Since we already uncovered that crop circles are vortex imprinting done by the controllers over special energy points located on Earth what does one make of this? I invite all Cipherist to take a moment and leave here what they know about this star as people will be seeing a lot more of it as things unwind. 


The Seven Pointed Star, better known as the Elven Star and sometimes called the Heptagram has been the featured star for shipping magnet  Maersk, the initiation star of the O.T.O, and the symbol of all the Elven Kings under the previous reign of Saturn before he was imprisoned in the center of the Earth.


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Update: To give a little more data on Vortex imprinting and organic programming, the Soul is like superflous gas, placed inside a pentagram vessel, which has a hexagram field around it for programming a person's reality. Derma = Skin Derma is a anagram for Dream, or an outside skin used to program the dream/illusion. It appears the Heptagram is introduced as a field of programming and control for Beings that have grown or always had two extra appendages, i.e. wings. Their also appears to be another Octogonal Field that surrounds that one and this field is programmed by the highest levels such as those involved with the Queen of England as the Octagonal Star is their symbol and shows supreme mastery over time, at least for those on the 4, 5 , 6, and 7th levels.





Also remember the last post I stated do to alarming data and etymology Saturn may have first come on land in Italy, the Mafia, Catholic Church, Jesuits, etc. Not to mention Poirino seems to be saying, Porno, and Pornay is of course a demon under the control of Saturn.


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It just so happens that Saturn/Naturns is an administrative division in the province of South Tyrol in Italy.

So it makes every bit of sense that (("Saturn may have first come on land in Italy."))

-This is a good reason why i should trade in my "Saturn Vue"... lol

Celsius 1414/ NGC 1414 constellation Eridanus, it would be the smallest exoplanet discovered. This i got from the outer lining
49 (Ti) Titanium is stable with 24,25/ or
Eridanus has 24 stars 7 of them have planets, Eridanus is also called the PO river which runs in Italy. Enki is also associated with Eridanus. There are seven strands with 7 circles in each 24 are colored in the 24 stars of Eridanus the seven strands are each one whole star, with the number of planets it has, are not colored in giving Eridanus now 25 planets in its galaxy.
Okay you have something here. PO is the root to the word Pope which of course are Saturnalians.

U give the key words ~~> and here is one of ends of the story :-) Just that am not so much in some enteties :) ´judge´ (as Saturn) jourself ...


UFO - Ea Enki - ASCII code in crop circle


my opinion althou did not seen one-any crop circle is that some of this can be made with some sort of drones with el-magnetic field /my opinion/ own technology is far more advanced that we can imagine :)

I have been working on this all day just to make sure i do not give any mis leading information. While i was researching i came across another person who also found something on enki in this crop circle. I researched his findings and they are right. As far as binary goes. Starting from the right and going clock wise. Inside to outside on the seven strands. E=01000101 a=01100001 E=01000101 n=01101110 k=01101001 i=01101001 and last space=00100000. This is how that person found enki in this crop circle. I believe it could be a gate way to enki or to other worlds. Either way enki was found in this circle in two different ways.

police officers have a 7 pointed star as their badge


Ok so the PO river, the longest river in italy leonardo davinci helped in designing The channels for the river, davinci can be associated with the vatican, therefore pope as well. .



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