Negativity Energy Vampires, Overcoming them on a personal and larger scale.

Negative Energy Vampires. Crafting a cure, or at least a specific question.

Last night in our discussion the challenge was given some more definition, both on a personal and global scale.

Let's look at the variables:

1, Negative energy vampires/parasites. (Personal and Global)

2, A dual system which always rebalances.

3, Anytime you use occult knowledge you begin running the program the vampire's have set, as you are running their language/systems.

*Addendum - This is not in the root chakra yet, it's a question, needs bringing down to Earth - Help me with that here.


My take on it:

The first question that comes out of this is, is how did an imbalance become real in a balanced system. You push, you get a reaction. You pull, you get a reaction. How did this seesaw of negative/positive energy, lean toward the negative to degenerate humanity so much.

At the moment if we push against it, the seesaw settles back to the negative, pump lots of energy into people, the negative forces increase too. Its needed though to get some people to a level that they can really switch on and aid universal consciousness.

Three answers, or probabilities on how this negative seesaw came to be balanced on the negative:

1, The negativity was always there, so it was simply expanded or unpacked from within. Done internally, thus not an outside force.

2, The process of degeneration was very subtle, slow, so only now is there a slow, subtle rebounce of this imbalance.

3, Nobody was watching it, or aware of it, so it wasn't known. This lends itself to point 2, no focus, no notice or expansion of the fact it was occurring.


Unpacking something which already exists, and thus isn't an outside force acting on anything, its an internal dynamic ALREADY at play.

Lately the more I look at the chakra system, the more I realise that if for instance a business uses the lessons of each chakra it will be a micro of the macro, it will work as the universe does, and quite frankly will be unstoppable. When it hits a block, you might refer to which chakra on the body the business is blocked in, and thus follow your own bodies lessons in how to move forward.

The answer then to this question could be as simple (and indeed complicated) as that. Which chakra is humanities negativity trapped in, how does that chakra work when in finer balance or more capacity. You might say the second chakra is where that negativity is trapped in, being the dual chakra, you might say the negativity appears in several chakras and thus needs to be addressed in several chakras.

That's what I had after the discussion, take this thread where you like, anything might help so bring what you have.

*Finally the thought that kept cropping up is, the answer might involve a picture as that was before language. Before action/reason was decided to be 'first' in language, I was talking to a linguist today and she reminded me that each language decides if the reason or action comes first in the sentence, but in a pictured form of language where is reason and action? (Together?)

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Yeah, everyone can be a little bit of a vampire. I'm not sure how it works exactly. It may be that they do this on purpose or that it's possible that it is more unconscious and automatic for them. I probably do it myself with others. And I've also noticed more of how much my own actions and thoughts are contradictory. How much I complain and worry about the smallest things. So I try to write in my journal every day to figure out what's going on with me and how I can work on certain bad habits. 

I really would like to balance myself out so I'm not so much a doormat to other people, but I still want to be kind and friendly. So then, I try to be tougher and more direct and it tends to scare people away or puts them against me. So, I'm also trying to balance out the see-saw. 

Yes we all are! :) Just as the universe is. What makes you feel you are a doormat? For me in this 3d world, I often find myself brute forcing through problems, so my solution may/may not work but I'll try.

The results of the occult systems discussion from August the 6th had us identify that a certain group of people on the planet think very differently to you and I, some of us have suspected it for some time of course, but it highlights the group behind the scenes and the fact they live a lot longer than us by feeding off of this mindset, gives them a great deal more time/intelligence to effect the changes they are doing.

They try to balance the system so that it encourages this kind of behavior to be possible, I imagine it makes a perfect cloak for them if people are doing it, and of course they don't have the capacity to escape it if they are constantly drained.

So the answer therein, is if it can be stopped in you and I. If our hungers can be stopped, hungers that you are not consciously directing, but are directing you, then it can be done on a macro level to, as you are the universe. Of course the parasite is part of us, that is why it is here, on the micro and macro level(s). - So its not good or bad, just something we can choose to change.

Identifying the hungers might help, here are my first thoughts, feel free to add to them/discuss.

1, Addictions to drugs/substances - this counts as food to, especially if you are using food to feel good.

2, Emotional hungers where you must hear what you need to hear, otherwise you are not sated.
3, Needs from another human being - not joyful wants but needs, a hole to be filled.

4, Financial Needs, where you must have something else you are not balanced. - I don't mean balanced in the system, I mean balanced internally, everyone has essential costs to live but beyond that what -needs- are there that might be sucking energy. (Not joyful wants).

As an example do you need to hear a positive response to a forum post? I have fallen into this trap before, do you need to draw off something else to stay balanced?

Hope it helps people out there, stopping the vampiric parasite, starts right with us!

great post man... 

All we can do is embrace energy, if we feel anger or hold negative energy it burns in our liver and movers naturally into our heart. We can transform it into compassion and love. Smile to your liver and give love, feel your way until there is no longer any negative energy in you. As far as others whose agenda is taking your power away... listen to how you feel around them, fill your system and energy field with love, focus on the divine connection in you to the greater field of love. Move, live interact with the finest intention.... you will send this energy into any situation. If someone wants to do you harm, the energy sending out from you may be qualified by them as negative, so they may perceive it as a threat but they are making it negative and it will effect them, not you. Send out love, watch those who wish to do you harm trip over it. Hope for them that they may learn the laws fo the Universe and use them to find their own joy.  The Universe, Innerverse are the same, energy cycling in a creative life force. No need to get all complicated with it. Ride the radiance wave, you have this power, practice, ever moving forward. Keep moving forward. LIVE Make each connection in this interactive world of good intention. You are laying down your path. If you are going about living in constant fear of vampires, you are giving your power away for some counter productive excersize in circular futility.

Thank you all :)

The way I see it is, you can take it to any size you want, even using certain sources to say the parasite is as big as the sun, because if we are the sun in one form, then there would be a macro of the micro. Some of this came up in the study group last night, and indeed I hope it was recorded to listen to (August 8th)! 

Thankfully we can solve challenges/problems in ourselves however, as this effects the sphere that is us, and so by definition all other linked sphere's to a lesser degree. Linking all these replies together, as if they were personal sphere's, thus far here is what I have.

Negativity needs to be cleared by any means possible, and we have to get extremely good at it. If the parasite eats death, or negativity removing its food source should starve it, the emotion field - feel'd of man, the gold third eye crop present on buckingham palaces gates. This is being done in many forms now, when death no longer exists in us, then it can't be fed off.

I think perhaps I overcomplicated the balance mechanic in the first post, perhaps this is simply the reaction to the action put out, and now the universal counterbalance. Sylvia it isn't about fearing anything, for me at least, it is about finding solutions that work at ground level ;). If I feared it I couldn't make this post for instance, as i'd have an energetic block to writing something - this is all free flowing :D.

Neil, your post does bring me again to the point, that the further we go back, the simpler this mechanic is to innerstand, to see where changes were made to put the matrix's current imprint or spin over the last one (imprint not programming, the programming imho is deeper.). If you were to go back to the language of energetics, before the physical form, you'd surely get some answers as to what happened for us to get into the physical body. Does anyone doubt even for second, that if indeed we were all in energy bodies only at one point, those energy bodies were communicating in some fashion? Are they still communicating? - Has anyone with advanced astral projection techniques tried this, going to the point before the physical existed, to the 1st None physical Sun?

Theory Below


I'll expand a bit on what was touched on in last night's study group to shake the perspectives up a  little. (August the 8th's group, I hope that goes up soon!). It was discussed the Sun was reborn into physical form so it could not fully die but be continually resurrected (a cycle), while our reincarnation cycle in the physical is linked in. If we are really on our 6th Sun since coming into physical (or being forced into ) from the once pure energetic, and those suns are thus inside ourselves on a celluar level, might it just be a matter of bringing those suns out?

I'll explain, if you are unpacking those suns out, then you'd be unpacking not just what they are, but all that brought them to be in the current micro/macro relationship. So you'd be unpacking eventually your pure energy state, if that is what you preferred to exist as, as you must have impacted how the Sun is if it's in you. - Oversimplified but I am running with what I have :), if you cut off the flower, does it impact the plant - yes and its a smaller part of it. If you were to give the flower better conditions, more sun, more bee's etc, it would effect the plant as well. The flower being man, and the plant itself being what made us who we are, and on the physical level, who WE make (the sun as a starting point).

*Also it occurs to me, that unpacking some of the techniques the sun uses to generate energy, would pretty much give you all you'd ever need.

The universal answers for me then so far are:

Reduce negativity, hunger. - Reduce food for parasites (global and personal)

Increase energy levels in all humans possible. - Surpass Vampire's ability to keep up with our development, as our energy pace will outweigh their hungers capacity to drain it.

Show the planets how to do this by example. (No this isn't ego speaking ;), they'd be showing us too.)

Remove the fear of death. With no fear of death, the sun doesn't fear death either as we show it how to overcome it, and yes at the same time it is showing us. Split mind for anyone who's read astral dynamics, part of you is the sun right now.

Neil what is your take on what the final expression of the matrix is? From all angles?

Keep it coming people, loving the discussion so far.

So True Sylvia, if only all knew the powers we have within ourselves and the energies around us, I know a few that could benefit from it that's for sure!...but at least I know for myself  WBV to you.

Hey Stephanie, I agree with you too. Our knowing is universal. WBV radiating back to you.

Interesting view on the subject.
Personally, I'm of the impression that "if it exist, then it has a purpose." Granted, negativity in all it's forms has been beguiled in the minds of the average individual, the fact remains that it exist, therefore, it has purpose. Now what that purpose is... is the question to be asked because when you think about it...there would be "No Good" or "Positive" in existence if there is no "Negative" or "Bad". I think that defining the "TRUE" definition of Negativity at it's core level of it's "Purpose" will bring people to a more balanced conscious observer, when dealing with negativity.
In short, without the "Absolute" meaning of something, it merely leaves folks to speculate and judge with prejudice, based on what they have been told to be true as opposed to what is "Actually True."

MetiPhi and TAFLON, Our thoughts are the key, what we focus on. Focusing tools can help us and as Sevan has suggested, try seeing how long you can go without negative or backwards non-creating life giving thoughts. Our SELF is our connection to the whole. Mantak Chia The Healing Tao, explains how we can transmute emotional negative energy into loving energy that keeps us flexible and full of CHI so we can power up LIFE in us, in a simple exercise. Personally, this is the battle, the universal warrior. When we internalize conditions in our bodies, that feels grave to me... I don't like that agenda, I am angry about this or that... - that energy burns in our livers and moves naturally into our hearts... SO smile to your liver, feel the feelings, shine loving compassion on it... transform that energy by embracing it! and transform it into loving energy. 

Purpose, realizing the whole CYCLE is the living form. Those who want us to focus on fear or backwards stagnant thinking: the GRAVITY in The Secret of Light by Walter Russell - these conditions of the whole exist and have a purpose. Those who mirror the negative or I think better to call it degradation, that energy that churns to decompose in the cycle of GRAVITY will be transformed back into the condition of RADIANCE. I say we are designed to choose. Riding the RADIANCE is moving forward in the creative life force flow of creation. Yes, both are part of the cycle of life. I refrain from using loaded words which are misunderstood as having a life force like Vampires which gives it energy to manifest. Victim words distort the truth and stagnate the creative flow of mind which has the potentiality. The point of seeing the artificial matrix and dissecting it's roots, agenda intention is to become aware of what is counter to our empowerment. Consciousness in Amit Goswami's is the ground of all being. "Our looking is tantamount to choosing, from among all the quantum possibilities, the one unique facet that becomes our experienced actuality."


Yes, if you look at the matrix as the status quo but it's hardly a yardstick to measure truth, it's a condition established by artificial rules and regulations agreed upon. It's a contract we buy into on many levels. It doesn't seem like a choice until you innerstand it. Once you take off the blinders you don't live in fear that it is still our there... you go within to your true truth. You realize you have been operating all along sourced by Divine Energy. You took it for granted, you didn't feel it and focus on it, you didn't connect to it as you were ignoring it, you were told you didn't have any power, you were led to follow false gods, you were put into illusion, you focused on it and your thoughts led you down their path. You internalized it, aligned with it... YOU CHOSE. It's not in you, it has no reality unless you give it your focus, your energy. NOW we know that we are hardwired to Divine Energy but we need to take time to focus on it, open the connection, choose Divine Energy, power up, wake up to our true (truth) source of energy so we can manifest our potentiality...opening us up to unlimited choices we have to choose from for a purpose. The purpose is to live joyfully as Self realized beings. Anything that doesn't resonate with that isn't worth giving our attention to. We have to learn to live as we have forgotten who we are and what we are connected to and what we are about.

I agree the choices in the matrix are like a cattle pen channeling us into seeing the boundaries it wants us to see and focus on for it's own purpose. We see it in language. The Russian language has it roots in nature expressed in this series  If you watch the series it shows how this artificial authority tried to oppress the people. Kingdom, Kin family, Dom home - We find many Russian authors whose language helps point the way. The Kingdom of God Is Within YOU. Your thoughts, your consciousness, what you think about lays down the path you will walk. You must choose. When you become self realized by choosing to with whatever help resonates with you which allows you to power up and connect, then your choosing will will be nourished by your connection to all that is. Many still need to dissect the matrix to see it's the wrong path but once you see it, you reject it in favor of your path. "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" Invictus by William Ernest Henley - So every moment focus on what empowers you, if you are not, you are like a reed flowing with the current with no direction home. Let go of the bank of fear, leep into the current of life. It will lead you. It is who you are and your thoughts and passions and desires set your course. You can create a temporary dual reality if you want but why live on the scraps under the table when the banquet is set before you for your joy?

This video speaks about our primordial source, the kundalini power, the energy which is the power connected to the all pervading power of our life force. It has been given many names and qualified by many stories.

Sahaja Yoga simplifies the process to gain self realization. In self realization where we live in the present and we become thoughtlessly aware. We exist in a new state. It is our own energy we choose to use. The kundalini activated or realized it manifests our bodies and awareness to the collective intelligent source energy of life. This is the power of spirit which cannot be conquered.

So it is still a choice to go within to the non-dual source. We have the creative power to become our own master. Many are giving their focus or energy to the matrix because this energy we take for granted and don't even feel it with our little ego self which focuses on programmed attention. When we become self realized, we still live in the environment where many are still programmed but we are not. We listen to our inner guidance, we begin to consciously choose every moment.

The more who become self realized a new condition flows and manifests. It begins in our personal bodies and thoughts. We spend time healing our bodies which are our vehicle but also a perfect design hardwired energetically through our organs to connect to source. We feel it, we begin to inner stand our energy, we maintain the connection and process our emotions and thought with the Tao techniques for example which help us increase our energy. We eat the sacred herbs and mixtures Sevan has found that support and nourish our bodies, our temple.

As we clear our minds and bodies from the little self which has been programmed by the matrix, we can then live in the non-dual reality of truth which is our true self condition. It is a constant process of awareness living in the now. We release the qualifications of ignor ance. We do not ignor our knowing. We do not give energy to the temporary artificial manifestation that have no spirit, no life.

You can say this matrix is part of us but it is only if we align with it. We can call it archons, we can try to dissect the matrix but we do not have to do it intellectually with our little minds. We listen to our empowered Self connected to all that is.

We must power up with source. A blender which is not given enough power does not work as it is designed. When it gets the proper power suddenly it works. We are the same way. Rather than circular thinking trying to understand our programming, asking what does my dream mean, should I do what this or that expert tells me to do for example... We Become Self Realized. Then our dreams and our waking life are alive, interacting with purpose, respect, understanding ourselves and seeing and knowing others.

Sevan is establishing a center to assist us in this process. Once the source power opens in us and the little dams of the matrix are washed away by the living waters we are truly alive and capable of manuvering and experiencing the living interactive environment around us that welcomes us and supports us a co-creative beings.

Today I had to bite the bullet and add the hunger of music to my list. If its a conscious choice it can be wonderful but if its a nagging I need to listen to this to get through the day, then its making an unconscious choice, making you more unconscious and letting a desire, spirit and/or program make the decisions for you. - This is a tough one I know as I love music too, and may draw some ire but the simple truth is - if I am not controlling myself and choices - then I am not controlling myself and choices.


@The Meta
Thought is Your Enemy" by U.G. Krishnamurti - I will seek that out thank you. It honestly sounds like a book I will thoroughly enjoy :). As it mirrors much of the ego work I did in my early ascension phases.



That for me, is a more useful and expanded way of saying bad or good don't exist. Thank you, I've considered it before but never in the way I just did. The way I'll consider the dualities now, is the common definitions of bad or good don't exist in the higher states of consciousness, but your way of putting them does take you further there, it's certainly a better vehicle.



Love is very cleansing, I put that into my food before I eat it. I make sure to give to my body every day in yoga, meditation, now in the teachings you mention as well. When Mantak Chia is in the room, and he see's someone not bending their spine correctly to their benefit, doesn't he -see it- first and correct it? This is the same, seeing it, moving on and correcting it. If you can't see the gravity, you are always at its mercy.

At first I dismissed everyone who was negative, I went into the clouds quite literally at one bliss point, couldn't/wouldn't deal with any of it/them. Yet I don't live in the clouds, I live here, this is the ground I am standing on, so I came back and maybe will go again, but I'll have transmuted all of this in my own small way first, as it's -here- I -see it- and thus it's in me.



Personal Direction - I think that is what it comes down to, I want to help and am helping them now. The people are quite literally becoming more and more solid, some might well enjoy that, but others don't know it is happening, they have no ability to see that aspect of themselves. Like in the shower I realised just how small the cubical is, I barely have any room to breathe in the water, or relax in it without banging my arms. I always did want to help people, I think that is how I ended up on Earth, at least one dream told me that much. Of course the first key, for me, was to realise nobody -needs help- because we create the need to help them in us, though someone we meet might benefit greatly from anything we can bring them.

It is all in the will of the creator but the way it is portrayed in some New Age is, so you can all just sit quietly and do nothing ;). If people reading can take any consequence joyfully, then by all means. If some consquences you would not like to experience, then sitting back and relaxing lovingly -all- the time doesn't help, the weeds will take your garden. Besides even if anyone reading is so certain that a particular thing will happen in a universe of shared probabilities, why not cover all angles, internal and external? Pull the weeds in the garden and heart.

*I dislike the term new age, as the new age could be something beautiful and some material is, I need a better label. ReAge, or UncAGE maybe.

I also wouldn't say fewer and fewer are attempting it. India for instance has many spiritual people, and the more I talk to people from certain areas of the world, the more I realise those areas of the world are attracting certain people more and more. There are some places in Canada which sound like a fairytale compared to inner cities, so perhaps we both need to fill our reality with more of those kinds of places/people/experiences as our knowledge has expanded to that point :D

I wanted to recommend this for the balance question, it was a video whole put up in fringe.

Mans insulation meant that he wasn't part of the natural balancing that usually goes on, insulation through urban development, his extraction from nature, the unnatural communications we are using. So of course the answer to the balance query is, stepping outside of the source of balance (the natural world) will make society unbalanced. Whereas going back into it, will help balance out all of it.

There are some solutions and very positive feedback from this video also so I recommend it :)



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