to consider in regards to being a successful embodiment of solutions.

Thanks,some interesting points,ive considered some of those.Quite a lot of issues for the people involved as you say.Its been interesting watching this old woman sort of attempt to destroy my partner,obviously not just the usual  bad vibes you can get from people,there are these energies and beings that come slicing through my Munay-ki power bands and lightshields,fascinating in a funny way,i can see all of a sudden real clearly how people get taken out in these attacks.

My healing ability is quite strong and ive needed to re-phase body parts occasionally(wake up with etheric skewers and even etheric glass in me sometimes.ouch).Ime going to have a read through your thoughts nd see what else i can come up with,given the kind of energies ive seen from this woman its not  just the usuall bad vibes stuff,shes got links to some very old dark stuff-I think its karmic ime involved anyway cos she cant be just allowed to go on damaging people as she has been-with my partner she and her beings implant her crown chakra and then fire pain energies through her(her own daughter)?shes a sad piece of work(her health is starting to suffer ive noticed-a clearer friend removed many reptilian entities from her a while back and ive sent her healing,but i think shes totally lost and sociopathic  basically).(ive talked to her about love and forgiveness and so have some pretty good local spirit teachers but shes one of the twisted ones,dark,manipulation and more dark.(and those are her good points):)

Anyway,thanks for your thoughts,much appreciated,ill read through and meditate.




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