Wholeness and balanced vibrations, I have been looking around about baking soda. So excited the day i bought my first baking soda box about 12 days ago haha, but now I'm jumping back and forth of what info is correct. Using to brush my teeth, i hear something about it can actually do harm to my teeth like destroy the tooth enamel, but then again i read that it's safe. Well i got Arm and Hammer baking soda, now i read that Arm and Hammer baking soda contains aluminum and benzene, then some others say no it does not, because, at least one person said they got a reply from their e-mail saying “Thank you for taking the time to contact Church & Dwight Co., Inc. regarding ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda.
In response to your inquiry, ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda is 100% sodium bicarbonate and does not contain aluminum.” (emphasis mine) . Please help, anyone, I don't know much about this stuff, i also got a temporary filling after the root canal, now i hear that fillings can contain mercury? I'm tired of researching, i would do more but i rush because i got to focus on my preparation for cert exams, i need a better job lol. Now i know it's interfering with me becoming whole and finding true knowledge, but i figured i need money to help me buy products to force myself into ascension, to help the resistance family, and so much more. So i ask anyone please help me, love and appreciation. 

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It's still here. The post is by Todd Platzer, the first page of this forum. Some great info, I went back to read that as well.

Hello. You caught my eye in the filling part, in which supposedly they use mercury, actually they do. I don't want to warn you. But you know, there is a simple think to do. In Ayurveda medicine they speak about natural cycles of the body when is in rest (sleep). Naturally everyone should be in bed before 10 o' clock, there is a process in your night when your liver cleans the toxins from your organism at it's best. In this process mineral and metals are detoxified. So, as they say, you should also take light dinner before 6, so when you go to sleep and start the cycle your system won't have to work too hard. Metals store in body tissue, so try eating healthy and exercising a lot too, metals such as mercury and aluminum can be cleared just by exercising daily. Recommended Cilantro and lime juice for better detox.

I've also heard there are fillings in porcelain too, though I don't know if they still do them, so in a future time ask your dentist.

Wholeness and balanced Vibrations


Miguel, this is great stuff, I'm going to practice this here tomorrow or the next day. Thank you so much for your time and effort to provide such great information, I am definitely interested about this Ayurveda medicine, i mean i heard the word here and there but, this is great, something I can take to action right away. I had seen one of your post for the website: http://wakeup-world.com, I just took a quick look a while ago, I think it's awesome, so I have to go back there or visit your post and read and study some info. Love and light Miguel, WBV.


It's frustrating sometimes, but only right now, there is way. Which baking soda brand are you talking about though. I would love to help the world and us from all these toxic and hazardous materials. Living a better healthy lifestyle, just doing things right for ourselves and the world and everything in and out of it

dear friend drinking a tablespoon of baking soda everyday with honey in a glass of water  has changed my life.  its a super-alkalizer and it seems there's almost nothing this cheap box of stuff wont fix.  it cured a toe fungus i had for 7 years which NOTHING could cure.  it fixed a BADLY absessed tooth.  no infection anymore, nothing, and a cold sensitivy i had in the teeth, completely gone.  i had strange skin funguses which r now GONE, and some weird recurring cold sores, now GONE. idk if u use the MMS, which is miraculous, but there r some funguses that MMS wont cure, this does it, and many believe fu ngus like candida r the cause of most disease.  there is one comment here about baking soda being contraindicated with cetain meds and i'm sure thats tru, but if u r on a course of baking soda, u r not gonna need the meds!  i personally believe mercury fillings r poison, so if there is anyway u can remove them do it, but if not, dont worry you're in alot of good company! LOL this is one of the ways they get us.  there r non mercury fillings but they r not covered by insurance and cost alot.  for acute conditions like cancer u need 2 glases a day for a month or 2, and some litmus paper with a range of 5-10.  if u can keep your Ph around 9 for a few weeks, u will destroy any disease.  i've even heard u can cure AIDS with it...plz remember anything negative u read about baking soda is propaganda.  u kno they dont want us curing ourselves for a dollar!  its tru about the kosher u, its a lil symbol there 4 the elite.  i dont kno about the aluminum, just get an organic brand from the health food store its only a dollar more.  i kno its hard, specially wen in school or working, but every chance u get try 2 read, study and research.  its the one thing they KNOW people dont want 2 do, so they dont hide the answers in print.  its kind of a drag 2 have all this extra 'homework', but not wen u consider the reward....best of luk u feel like a lovely person

Thank you very much Aurora, for this comment. This made me smile. Love and gratitude for this, the experience you explained you had is what I like hearing as well. Great information, thank you for the effort you put into this. I was wondering what litmus paper is, but I googled it. It's a Ph test strip right? For the MMS, I want to try this out. I heard i can use hydrogen peroxide mixed in water for cleansing my system, not so sure, it's what I was told. I'm just glad you pointed out these things to me, it makes me feel much at ease haha. Your totally right, I will read, study, and research more and more on anything I feel I must know, I will make it a great habit or a part of me. I thank you again for the info provided and advice. Love and light Aurora Campos, really, thank you. You are a lovely person.

I have come across the mention of MMS II (2) and it is said that it is the same as Hydrogen Peroxide but only the 35%
I have not confirmed that or taken it personally, so please don't take my word for it. If you hear otherwise let us know!
beneficial info in this thread.


Thank you Coresponse for the reply, I will have to research on this and see. I'll let you all know definitely. Love and light Coresponse, and thank you so much for the input.

food grade peroxide works similarly 2 MMS, well not really, but kinda.  the man who developed MMS said food grade peroxide is like killing pathogens with a handgun, and MMS is like killing them with a machine gun.  LOL  not a very nice analogy, but its true.  food grade peroxide is very handy around the house tho.  and whichever u decide 2 take, MMS or peroxide, dont 4get 2 take a bath in it!  our skin is the most pervasive way 2 allow substances in our system.  unfortunately, we suffer from this when we take showers in flouridated water every day.  7 says the MMS removes a good deal of flouride from drinking water, and i'm learning right now about using iodine 2 remove flouride, since the flouride filters r very expensive. if i could tell 2 things 2 the whole world it would b take the baking soda and try 2 remove flouride from the water!  LOL but the truth is there is no way 2 rid ourselves of everything, or make ourselves completely safe. AND THAT IS OK!  try not 2 get upset because that is FAR more damaging than anything they put in our water or spray across the sky.  LOL.  and just so yall kno i was given 3 months 2 live 5 years ago...had 4 stage cancer which had spread 2 all my organs.  i did one day of the 10 days of chemo they wanted 2 give me, and although chemo is NOTHING but barbaric poison, i dont discount that it might have helped me.  LOL.  then i did all these baking soda/peroxide/MMS protocals, not 2 mention used the bob beck blood zapper!  LOL, but thats a whole other story!  LOL.  mostly i meditated, communicated with my cancer cells, and struck a deal.  LOLOL  its funny but its kinda tru.  we have an incredible amount of control over our health with meditation, tone therapy, chakra balancing etc.  all the things 7 teaches here.  it takes alot of time and thats EXACTLY y the oppressors keep us tied up with work, so we cant possibly learn the things we need 2.  warm energy 2 all. :)

lmao This made me smile. I will definitely keep this in mind and heart. I can't thank you enough for all you've said here. Not only have you shared on what can help us, but your personal experience with cancer and the time they estimated for you to be here. I love how you tell your story with laughter and energy. Your views and advice on cleansing ourselves lol yes, you do have a point with the water contaminated and things sprayed across the skies lol. Love and gratitude to you Aurora Campos, congratulations and I'm truly happy for you for finding what you needed to help you and are sharing this with us. I will look up on all these and learn how to meditate and be in touch with myself. You make me feel assured that I can do this, thank you again.



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