From a very young age I always had this feeling that something just wasn't quite right.  The strength of this feeling would vary throughout my life but it would always be there.

I felt I could never get a connection with others on the level I was hoping to express and explore.

When I was about the age of 18, I had an experience that was so deep and profound, it has lead me to where I am today.  One night I had a dream, and in that dream I clearly remember "dying".  I was up in the sky flying through amazing cloud formations, the colours were something I had not seen before.  I felt weightless, so happy, so free.  The word problem didn't exist! 

I remember coming out of that dream, lying there in total euphoria for what must have been 30 seconds or so... then i felt all the weight literally come back down on me and the realization of being back here was very disappointing.

I just wanted to share some of my being and if anyone has had anything similar happen to them, to let me know. 

Does something like this mean anything?



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Hey Kurt, what you described was most definitely an OBE. If you are interested in experiencing it again you can in fact train this ability. Just search the resistance site a bit and you will find other members who had simmilar things happen. Here is a book regarding this topic. Do some research, it's good for you :) Wholeness and balanced vibration.


Basic info:

Learn how to get back into the dream world and get those answers.

*Universal Current Show - Episode 3 Part 1 & 2


Just pm me if you have any questions.




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