I feel like when I know a certain amount of knowledge, living the life of yesterday becomes boring and unimportant. I'm in school...I'm trying to make it. I have my support in the city...I'm afraid to let the reins go..and let my craziness win...I feel I'm comfortable here...I don't know what I should do..or if I'm making a mistake by not changing as quickly due to feeling comfortable..comfort creates laziness...But the place where I am now is the best for me right now...but I could create different scenarios for myself...I want to find the purpose or it find me...

I'm comfortably lost? 

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I'm in the exact same situation.  I've been thinking about moving to a different state  to get out of stagnation.

Are you still in the same place now? Todd had very good points...

Take care

IMO there are layers to this scenario. Sometimes it seems like we chase the external world in order to find more of our inner selves... That journey has it's place since we tend to meet/synchronize with significant individuals and places that have a deep impact on our innerstandings of anything and everything. Before moving or changing ones setting drastically - I feel that there's a great value in asking onself what the current situation holds for you; what you maybe don't know consciously that would benefit you to know NOW (in the present). You may find that there are reasons to be where you are that you have not recognized yet - or in similar manner - a way to explore or apply yourself where you are that is different than the way you have been currently participating. Also by cultivating Lucidity in Dreaming,we can make many moves and experience different places and meet those individuals just where you are. Usually doing so will bring clarity/certainty to any such move to make.

Comfort has its place - it can be a pillar of stability to work in different ways. And - you said it yourself already - that you want to find the purpose in the place where you are (it's best for you right now). So it could be that everything is perfect for you right now with a bit of recalibration. You know Yourself best. Ask Yourself what opportunities are there for you now that you have not yet recognized, ask for that purpose to be clear to your conscious mind.

And of course, no matter what we do - we get there...where we need to be. So long as we chose to 'get there'. We all have our place where we are and feeling 'lost' can mean that we hear whispers of something - and just can't make out the words or meaning. Any which way we address that feeling, we get information about it in return. Basically - i feel that in just writing what you posted, you have moved yourself towards your answers and in my responding to your post - i have done the same...

Many Thanks Todd :)...there are reasons why I'm here...and why I will leave...and return...and leave...this is such an intriguing experience..

Have a great now...



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