Negativity Energy Vampires, Overcoming them on a personal and larger scale.

Negative Energy Vampires. Crafting a cure, or at least a specific question.

Last night in our discussion the challenge was given some more definition, both on a personal and global scale.

Let's look at the variables:

1, Negative energy vampires/parasites. (Personal and Global)

2, A dual system which always rebalances.

3, Anytime you use occult knowledge you begin running the program the vampire's have set, as you are running their language/systems.

*Addendum - This is not in the root chakra yet, it's a question, needs bringing down to Earth - Help me with that here.


My take on it:

The first question that comes out of this is, is how did an imbalance become real in a balanced system. You push, you get a reaction. You pull, you get a reaction. How did this seesaw of negative/positive energy, lean toward the negative to degenerate humanity so much.

At the moment if we push against it, the seesaw settles back to the negative, pump lots of energy into people, the negative forces increase too. Its needed though to get some people to a level that they can really switch on and aid universal consciousness.

Three answers, or probabilities on how this negative seesaw came to be balanced on the negative:

1, The negativity was always there, so it was simply expanded or unpacked from within. Done internally, thus not an outside force.

2, The process of degeneration was very subtle, slow, so only now is there a slow, subtle rebounce of this imbalance.

3, Nobody was watching it, or aware of it, so it wasn't known. This lends itself to point 2, no focus, no notice or expansion of the fact it was occurring.


Unpacking something which already exists, and thus isn't an outside force acting on anything, its an internal dynamic ALREADY at play.

Lately the more I look at the chakra system, the more I realise that if for instance a business uses the lessons of each chakra it will be a micro of the macro, it will work as the universe does, and quite frankly will be unstoppable. When it hits a block, you might refer to which chakra on the body the business is blocked in, and thus follow your own bodies lessons in how to move forward.

The answer then to this question could be as simple (and indeed complicated) as that. Which chakra is humanities negativity trapped in, how does that chakra work when in finer balance or more capacity. You might say the second chakra is where that negativity is trapped in, being the dual chakra, you might say the negativity appears in several chakras and thus needs to be addressed in several chakras.

That's what I had after the discussion, take this thread where you like, anything might help so bring what you have.

*Finally the thought that kept cropping up is, the answer might involve a picture as that was before language. Before action/reason was decided to be 'first' in language, I was talking to a linguist today and she reminded me that each language decides if the reason or action comes first in the sentence, but in a pictured form of language where is reason and action? (Together?)

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Yeah, everyone can be a little bit of a vampire. I'm not sure how it works exactly. It may be that they do this on purpose or that it's possible that it is more unconscious and automatic for them. I probably do it myself with others. And I've also noticed more of how much my own actions and thoughts are contradictory. How much I complain and worry about the smallest things. So I try to write in my journal every day to figure out what's going on with me and how I can work on certain bad habits. 

I really would like to balance myself out so I'm not so much a doormat to other people, but I still want to be kind and friendly. So then, I try to be tougher and more direct and it tends to scare people away or puts them against me. So, I'm also trying to balance out the see-saw. 

Yes we all are! :) Just as the universe is. What makes you feel you are a doormat? For me in this 3d world, I often find myself brute forcing through problems, so my solution may/may not work but I'll try.

The results of the occult systems discussion from August the 6th had us identify that a certain group of people on the planet think very differently to you and I, some of us have suspected it for some time of course, but it highlights the group behind the scenes and the fact they live a lot longer than us by feeding off of this mindset, gives them a great deal more time/intelligence to effect the changes they are doing.

They try to balance the system so that it encourages this kind of behavior to be possible, I imagine it makes a perfect cloak for them if people are doing it, and of course they don't have the capacity to escape it if they are constantly drained.

So the answer therein, is if it can be stopped in you and I. If our hungers can be stopped, hungers that you are not consciously directing, but are directing you, then it can be done on a macro level to, as you are the universe. Of course the parasite is part of us, that is why it is here, on the micro and macro level(s). - So its not good or bad, just something we can choose to change.

Identifying the hungers might help, here are my first thoughts, feel free to add to them/discuss.

1, Addictions to drugs/substances - this counts as food to, especially if you are using food to feel good.

2, Emotional hungers where you must hear what you need to hear, otherwise you are not sated.
3, Needs from another human being - not joyful wants but needs, a hole to be filled.

4, Financial Needs, where you must have something else you are not balanced. - I don't mean balanced in the system, I mean balanced internally, everyone has essential costs to live but beyond that what -needs- are there that might be sucking energy. (Not joyful wants).

As an example do you need to hear a positive response to a forum post? I have fallen into this trap before, do you need to draw off something else to stay balanced?

Hope it helps people out there, stopping the vampiric parasite, starts right with us!

Vampire or Predator.....
If we watch a little "live" TV  -be it the so called news or talk shows-,   pretty soon we start to feel like we are treated extremely condescendingly (to put it mildly). Most of TV is by-design and purposefully tailored for a very basic 6 to 8 year-old mindset (it's alarming that so many people ignore that fact); what's really terrifying though, is the fact that most POLITICS are also tailored to the same mindset age (this is why in all crucial speeches and debates all politicians repeat as many times as they possibly can, keywords of that mindset age such as "kitchen", "family", "security", etc). Of course it is plain obvious that TV has the deliberate mission to dumb us all down a good 40 points in the IQ scale -at the very least-, while it also acts as our BABYSITTER, like we are little kids  -this is the  most preposterous in the condescending issue-, ostensibly making up funny games and distractions and small talk devoid of any content, as you would with a child not worthy of your serious conversation. But that is exactly the role of TV, to dumb down/distract/babysit and tell fairy tales (when not straight cold face lying). 
The goal of TV is to render you unaware
of an ET or inter-dimensional predator
Any awareness of such is to be confined to "fiction" (as in movies and so forth); Life-Is-Always-Good is the overarching mantra of all TV. You must at all times believe that, and when facts of this world do not match that ridiculous child-like view, it's packed in the format of "news", twisted and torn into a maze of hogwash to brainwash you into accepting an ideology or a political system  -total spin, degraded to its worst common denominator-. So all live TV figures are ordered to behave like they are in a Disney theme park, like little children having all the fun they can possibly have, smiling being the No.1 attribute of any TV figure (and also lately of any politician, candidates are elected in direct proportion to their wide impeccably white perfect smile, to "achieve connection" with females who make up half the electorate, as women cannot but make connection with somebody with a great smile, they need this as a must "tranquilizer" obsession-compulsion, women subconsciously regard as "dangerous" anybody that doesn't smile all the time, as any Don Juan's aching jaw after long hours of pretend-smiling attests, smiling the universally assured way to get women in any sense whatsoever). Any female wanting to be a live TV figure, must be able to "Smile & Talk" at the same time, this the prerequisite condition. Yeap, current humanity can be that pathetic...
Enter the Morning-Show niche, the haven of "femalia" on live TV; a perpetually (and idiotically) smiling Al Roker roleplaying Mr SuperSuperSuper nice (... but oh so dumb...), has "total" success in that category. Roker evidently is like a cartoon character, addressing the cartoonish-life needs in the minds of countless number of females. Life-Must-Be-A-Cartoon is the morning mantra on live TV; otherwise all these countless people might get a reality-check and die of an instant angst-attack or so. So if mentally dope 'em is the rule, mentally dope 'em they do. Now of course REAL LIFE slips through the cracks of this Disney fabricated mindset; Al Roker wrote a novel... about... MURDER...!? He also had a gastric bypass to dramatically lose weight (succeeded in dropping a good 100 lbs), plus an operation in the back, plus an operation in the knee.  Behind that smile, there is a lot of very pricey mechanisms to keep the smile going on... Just imagine the endless hours of dental-whitening...
But then... you start "noticing" little things, almost imperceptible weird details; like a LIVE music colleague of mine in the late 70's told me "How come LIVE backwards is EVIL...?". I personally find Kelly Ripa of the morning show above to be adorable and smart funny (even as she was made as a soap opera actress, yikes!)  but I find Regis Philbin non-digestible (in spite of him being the hardest working person on TV ever). However if one is to seriously believe the 'script-of-happy-life' that Kelly spurts out, one is just plain crazy. She is no different in the modest conversational sense, than a stripper at the nearest cabaret  -just appealing to our strongest weaknesses (no offense at all intended, Mrs K. Ripa)-; of course I have fun with Kelly Ripa on my screen (who would not?) very now & then, just like I have fun with a topless chick doing a lap dance (who would not?). Provided I disconnect my Consciousness for a while, that is  -if you catch my drift-, and pretend to believe that this crap is all there is.
Sure Ellen Degeneres is also quite amicable, that's why the 98% of Heterosexuals have no problem accepting her as an all-out lesbian into their homes via the TV screen -representing the 2% of gays in the general population- (nevertheless we Heterosexuals are always portrayed as brute bigots somehow), specially since she comes from the Deep-South of Louisiana and her parents even lived in a small town in Texas for some time, all the more offbeat & amicable as a work in contrast. Of course then, "Elle" means "She" in french as everybody knows (a magazine for females with that very name), so that there is a subliminal in her name is like saying that there are flies on an elephant's ass, a redundancy. 
*(Orb with Concentric Rings  -of UNIVERSE OF ENERGY at Epcot/Disney-, 
just like the Obama Orb logo, a familiar theme so far;  DeGeneres starred 
in "ELLEN'S UNIVERSE OF ENERGY" as part of it, sponsored by the "XX" 
of EXXON... "double sex" rating pun for kids... coupled with "degenerate" 
pun for kids... in full CODE-RED... Nice subliminal education for kids, huh?)
See, some of us in this cacophony of a world, cannot but notice the little tiny subconscious details; and these details come in the strangest of formats and likable characters. Like Regis Philbin's name, for christ's sake:
"XP"  ~  "NIBIRU"
("Planet X", XP is the CHI-RHO "Sign of Constantine)
-"Regis" is for "Regal" or "Royal", to rule over humans, very
old age is a classic symbol of Royalty and/or Vampires-
Sure "Osama BIN Laden" reinforced identical code; just like "Joe BIDEN" does. So what? you may ask, coincidences don't make a case; if you're retarded enough, when reading this you might think that I intend to suggest that these amicable TV figures are predators. But what I am conveying here naturally, is that "exceedingly amicable & sugary" over smiling all-vain-talk TV figures of 'soapdom', DO actually play a certain crucial role "FOR" the predators. 
They compel you to "never" look that way of the slaughterhouse, but "only" this way where the bright flashing lights, and the boutique dresses, and the plastic surgery modified super handsome faces/bodies, and the glittery perfect white teeth, and the manicure hairdo's, and the slick superficial charm, the trendy glam talk, the scripted humor, the "feel"good" mindset, await for your bite, no different than a dumb fish bites the bait. Oh yes: YOU ARE ETHERIC FOOD.
Humans were never on top of the food chain; there are predators of the human species, only for the most part playing "invisible" to the 5-senses-only 3D mind construct as how we "perceive reality" to be, and indoctrinated to accept as the "only" Consensual Reality to accept as valid and objective.
These predators of humans need human counterparts 
acting on their behalf, thus sometimes the predators 
come as humans, but that is the least part of it; you
can be "harvested" as Body/Psyche/Soul/Spirit; thus
the physical human tragedy is the least part of it all  

As this series is about the Book of Rev/Apoc combined with the LHC at CERN, and the "2012/2016" paradigm, it necessarily follows that if all you read in this article Part 6 so far was true, then something of this importance  -that negative predator types of et's & inter dimensionals make use of TV (media in general) to hypnotize & distract humans from them enacting this nefarious "harvesting" process-, then this most surely should appear encoded in the Book of Rev/Apoc. Now isn't that so...? WELL, IT IS ENCODED INDEED ! 
There is a reason why they "completely expunged" from official science the notion of ETHER, because once you are aware of Ether, then it is much easier to become aware of the predators coming into this 3D realm from the Ether, duh...!? Electricity is a "fluid" utilization of Ether within our 3D Matrix, thus it provides a perfect mechanism for Etheric Intrusion, duh...!?(excuse the repetition, I actually mean Duh Duh Duh...!). But in the Book of Rev/Apoc the notorious BEAST in the original Greek of the text is called "Therion":
is pun of "ETHERION"
("Ether Orion")
You see here that this is the real meaning of the mysterious "Sion" code
(as always using Standard English Gematria / a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
"AETHER" = 57 = SION 


"MARY" = 57 = "GEN LAND"  ~  "Eng-Land"

All symbolic names for the "Ground Zero" of (a)Ether in/out Portals:

"PETER" = 64 = "ZION" = "ZERO" = "BARRY"
(Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama, as announcement of the opening of a Portal)

The previous "St Peter" figure (the Pope) carried the announcement as well
(moving 1+space up the alphabet):

"SION" becomes "TJPO"
("JP TO" pun of "JP II" or Pope "John Paul Two")

Now in Rev 13 we have a "Beast with SEVEN Heads & TEN Horns", notice
the 1st & last initials of "TELE-VISION" which carries the SION code:

"TVEN" ~ "TEN" ~ "SEVEN"

Now bear with me here, because the TV & REMOTE CONTROL symbology is actually a FRACTAL image of a similar "REMOTE CONTROL" operation commanding not just the TV set... BUT THE BRAINS OF HUMANS by and large, using similar "Electrical" or "Electronic" devices, be them wired or Wi-Fi airwave style devices (like for ex mobile phones and cell towers or satellites, ipods/ipads, etc).

So of course there are a great many who have spoken of these technologies as  nefarious applications of Covert Mind Control over the human population at large, yet I am the 1st source that I know of, that has tied all this to the basic CODES OF THE BOOK OF REV/APOC in a clear and irrefutable manner beyond simply "opinion" or sheer "conspiracy" paranoia (besides, always do remember that "JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE PARANOID, DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY'RE NOT OUT OT GET YOU"). 
(Patmos Island)
If the "Resurrection of the Body" is the fundamental religious belief, then this term "Cellular" for the electronic communications airwaves grid, suggest A TRANSFORMATION OF THE DNA AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL, AS THE COVERT END-GOAL OF THIS GRID  -besides just sheer Mind Control-. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ELECTRONIC AIRWAVES GRID -THIS REV/APOC CODE STRONGLY POINTS TO-, ACTUALLY SEEKS TO "MODULATE DNA", IN ORDER TO TRANSFORM THE HUMAN BODY (and Nature on the planet in general, by extension). 

Yet all this has to be understood in a different light, when considering that AT THE SAME TIME another goal is attempted simultaneously; to create a 3D ORB CAGE, that will stop the incoming so-called "ACENSIONAL WAVES", so that by PATTERNS OF INTERFERENCE this wave(s) is BLOCKED or SCRAMBLED on 3D Earth.  In this way the DNA instead of acquiring a HIGHER FREQUENCY resonance range, is "kept under" in the lower (and manipulable) 3D modulated range. 

I have the suspicion that Rev 13:18 besides being a neuro-linguistic system of codes, is also a fractal code for the FREQUENCIES OF INTERFERENCE IN ACTUAL REAL NUMERIC MEASURE, but I haven't been able to discover that yet; the concept of an "ISLAND" suggests clearly that humans in 3D are kept in a state of DISCONNECT from the rest of the Multiverse, locked in a "FREQUENCY ISLAND that acts as an ETHERIC CAGE. You see this concept also corroborated in the same code:


We can most easily call this a "Freq(uency) Firewall", and just look at the Gematria:

Thus the  "MARK" is the permanent link to the Interference/Firewall/Block:
MARK = 43 = "BLOCK"

All this eerily reminding one of the biblical allegory of the "TOWER OF BABEL"; particularly since the name "BELL"  has always been associated with telephone technology (Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone), via the famous "Bell" telephone companies. In the biblical allegory, the "Tower" was made of "Bricks" (blocks) with a name of each person engraved on it  -this "Tower" usually depicted is circular/spiral, echoing the Concentric Ring theme of the logos, as representing the Interference Waves applied to Earth:


 [ 234 = 13x18 ]  (Rev 13:18)

Plainly speaking, the action of "Aborting & Blocking" the Ascensional Freq Range:

Under this hidden-agenda, it stands as self-evident that the number "234" plays a very specific "threshold" or "gate-keeper" role, and this is why it's the key to the "666" encoding. My view is that the "666" means the ASCENSIONAL SACRED GEOMETRY PORTAL, while the "234" and "432" represent specific frequencies that have been TAMPERED WITH, in order to Abort/Block the Ascensional Freq Range:

234 + 432  =  666
[ 13x18 = 234 ]
(Rev 13:18




In other words and without a single bullet fired, the negative faction of the illuminati effected a major "frequency reconfiguration", re-linking humanity to a PITCH THAT IS NOT BASED ON THE ORIGINAL FRACTAL & "INFINITELY RECURSIVE" PITCH BASED ON THE FIBONACCI SCALE. The Fibonacci series is a widely proven fact that acts as the Template of Growth in Nature as well as in DNA...! (DNA divides in groups acc to the Fibonacci series). Therefore the proposition of a hidden-agenda involving Interference ("Abort & Block) of the Ascensional Freq Range that I write here, finds a direct link between the precise "432" Hz Musical Pitch and the Rev 13:18 code as [ 234+432 = 666 ]. You can clearly see that "432" is the REVERSE or blocking/interfering pattern key number.

*Pythagoras LAMDOMA applied to the invention of the Musical Scale)*
Now as all this goes back to exactly PYTHAGORAS IN GREECE, who was the one who "re-discovered" the Musical Scale we use to this day, by the method of his "LAMBDOMA" (real meaning of the symbol of the "Lamb"), we must also go back to the Greek Gematria roots of it all. The "Death of the Lamb" actually means the NEFARIOUS AGENDA TO KILL THE LAMBDOMA SYSTEM OF FREQUENCIES AND FRACTAL SCIENCE, which gave rise to the magnificence of Greece and the Renaissance as a Greek-Revival. Without the Lambdoma fractal template ("The Temple") then absolutely nothing can find its way to the higher dimensions/densities...! Everything in 3D thus remains "DEAD WHILE ALIVE", delinked of the Etheric Connection to the REAL SOURCE, as opposed to the manufactured hijacking connecting to the rogue negative sources (Recessive Devolution).

*(Pythagoras LAMBDOMA -real meaning of "The Lamb"-, as Fractal Resonance
vehicle of Ascension BY HARMONIC ATTUNEMENT to higher dimensions; it is
also the origin of the so-called Tetragrammaton "Name of God" in the Bible)*
Most people are overly concerned about political figures and such (the strict 3D here & now), in detriment of the much larger Big-Picture in cosmic and multi-dimensional terms. People always seek to know with a strong judgemental bias, trying too fast to find a "culprit" in everything, and this becomes exceedingly obvious in the case of the contents of the Book of Rev; whatever matches are found, to them are instantly equivalent to a declaration of guilt.  In contrast, this blog and series of articles present a more mature approach based on spiritual science and a more advanced neuro-linguistic science embedded in the Matrix as organic software; what must be looked for 1st are the proper methods of "DECODING", and 2nd we must look for a strong "CLUSTERING" effect, not merely isolated encryptions (like for ex the ludicrous belief that "only 1" name will decipher the 666 Rev 13:18 riddle, which is patently false and absurd  -as many names can yield 666). This is why it is stated that "He Who Has Wisdom/Understanding, Let Him Count the Number of the Name of the Beast", in this case that means the science of GEMATRIA. Those who do not know about this science, should not pretend to understand the riddles which are basically encrypted codes in a cluster. 
As Daniel Gleason of the website & image above proved, the greeks had a peculiar understanding of all this, as Gematria was combined with Geometry in order to "prove" any theological proposition. The entire New Testament was written in greek, because it was one big Greek Gematria/Geometry encoding along these lines of secret practice, stemming from Pythagoras and his famous School of Numerology. This way of "discourse" was common in Greece, often using pebbles and such to draw Gematria/Geometry propositions in the sand. 
"ISOSEPHSY", OR "NUMEROLOGY" (but Numerology most often
is an interpretation of the meaning of numbers, instead of codes).
In this blog I only use Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., 
z=26) because it's the language of the era, and also it is the real 
Encoding Key (the "7th SEAL" of Rev/Apoc, as Greek to English)
REV 13:1  -"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads..."-
SAND = 38 = OCEAN 
I must stress once again that what we are looking for is "clusters", because they follow the essential FRACTAL HOLOGRAPHIC structure of SYNCHRONICITY; one word or number may repeat itself fractally along many layers of meaning and themes. Instead of just trying to look for culprits, we must focus on finding the MOMENT IN TIME, in which the 7 Seals are opened and all the "events" of the Encoding begin to MANIFEST. Major high-visibility world figures serve as Carriers of the Code, so that within the Subconscious, the Matrix can "effect" its "imprinting"; these figures have no real power, they are merely names presenting the neuro-linguistics "patterns" to the Subconscious.  These Codes of the Matrix appear gradually on the 3D holographic reality we dwell in, are developed and finally they reach a critical-mass point were they effect a dramatic change unto "reality". These are the critical encoded moments of the Book of Rev.
*(all Barcodes contain a "666" as their 1st/middle/last lines are always 6/6/6)*
THAN THERE IS A SUB-PUN OF "11/11/11" OR "2/2/2" (later more about the "2/2/2")
Above you saw that right off the bat we have a very economical code in the words "SAND=38=OCEAN" in "Rev 13:1"; below you see how "13:1" pinpoints this exact era via a top public world figure, and how the Barcode exposes the theme, because "EAN" is how presently this technology is called:
*3x3 Magic Square of Saturn, each row & column adds to [45=REV=DANIEL]
OCEAN  ~~~  OC-"EAN"
But the remnant leftover "OC" also encodes the current incumbent (Barac/Barca):
Notice that EAN is the only major title of anything that contains the word "NUMBER":
"A International Article Number" = 294
Rev 13:18  -"Let he who has wisdom/understanding 
count the number(/name) of the Wild Beast..."
You will notice how the above 3x3 Magic Square of Mars emblematically contains this "294" (or "492") in its 1st row, this number "294/492" surfaces in many other key places  -this is why it was designated to be the official date of the Discovery of America, for ex-. 
*(3x3 Magic Square of Saturn or Lo-Shu Square, as planetary config)*
Transliterating the Saturn Magic Square numbers to letters, reducing each 
number to 1-digit (like for {13 is "4" since 1+3=4}, we find that:
As the Magic Square of Saturn contains numbers 1 through 9, in reduced value you can find any of the letters of the alphabet, so what matters here is the CROSS CONFIGURATION of their initials. The center cross stunningly yields ther word "LEG" ("Rev 10:1 - 'I saw and angel... with one LEG on the sea and one leg on the earth...'), while even more stunningly this exact square as transliterated as above, yields the expression "MARE AEGEO" (the Aegean Sea), the larger Sea that contains the smaller Dodecanese Sea where supposedly the Book of Rev/Apoc was written.


You could incorrectly argue that I chose in purpose the central cross letters "ARLEGA", but you must realize that with the exception of the letter "G", all these are part of the last initials of "baracK husseiN obamA & michellE lavaughN robinsoN", while the "G" is evidently the initial of the name of his successor George Bush (notice how also the last initials of "georgE busH, and 1st & last initials of "LaurA" his wife, are found here).

At the end of the previous Part 5 article I submitted this famous "Sator Rotas" square of which I had previously written in other articles; besides it being an in-your-face square in ref to Obama (Saetoro was his 1st legal last name - "sator"-) and Oprah Winfrey ("opera"), its central "RED CROSS" (symbol of the Knights Templar) contains literally the last name of the former director of the CIA under Bush jr.  -George Tenet-, who resigned in 2004, amidst serious questions regarding the 911 event and the fiasco of Iraq's WMD.

On the alphanumeric relationship between Obama & Oprah Winfrey more is to be found; 
Where Obama was supposedly born & raised, but furthermore word "Opera" yields:
(thus "Oprah Win-frey" is pun of "Satan Wins")
If anyone has the slightest doubt about this exact present era as the time-frame of Rev/Apoc's final codes, realize that the following expressions pinpoint the 2 places & technology of maximum power in the world that we live today, providing an accurate window of time into which the events unfold in the Matrix timeline:
However this encoded as "Horn/s & Head/s" goes beyond providing just a generic time-frame, because it also pinpoints specifically the key moment of 911 as the pivotal moment when everything really begins to manifest it its final expression in the Matrix (as 911 occurred emblematically in New York, and many have accused the British Crown of enacting it as a False-Flag event using Israeli agents, to takeover the USA via the "security laws" and all the rest of it, that dismantles the US Constitution the founders of the nation created in order to. Whatever the case, what maters is the pervading belief itself within the human Subconscious, rather than discussing its accuracy or not, rather than its accuracy or error). 
TEN HORNS  ~ "the "NET" (the Internet)
SEVEN HEADS  ~  "GENEVE" (the LHC project)
*"www" URL protocols of the internet were in fact established in Geneve at CERN*
What we thus see here, is "way" more than the usual political-religious interpretations of the Book of Rev/Apoc; the encoding pinpoints precisely our present ongoing exact time-frame, and presents a picture of incredibly high Matrix Codes running everything like a computer program (too many language fractal synchronicities, intensifying as the Vortex moment approaches), while at the same time the computer technology acts as counterpart of this phenomenon, concomitant to the other biggest science achievement, that of the LHC project at CERN (just an icon of all other atomic accelerators all the same, which are suspected of opening a "sustainable" Time-Space portal into alternate timelines, or what many fear that it simply "brings in" negative timelines and/or dimensions into merging with this one). But let's once again go back to the basics of the encoding, to realize how clearly the English Language is the key/seal:

[ ID=13 ]  &  [HEAD=18 ] 
Rev 13: 18 as an "Id Head" agenda
(Mark of the Beast)

Everybody instantly assumed in general this "Id Head" agenda meant a microchip that would control ultimately people's mind & Dna, but if you care to look at the simple code "ID HEAD", you realize it rather points to a more sophisticated Bio-Technology way of trojanizing one's brain, via bio-engineered viruses:

"ID HEAD" = "HI DEAD" ~ "HIV dead"

Rev 13, as a Wild Beast with 7 Heads &10 Horns, each horn with 10 Crowns:
So you see that this "294/492" key number as indicative of the 3x3 Magic Square of Saturn, pops us in several crucial places, related to the "BUYING & SELLING" as stated in Rev 13:17 (17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name").
It's completely and nothing less than amazing, how this self-evident fact of Rev 13 has gone mostly overlooked; this proves that the human mind has been utterly conditioned and loaded with designed "Blind Spots' to the most obvious of reckonings.  The present negative illuminati elite on Earth acts as the "PROCUREMENT AGENTS" for these negative et's & inter-dimensionals, and this is why they are symbolized as a "WOMAN RIDING THE BEAST" and a a "HARLOT". They are here to effect a takeover of 3D earth by these negatives, and proceed to establish a specific type of recessive technology that suits their agenda, which involves not only the Barcoding of goods, but ultimately the Barcoding of HUMANS, as the apex of the takeover, the end-goal. When conspiracy researchers point that the "Temple Bar" in the central "City of London" (a small secret enclave different from "England") is what all lawyers must swear to, the Temple Bar as ritual controllers of the current illuminati agenda at play, they miss the all too obvious connection:
In other words, they are ritualistically LEGISLATING THE ABSOLUTE OWNERSHIP OH HUMANITY, but not just to Monarchies as conspiracy buffs claim, but rather to negative et's & inter-dimensionals by and large. And they are publicly announcing the end achievement of this agenda soon, via Obama:
We see a confirmation of this in several Gematria code results, for ex:
The Rev 11:3 ref to the "1260 Days" is clearly a fractal of the same:
[10 "TEN" HORNS]+[7 "SEVEN" HEADS] = 260
The practice of dining on human flesh was pretty common among royalties only about 300 years ago, but well hidden from official "history"; but one can see how the word for some popular meal is a pun of such:
If anybody is stupid enough to doubt this, let me tell you that I personally had the account of one latinamerican executive who told me that as recently as in the 70's some illuminati elite people offered him the job of procurement of human flesh exported from south america to the 1st world -which he of course declined-. No kidding. Definitely "reality" on this planet is utterly different from what naive people make it to be, absorbed in the  media pumped "feel-good" mindset.  It CAN BE a good place, but so far it just isn't, at all.
"TEN" = 39  ~~~  3+9=12
"SEVEN" = 65  ~~~  6+5=11
12 x 11  =  132  =  66+66
It's important to realize that the "666" code of Rev 13:18, also a lot of times expresses as a fractal in the form of 66 or (66+66) or as (66+66+66), as part of the same encoding. But let us go back a little into the "EAN BARCODE" technology of procurement and distribution ("BUYING & SELLING"), and let's look at the full name in question, to find out the same pinpointing of this exact time-frame, it was originally called the "EUROPEAN ARTICLE NUMBER", otherwise knows as "EAN-13" (*Rev 13:18*), then changed to "INTERNATIONAL ARTICLE NUMBER" but still known as "EAN-13" all the same::
(Sion in Switzerland, close to Geneve)
We witness a type of highly specific Gematria, that can be confirmed for ex if we look at the other name of this science today, as some people wish to call it "ALPHA-NUMERIC"s:
NUMERIC = 84 = PATMOS  / (Island)
Why this encoding surrounding Patmos and the "number" theme is so important, can be easily assessed as pertaining the computer technology, which language is the most important use of the GEMATRIA principle of transliterating letters to numbers & viceversa: computers only read numbers per se, and the "ASCII" code universally accepted for computers, takes care of the number/letter transliteration that runs computers:
ASCII in 13x18 grid (Rev 13:18)
Could it be any more obvious...?
In other words, those who in laughable ignorance deride the proposition that Gematria codes in the Matrix run our SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS, are what in street slang we just call "dumbasses", and dumbasses come in hordes, holding respectable university degrees and all, makes no difference whatsoever apparently. Or... could it be.. rather...that... there is something I call the HIVE-MIND, to which they are part of and thus their individuality in psychic terms is very limited, and they just "think" and "behave" acc to that Hive-Mind collective run by the Matrix...? BUT ISN'T THIS EXACTLY THE IMAGE OF THE "BEAST WITH SEVEN HEADS" PROPOSES, A HIVE-MIND COMPLEX WHERE "INDIVIDUAL IDENTITIES" ACTUALLY COME IN PACKS AND GROUPS (i.e. HIve-MInd Sub-Collectives), not as a single person per se...? Examining this issue, we find it stunningly confirmed in the code of Rev/Apoc (as an "Anti-Christ" type of negative computer run consciousness)
HIVE = 44 = ANTI
Thus in the Matrix of our 3D reality, this main "DISCONNECT FROM ORIGINAL SOURCE" of Consciousness (the Divine Consciousness, the All-Is-One Consciousness, the Infinite-Love Consciousness), there is a "Surrogacy/Substitute" Trojan Program that operates as Psychic-Central so to speak, from which a certain type of "Drone-Humans" operate as a collective mindset, lacking true individuality & originality, lacking in creative and true intuitive powers, who are here to IMPOSE THE HIVE-MIND AS THE RULING CONSCIOUSNESS TYPE OF THE 3D REALM, and boycott all Theomorphic humans with a true connection to Original Source. We see this Trojanization of the human Psyche fractalized in the biological world, as the "HIV" virus:

In case you haven't noticed the psychopaths/vampires/predators have been running the asylum/world for thousands of years already and the inception of the rest has been almost 100% successful.... want some Mentadent P with that glass of water anyone ???

great post man... 

All we can do is embrace energy, if we feel anger or hold negative energy it burns in our liver and movers naturally into our heart. We can transform it into compassion and love. Smile to your liver and give love, feel your way until there is no longer any negative energy in you. As far as others whose agenda is taking your power away... listen to how you feel around them, fill your system and energy field with love, focus on the divine connection in you to the greater field of love. Move, live interact with the finest intention.... you will send this energy into any situation. If someone wants to do you harm, the energy sending out from you may be qualified by them as negative, so they may perceive it as a threat but they are making it negative and it will effect them, not you. Send out love, watch those who wish to do you harm trip over it. Hope for them that they may learn the laws fo the Universe and use them to find their own joy.  The Universe, Innerverse are the same, energy cycling in a creative life force. No need to get all complicated with it. Ride the radiance wave, you have this power, practice, ever moving forward. Keep moving forward. LIVE Make each connection in this interactive world of good intention. You are laying down your path. If you are going about living in constant fear of vampires, you are giving your power away for some counter productive excersize in circular futility.

Thank you all :)

The way I see it is, you can take it to any size you want, even using certain sources to say the parasite is as big as the sun, because if we are the sun in one form, then there would be a macro of the micro. Some of this came up in the study group last night, and indeed I hope it was recorded to listen to (August 8th)! 

Thankfully we can solve challenges/problems in ourselves however, as this effects the sphere that is us, and so by definition all other linked sphere's to a lesser degree. Linking all these replies together, as if they were personal sphere's, thus far here is what I have.

Negativity needs to be cleared by any means possible, and we have to get extremely good at it. If the parasite eats death, or negativity removing its food source should starve it, the emotion field - feel'd of man, the gold third eye crop present on buckingham palaces gates. This is being done in many forms now, when death no longer exists in us, then it can't be fed off.

I think perhaps I overcomplicated the balance mechanic in the first post, perhaps this is simply the reaction to the action put out, and now the universal counterbalance. Sylvia it isn't about fearing anything, for me at least, it is about finding solutions that work at ground level ;). If I feared it I couldn't make this post for instance, as i'd have an energetic block to writing something - this is all free flowing :D.

Neil, your post does bring me again to the point, that the further we go back, the simpler this mechanic is to innerstand, to see where changes were made to put the matrix's current imprint or spin over the last one (imprint not programming, the programming imho is deeper.). If you were to go back to the language of energetics, before the physical form, you'd surely get some answers as to what happened for us to get into the physical body. Does anyone doubt even for second, that if indeed we were all in energy bodies only at one point, those energy bodies were communicating in some fashion? Are they still communicating? - Has anyone with advanced astral projection techniques tried this, going to the point before the physical existed, to the 1st None physical Sun?

Theory Below


I'll expand a bit on what was touched on in last night's study group to shake the perspectives up a  little. (August the 8th's group, I hope that goes up soon!). It was discussed the Sun was reborn into physical form so it could not fully die but be continually resurrected (a cycle), while our reincarnation cycle in the physical is linked in. If we are really on our 6th Sun since coming into physical (or being forced into ) from the once pure energetic, and those suns are thus inside ourselves on a celluar level, might it just be a matter of bringing those suns out?

I'll explain, if you are unpacking those suns out, then you'd be unpacking not just what they are, but all that brought them to be in the current micro/macro relationship. So you'd be unpacking eventually your pure energy state, if that is what you preferred to exist as, as you must have impacted how the Sun is if it's in you. - Oversimplified but I am running with what I have :), if you cut off the flower, does it impact the plant - yes and its a smaller part of it. If you were to give the flower better conditions, more sun, more bee's etc, it would effect the plant as well. The flower being man, and the plant itself being what made us who we are, and on the physical level, who WE make (the sun as a starting point).

*Also it occurs to me, that unpacking some of the techniques the sun uses to generate energy, would pretty much give you all you'd ever need.

The universal answers for me then so far are:

Reduce negativity, hunger. - Reduce food for parasites (global and personal)

Increase energy levels in all humans possible. - Surpass Vampire's ability to keep up with our development, as our energy pace will outweigh their hungers capacity to drain it.

Show the planets how to do this by example. (No this isn't ego speaking ;), they'd be showing us too.)

Remove the fear of death. With no fear of death, the sun doesn't fear death either as we show it how to overcome it, and yes at the same time it is showing us. Split mind for anyone who's read astral dynamics, part of you is the sun right now.

Neil what is your take on what the final expression of the matrix is? From all angles?

Keep it coming people, loving the discussion so far.

So True Sylvia, if only all knew the powers we have within ourselves and the energies around us, I know a few that could benefit from it that's for sure!...but at least I know for myself  WBV to you.

Hey Stephanie, I agree with you too. Our knowing is universal. WBV radiating back to you.

Interesting view on the subject.
Personally, I'm of the impression that "if it exist, then it has a purpose." Granted, negativity in all it's forms has been beguiled in the minds of the average individual, the fact remains that it exist, therefore, it has purpose. Now what that purpose is... is the question to be asked because when you think about it...there would be "No Good" or "Positive" in existence if there is no "Negative" or "Bad". I think that defining the "TRUE" definition of Negativity at it's core level of it's "Purpose" will bring people to a more balanced conscious observer, when dealing with negativity.
In short, without the "Absolute" meaning of something, it merely leaves folks to speculate and judge with prejudice, based on what they have been told to be true as opposed to what is "Actually True."

MetiPhi and TAFLON, Our thoughts are the key, what we focus on. Focusing tools can help us and as Sevan has suggested, try seeing how long you can go without negative or backwards non-creating life giving thoughts. Our SELF is our connection to the whole. Mantak Chia The Healing Tao, explains how we can transmute emotional negative energy into loving energy that keeps us flexible and full of CHI so we can power up LIFE in us, in a simple exercise. Personally, this is the battle, the universal warrior. When we internalize conditions in our bodies, that feels grave to me... I don't like that agenda, I am angry about this or that... - that energy burns in our livers and moves naturally into our hearts... SO smile to your liver, feel the feelings, shine loving compassion on it... transform that energy by embracing it! and transform it into loving energy. 

Purpose, realizing the whole CYCLE is the living form. Those who want us to focus on fear or backwards stagnant thinking: the GRAVITY in The Secret of Light by Walter Russell - these conditions of the whole exist and have a purpose. Those who mirror the negative or I think better to call it degradation, that energy that churns to decompose in the cycle of GRAVITY will be transformed back into the condition of RADIANCE. I say we are designed to choose. Riding the RADIANCE is moving forward in the creative life force flow of creation. Yes, both are part of the cycle of life. I refrain from using loaded words which are misunderstood as having a life force like Vampires which gives it energy to manifest. Victim words distort the truth and stagnate the creative flow of mind which has the potentiality. The point of seeing the artificial matrix and dissecting it's roots, agenda intention is to become aware of what is counter to our empowerment. Consciousness in Amit Goswami's is the ground of all being. "Our looking is tantamount to choosing, from among all the quantum possibilities, the one unique facet that becomes our experienced actuality."



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