Hi Resistance Members!  I'm excited to have joined this community and I've already had some great experiences connecting with people individually through this platform.  

I wanted to post about a show I'm doing tomorrow night which I am really excited about:

No Inner Child Left Behind, a show about emotional processing, airs tomorrow--Friday December 7 at 9pm Central. You will need a few art supplies to participate (check show description for the list). Click on this link to listen online, or call (646) 478-0064 to listen. You can also follow this link to the archived recording if you miss the live show.


Meanwhile thanks to all who reached out to me as a new member, and for your support of the radio shows with Sevan.  


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Great show! I listen and did the exersize and I did see and realize what my problems were throughout my life thus far. this past month I have been thinking and acting differently about certain events that have happend recently in my life that I would usually think too hard and stress on  that, I would either miss out on something great and think and wonder about it later, or I would literally talk to myself and try to convince my self that, this isnt worth my time and battle with myself and before I know it, what ever happend or what was on my mind doesnt matter much anymore. And I can see now that my main problem is something that exists in many forms but it is all the same thing, It was fear.. Thank you.





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