What does novus mihi nascitur ordo ventorum annus solaris mean ?

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New order will start (or will be born, have to start or born), in the year of the solar wind. If we have to decode it to something that makes more sense. It feels like it is a part of an agenda, because the start of the sentence or explanation to it is missing. Usually you have a "why" something has to happen. So, the complete translation can have different meanings. The most plausible will be, " The new order have to start, in the year of the solar wind" but, you could also translate as "to start into the new order can happen in a windy solar year."

Thanks.. I think it relates to the so called upcoming solar flares... Dec 2012 ??

I would think so but we have to prepared for anything that comes. The sun changes we have been experiencing definitely has had an effect on us and perhaps our dna. I have a video to share too

http://www.resistance2010.com/video/spontaneous-evolution-is-happen.... This is a very good scientist, David Seredas, who studies theses things and one of the best I have found so far



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