Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else has been getting nosebleeds when meditating or listening to singing bowls or binaural beats meditations on youtube? I don't think this is from the cold weather, because I have NEVER gotten a nosebleed, except from fights when I was younger, and I don't have high blood pressure either.

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Are you incorporating any  cleansing methods,  with your your meditations Dragonborn.... 

Is there enough moisture in the air when you are doing your work... 

Himalayan.. salt crystals... or lamps.... steamers or difusers...

The incidence of nosebleeds is higher during the cold winter months when... membranes dry out, crack a window and let in fresh air. 

Asprin, and other anti inflammatory drugs can cause nose bleeding. and 

***one last note... 

years ago there was tiny yet cautious school of thought, that nose bleeds that resulted with  some areas of the great work, ex. breath, meditation, drastic changes in frequency... oob experiences, where major inner healings are occurring, similar to what can happen when collective powerful energies gather to quicken and heal one another collectively....  etc... nose bleeds, can have a relationship to the expulsion of implants

that many are unawares that they may have...

yet i am unable to place any documentation at the moment to support the last thought above...

**** that answer  must come up from within the individual ****

Yet you should monitor  this closely and seek further medical/spiritual information if it increases in any severity.. 

Hope this assists.. inner choices.

Hello I recently join the site looking for the same answer you seek. I found that every time i would relax and fall asleep listening to binural beats i would awake and not immediately but shortly after within 30 minutes of being awake have a nosebleed. I tested this theory and so far i've had 6 nosebleeds the morning after listening to binural beats. I've tried talking to my friends about it but they don't believe me. I hope that within the year that past in this post you have found some information to this.



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