Some time ago I was drawn to purchase this particular book.  Though not noticeable while on the shelf, I felt a pull towards the area that it was in. Not sure of the familiarity/feeling of why I needed to continue browsing the particular area (which was not labeled/categorized), I was basically compelled to stay there and 'browse'.  As I ran my hand a long the shelf, the energy that I felt, somewhat familiar but not sure, was unexplainable.... other than to say "that was what I was looking for".  I have yet to venture farther than the Introduction....... All of this to simply ask, has anyone else read/experienced this book as well?  Any reviews?

Wholeness and Balance to all!

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Hello ZD, if as you say you were drawn to this book in this manner, I AM more than curious as to what you and this book have to exchange as you read  and engage with it.

I look forward to hearing about your experience and review.




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