Well its 2:05 A.M. and sleep still eludes me. Since the last activation sleep has almost been strictly for dreams. As I was surfing the web I felt the sensation that I was being watched, I love being watched. Something came to mind to post on wiki info so what was done here will be recorded in the great Arch Hives. I could'nt help but to see their owl logo, and of course my conspiracy machine started up and I quickly pulled the plug. So its official as of the next update when one wiki's the code to the Matrix or Innerstanding, they get the portal of truth. Now anyone looking can find Us and begin the deprogramming or dedroidifying.

I had ideas of reading all of Wiki, insane. One time when I was without any books I took to reading the Encyclopedia, I read all the way to F before I could not take it anymore. Most of the Encyclopedia is about people, not facts. Since I could'nt escape the urge to read something I pulled this information on the Owl Vowels.


Much of the owl's hunting strategy depends on stealth and surprise. Owls have at least two adaptations that aid them in achieving stealth.

First, the dull coloration of an owl's feathers can render them almost invisible under certain conditions. Secondly, serrated edges on the leading edge of the owl's remiges muffle the owl's wingbeats, allowing its flight to be practically silent. Some fish-eating owls, where this silence is of no evolutionary advantage, lack this adaptation.

The Paleocene genera Berruornis and Ogygoptynx show that owls were already present as a distinct lineage some 60-58 mya (million years ago), and presumably also some 5 million years earlier, at the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs.

Ancient Egyptians used a representation of an owl for their hieroglyph for the sound M. They would often draw this hieroglyph with its legs broken to keep this bird of prey from coming to life.

A conspiracy theorist view of this would be:

The Elite are crafty and use Shock and Awe tactics to bring about their diabolical works. They have Religion and Ignorance to aid them in accomplishing this.

The plain suit and tie and the black crown victoria is so much more subtle than the green alligator shoes and hot banana ferrari, no one sees them coming. Now that nobody cares they no longer need to operate in silence so they don't, they just eat the fish/souls in plain view. They tell us everything in their movies and then call it entertainment, imagine the level of brian manipulation that happens when you are taught to enjoy and want to see what may be your own doom.

5 million years before the Dinosaurs. Hmm are We blaming the Reptilians for what the owls are doing? Naw there in it together.

And that links the conspiracy that "M" that Magician that Mason that Matrix that Machine!

Conspiracy theorist are crazy, its a good thing I'm not one. :-)

Note for tomorrow if it comes: Link up with the youth in China and Japan release the Code into the Orient.

-Update- Still yet to reach the youth in China and Japan. :-(

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Let me make this very clear so everyone innerstands where I'm coming from on the Owl business. It appears that the Master Architects pride themselves in being masters of the Carbon Cube. Thus when discovering the Lost Cubit or basically the exit room, all forms of carbon based life could be manipulated and even generated by Master Adepts who call themselves builders. Thus those of the "Elder Faction" we will give the name "Time Lords", meaning those that know how to operate in and outside of time (GEB), have mastered the creation, infusion, and replication of just about every "carbon based" form in various combinations. Now these combinations may sometimes be referred to as abominations that beget desolation. These separate creations tend to upset whole ecosystems (IVY). Basically what some call crimes against natural life, such as cloning. Of course the other faction believes everything that man can create is his will, "Do What thou Will" and his discovery and application, explorations, and failures are all just as vital to his survival as the air we breathe. The theory of survival of the fittest prevails, bent against time and a paranoia of Murphy's Law man is on a frenzy of the discovery of destruction and regeneration to perfection. Recognizing the outlook of the society that We are currently in gives a hint to the phase We are in.

So the fusing of Beings took place long ago and it is a fact that some animals along with plants and even humans are either genetically manufactured hybrids, or even products of other planetary systems. See the study on bananas. Bananas have no wood, something like a banana has been shown to be an import from another planet as it breaks many rules of the plants found on our planet. Monkey's love them. :-)

The Owl is working with something very similar to sonar. This made them very powerful tools for Adepts as it is very easy to mentally communicate with a trained Owl. This is because they remain perched, and stare one into the eyes without blinking. Anyone familiar with hypnosis can innerstand the endless possibilities of such a thing with an animal that is also equipped with sonar that you can "port" through.

So one would have to ask themselves, is it the Owl or is it mans use of the Owl? I'm sure others can start to see a trend that when things of certain natures get in to the wrong hands it turns an otherwise enlightening experience of phenomenal communication into "the Fourth Kind".

Lastly you should know this, We refuse to live in the world scared, of course. Since the mind is the greatest tool, if you feel like Mr. or Mrs. Owl is some dark lords familiar, take control over the Owl with your mind and send it Innerstanding. My time may not be much longer here but what everyone should know from me is the mind/soul force/thought is the most powerful essence and it is triumphant every time over the weak magic of the deluded. The tables are turning and even as the trees have been asleep and many things also sleep, they are awakening and becoming aware just as you. Nature naturally chooses life, so watch how it all happens. We are encouraged to stay active as a clear sign of what choice We have made.
Oh and the Japan thing is on the way, We are taking a different approach through communication with "active wear". The naturally advanced human and such concepts have very fertile ground in Japan as they are all breed to think such things are possible. Manga!



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