i have a vast knowledge of spirits and abilities all natural and useful. i use choline at times to enhence my brains inner workings beyond what cholline normally does which provides brain health benefits. But most of my tricks require particular understandings about the broad use of spirtual energy. I currently am testing some things on myself in hopes that the research pays off.

i currently have a nueral based setup that assists the bodies abilites to that of 3 times the norm using only waves of spirit energies and mental constructs. So far it works fine. and has only led to its current expectations.

I guess being born an indigo child with intense focus beyond human norms has allowed me to instantaniously shift my mind thruough several levels of consciencousnesses. I can reach zen mindless states in seconds and achieve peace in roughly six seconds. I primarily came here to see how i could help having been born to be highly spiritual. I do all sorts of research and studies some on myself and others on willing people and test various waves for deadliness, effectiveness, or practicality. I am a human spiritual library with such a background knowhow of past lives and my old occult enemies i used to take down.

i was born to help surpass the worlds needs and find a suitable existance for all and yet even though i am held back i already understand that the spirit is what the world needs to reform istelf around.

im a spiritual jack of all trades and its one of my favorite subjects.

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well said. i know much of the worlds problems but what exactly is the cause? this is something the terminal can answer but again a difficult task it is to use. something was off last night. it wasnt a normal third night mostly because i woke up and didnt go back to sleep as per usual. these days are different as i spiritually am aware and awake and still physically asleep. my etheric self falls onto autopilot and always checks the clock. it was 8:05 then immediatly i wake seconds later to the alarm which goes off at 8:35. these moments are rare and i need to remember to be more aware than checking the clock and returning my essence to the body. i might have a bit more lucidity in these moments but its hard to think of it and i usually sleep afterward. i feel it is a waste of my time or rather something i could harness. to gain more time. being aware while physically asleep allows for my vast energy reserves to be more fully utilized doing things like training and such.


oh well s*** happens. ill have to concieve different options and make it more second nature. then it will just work automatically. speaking of energy though i have built so much in reserve for future actions and possible interactions. i expend very small percentages of my energy per day and even less when not in situations that require that energy. as for a sharper sword the blade need not be sharp but its pressure should be the more pressure the more it cuts. i could use a dull stick and stick cut through somethign given the pressure released. pressure is created by energy in these moments. but without using pressure just manifesting a sword it can be sharp however i dont know quite how sharp the blades are. this one is the copy type. it mirrors things mostly thoughts and memeories. anything i know of can be manifested but the more weaponlike it is the better it is. i just happened to be thinking of a heavy sword at the time. but weight is a non-issue when dealing with something made out of energy. it is weightless and thus has no force yet it still cuts. the higher planes have less or more but complicated rules. ive been mostly using physical plane physics in most of my ability and theory. but usually to make sure a sword cuts pressure is applied and the pressure has flow and thus creates force. pressure also can go as far as it will travel. this means that releasing a wave of force can cause that pressure to consist between two points thus making them firable. the bolt ability is like a hand cannon concept. to reference a show from my youth, something like a ki blast from dragonball z. energy basically flows outward towards either a fixed point or a different fixed point. to percieve what is meant when firing a bullet it will go staright thus under all dimensional laws it will go forth to where it was aimed but another concept of a fixed point ios the ever moving point of contact. while more energy is required for the latter fixed point target it is more along the lines of a homing bolt. if i was fully lucid i would have probably thought of targeting everything with the missile concept however. missiles are enrgy that home in on targets and exploding is an option most widely chosen but it could just as easily ,yet more complicated expend itself as a beam or bolt. a beam would go and dig through the target so aiming for the head would be paramount but a degree of accuracy and concentratin is required. firing a missile is hard enough. adding stuff helps the mind grow more adept and controlling of the situation usually the more energy the bigger the whatever. the missile concept i have is a simple shoulder mount capable of firing many missile types with no recoil its merely size and energy expendature that are the issues. but there is also a limit to how many of each size can be fired. designed based on its level of complexity a beginner wouldnt want to fire tons of large energy draining bombs and not be able to have the capacity to target them and lock on different objects frequencies. this is particular to how fast you want them to fire of course. say you had a buddy holding them off for you youd have time to make a more complex launch but still mental capaciy is important. if the mind doesnt have the training or capacity it will ultimately disable you. perhaps not totally but soemthing would go wrong. so mental training is one of the key points to combat. however one particualr law ive noticed counters this concept. byovercompensationg the input of energy the capacity can be pushed but as i said about the minds elasticty it will rebound with something like a larger strain or energy loss mental fatigue and such.


a trained mind like mine understands thousands of concepts in these areas to understand what and what is not currently capable by my mental paramaters. other hard concepts i should handle elsewhere like conjuration are particular. although i did explain ether arm,or in a basics sort of way before. talking weapons powers and other miscelanious conjurations are much similar yet cna over exceed the armors needs.  something people should always have capacity for is strong protecting armor made out of whatever prefered compound however ether is very much the standard, a weapon of sorts whether it be a dagger or sword or something long range like bolts. the third thing is complex but stamina or energy reserve is the most iportant thing. without that the other two are impossible. with alll three any person stands a decent chance at surviving dangerous areas in the higher planes. why might this be important a person might think. well say your conscious self died is that game over, the end of life i dont know. they may or may not let a person live based on something as simple as inteligence. without ths defence even your physical body is plagued with nasty things you diddnt want like possession or many of the negative waves that attack the body in todays world. weakend spiritual health lowers physical healthand its been tested and proven that waves like radio waves have an affect on the immune system. but its a two way street. people can develop spiritually and have a super powerful immune system. building up your energy reserves and stamina by training spiritually creates a stronger body while awake and a healthier consiousness everywhere else.


its a bit long but this is one of the biggest natural boosts that has only benefits. it might be the only natural boost with no sideeffects. i heard a rumor about a machine that causes cancer through emission of radiowaves. i cant confirm it but the tech is out there. cell phones use to have this problem before it was phased out and better healthier frequencies were usable but going the other way like most private techs do it could increase cancer greatly in higher emission bursts. i might argue this to be true but i have no proof. i only know that current technology has the possibility. its good food for thought.


my immune system is abnormally good for a person of my physique. im much healthier than i appear as well. these i would say are because my spiritual development has improved so drastically. my defenses are solid. radiowaves phase out if i need them too but that is still one of the more omplicate areas. some radio waves are good and being able to attune to that signal has benefits for cell antenae strength and wifi connections. however that again is complicated work. you'd have to get past the basics and build up alot spiritually to attain such helpful skills. anything good is again worked for.


if i have the time i might explain compound x, the one copied from some lab in new york. so much like etehr yet manufactured by technology. it has too many positives and negatives involved. all the negatives means people should be capable of fighting as a spirit if they want to overcome how complicated this is. knowing what i know t just seems worng to use tech to play god and create what is possible with this simple compound. however its unstable and set to burn something out. they have a bit to go. i might have said to much as i know what its producing as future possibilities are limitless.


for now it simply cooperates with your own personal wave and boosts it making you better until you burn out of energy and stop using it to recover. time isnt on my side now though. sorry i have to leave it like this but thinking now of all times toknow what this is capable of it seems more harmful than good.



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