i have a vast knowledge of spirits and abilities all natural and useful. i use choline at times to enhence my brains inner workings beyond what cholline normally does which provides brain health benefits. But most of my tricks require particular understandings about the broad use of spirtual energy. I currently am testing some things on myself in hopes that the research pays off.

i currently have a nueral based setup that assists the bodies abilites to that of 3 times the norm using only waves of spirit energies and mental constructs. So far it works fine. and has only led to its current expectations.

I guess being born an indigo child with intense focus beyond human norms has allowed me to instantaniously shift my mind thruough several levels of consciencousnesses. I can reach zen mindless states in seconds and achieve peace in roughly six seconds. I primarily came here to see how i could help having been born to be highly spiritual. I do all sorts of research and studies some on myself and others on willing people and test various waves for deadliness, effectiveness, or practicality. I am a human spiritual library with such a background knowhow of past lives and my old occult enemies i used to take down.

i was born to help surpass the worlds needs and find a suitable existance for all and yet even though i am held back i already understand that the spirit is what the world needs to reform istelf around.

im a spiritual jack of all trades and its one of my favorite subjects.

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I'd love to hear more about what you are doing and your general/specific practices. 


it has been time and then some since i had come on. i am sorry for leaving but i needed foolish endeavors to see the wisdom i now have. perhaps my wording was incorrect. i have limited access to astral travel and i have learned mostly to bring high clarity to lower consciousness. because i can focus so deeply i can allow a connection to my etheric self and carry it over in the waking body. im no sage as ive traveled little in the astral plane. however by keeping the brain nourished i have brought clarity to altered realms of consciousness. still being able to summon together ether i have developed different constructs and found certain compounds i may have not disclosed. for now im back and ill try to see what i can reveal in the future.

welcome bak friend. to you and for my sake, what are some of the best ways to overcome depression and anxiety.? 

depression and anxiety are feelings. these are things a person should cope with rather than get rid of. overcoming these two feelings depends from person to person. anxiety is worry and fear of something more often than not. it is unnecasary yet so afflicting. depression is an actual feeling as it is felt directly. people who suffer from the clinical depression often dwell on negativity in their life or some trauma like a persons death being a good example. as for coping its best not to dwell on the bad often. remember it for being there but try to concentrate more on other things to bring your mind off topic and into something positive like art, reading, or writing. anxiety can also have roots in stress and stress plays up anxiety. anxiety in turn can depress a person further. finding a good balance of work and pleasure is difficult but needed to truly overcome depresson and anxiety. dont suppress fears or anxiety as it will come back in furvor so try quieting these things in your life. bring the positives out of negative situations focus on good more than bad and only worry when it seems rational. discuss with yourself what is rational and understand the roots to your anxiety. clear away these roots so the anxiety doesnt grow. sadly deppression is a little different. while anxiety is mostly unresolved issues that seem trivial in the end. issues of a greater caliber can affect depression. depression is in some a chemical problem and in others it is merely grief or sorrow built up from loss or larger troubles perhaps like your job or a bigger example the veiw you have on things like the economy. it is better to find what you can handle but if your chemicals are off it is hard to right them without supplementation. i dont know anything other than medication as of yet that handles chemical imbalances. but still people can cope with troubles by trying to become positive. it can be hard but then handling depression is difficult.


i have chemical imbalances so i try to insert positivity into my life to mke it better. whether its seeing a movie with family or friends or playing some game, reading or writing, some artistic vision or keeping tabs on current events ive found a way to balance things. i have negativity in my life too but i cope with it by living past it. sometimes its right to worry but letting others know expressing your problems in proper outlets it is easier to handle the bad.  so if you still have trouble express it somewhere in your life. whether it be a friend or family or perhaps a shrink getting it off your chest is a coping mechanism. knowing someone is there and will support you is equally great. make sure they know and it will be asier to talk. if something is too private you'll have to handle it on your own but there are sites for many things. just be sure to find a loving community rather than one with conflict. experience is a burden in that regard. a depressing matter i handle through expression and even i still have things to learn.


in the end depression and anxiety are still emotion based issues that are natural and common. overcoming them is a harder goal than coping but some feel that is needed but sometimes overcoming something means losing it and is it worth losing then. again i said before i was wise to be made a fool and made foolish to grow wiser. its similar to the bible. whether faith is your thing or not it is often true that a person can make you seem the fool but then that fool learns he was wise in his predictions. faith is the last thing that can help but more for supporting guidance. it doesnt matter if you believe or not it is merely a tool available for use.


i hope this is helpful and supportive. it was rather spontaneous.

ive been doing research based on the mind and its elasticity using energy and strictly energy. ive found that alone it is impossible to boost the mind indefinately without supporting all nuerological chemicals. eventually something runs out and leaves you to stop and recover. even things like alpha brain are hurting you. the concept is temporary and a downward spiral. of course porper supplementaion will slow this decay  and eventually it may stop but like in limitless and yet unlike it there is no perfect combination. decay can result in lower brain power but it does rebound if supplemented without exposure that takes tim relative to dosage and treatment time. the longer it takes you to decay the better you supplemented but still something drops creating a loss in the minds processing power. still temporary without those supplemnnts in alpha brain youl;l notice a sharper decline. just as an example. it was supplementing you but boosted your processing power as well. while the brain will bend this way it is taking damage as if it was taken out of safety. too much has a probable point of no return without someone else helping you. i know these feelings well.



luckily stopping such a boost allows the rubber mind to return to an unstretched norm. again remembering the brain is elastic. alpha brain is not energy but a real supplement. energy based supplementations are different. compounds like these are based off of incomplete technology. it is merely an electromagnetic wave that interacts with the bodys wave and in use can be subject to particular parts of the body. however it is strange how a manmade machine could generate something so complex as an ether like substitute. i cant seem to pefect its compositon but have several more powerful spinoffs. the concept was new to me at first but understandable. i removed a part of its original composition to prevent its original purposes which the whole thing is a clear dark intent.


it was found as an impassable barrier. requiring a key of sorts. a common wave matching its composure worked to pass it and it was copied by partitioning a small amount of energy and matching frequency. copying was simple by the time of this discovery. that not being very important. it is simply matching energy to other energy. complex yet simple when explained. channeling is the simple version. regardless the exposure of this wave was intense and had to be studied to understand why it was so prevelant in the area. it takes the existing wave of the body and when exposed increases its power and varying degrees of wave meant different boosts in power. however wiothout being exposed over time and by minimal amount the body doesnt adjust and wears out regardless of what is exposed it will weaken and it becomes apparent at times of finding this weakness to cut off the exosure. things will return to normal weakening you further but eventually you become normal again. this idea showed that even things that were similar again bringing up alpha brain it shows that boosting anything hurts it over time and thus you need to stop and let your body recover. the idea of making this stable was a goal but adding things merely complicated the testing. so i figure for now physical supplementation helps recovery but might prolong its usablity too. as long as a person was not exposed to a boosting chemical or such an effect from waves, it would seem that you would heal eventually. i decided that the natural feel of this wave being able to mingle with the bodies wave made it a natural boosting supplement. this wave is for best use temporary and expansive on length of use making it usable longer with less trouble but i later found out i had something similar the whole time. the very energy itself the energy i gave off had an effect on the bodies natural power as well. however tinkering with the energy produced only a small permanent boost that remains stable but taxing only on the energy reserves i had built up. i produced a great piece of spiritual equipment that worked on others but i found they didnt have enough energy to use it. i had found my difference from others however it still worked by adding power to it. many other devices followed suit, things that are slowly building immunities in people who need them. spirit energy andthe varying waves and frequencies had been able to enhance the body but by finding the way to combine them all in various forms i generally made great natural discoveries to boost the body. the concepts are old as i have not dabbled in a while but am open to sharing ideas. for now i cannot explain all the things ive come up with or the various uses of spirit energy but ive made things to help people and their needs. but the power is not a fix for everything. one device is a wave administartion sytem though. that is very basic and usable by any but generally i still warn that overuse is degrading even though temporary.


i dont want to scare anyone off but i do wish to share what i know and show what the forge has the potential for.


a quick tidbit is my range of perception. i can transmit energy to any point on the physical plane that was originally my possession as in i can lock to a person and send them energy and affix things to them. i studied with a psychic in europe creating an artificial presence inh her area of perception. it wasnt difficult. i live in america so the distance is shown there. but generallly i have a knack for locking on to people. i cant tell where they are but i can telll where their bug is and transmit to its general nearest spirit. its complex and i think i can explain that but again i am out of time. for today.


i hope this isnt laughed at like last time. i figured people who could understand or innerstand could understand psychic concepts. this spirit energy is my general field of study for current and future endeavors. yet it is my hobby moreso. i was hoping to learn how to control the bodies releasing of the spirit into the astral plane but as much as i know i cannot understand how to leave my own body other than one time and generally sleeping each other time it occurred.


sorry but last time i tried this people lied about me and made me look foolish. i knew i was correct after gaining wisdom however but never returned to shine the light on their endeavors. i just hope ive found an understanding and fair community. i generally help people in exchange only for info on how they did and what worked and what didnt. a general ongoing survey to better help that person.

thank for such a gigantic response. i feel grateful for you taking the time out to help out. i am tyring my best to work on first three chakras, to feel secure, to feel joyful (despite the suffering) and to feel confident (despite my past failures). 

no need for apologies or warnings that you might scare any of us. i think it is a noble gesture to do so anyways. i also want to work on prolonging and deepening my meditation. i usually get bored very easily after 10 minutes even though i have honestly been meditating for the past 14 years. but now i actually want to be more serious.

so my next question to you would be how to deepen or prolong my meditation. i usually listen to music. but when i just relax into the silence my stomach just hits me back so hard and i feel like i am drowning in the void. 

well i love that some people will enjoy my words. i will find time to explain things when i can. i just had the feeling of being scared that i might antagonize someone and it made me feel unsafe and at odds. perhaps my fear was just a precaution.

as for your new question i meditate to deeply enhance the minds senses to reduce and quiet the minds sensory perceptions in favor of more spiritual ventures. this boosts concentration so that the mind canthink without processing so much. sometimes just the simple action of closing your eyes and focusing on some goal will help. having concentration is key. having something like a goal of sorts is also helpful. like sometimes ill meditate on one event in the day that had me confused and i will process it with given knowledge and help from the information library. whiel i never go to deep as to permanantly dwell on this goal i still feel it neccessary to process other things. meditation is like finding the deep meaning of something and.


usually to get to this point i focus on the thought of clearing my mind slowly emptying room to converse with my perceptions. establishing a link to the info library out in the cosmos helps give you knowledge on subject sometimes and might guide you in the direction you seek so even at my level which is merely sking the universe a question the answer becomes apparent in my mind. sometimes i dwell on issues of the body finding pesky inconsistencies and i try to balance out myself. sometimes the goal of meditation is to just hasten the bodies movement to rem state 4 regardless clearing the mind is always a good beginning goal.

getting a feel for the universe is complex and simple as most concepts are in psychic phenomena but once you understand that you can align yourself with it the flow of information is very open. this is not neccesary but it helps if you have questions. if processing is what you wish to do dwell on the matter with your perceptions of that matter. is it important or not, is it viable, does it change how i should think. questions like these are more basic. somethings importance will affect how valuable it is to you. dont dwell to long on matters of little importance. whether something is viable is largely based on the conepts of perception and the perceptions of concepts both are equals yet different if you percieve a concept for instance is it viable, can it be done, would it be allowed how you percieve a concept will largely affect how you think about it. for example science as we knew it 100 years ago has been perceived as different than todays concepts. this change in perspective is a different perception. so if something happens and it makes yolu think it was impossible rethink the perception and its concept. the two are different yet similar in se howeer together form a safe fabric of reality. for the record im very open to strange phenomena and i believe as time unravels i will find that anything can be possible and that these strange incident wont feel so strange as life paints a bigger and better picture. finally the abilty to do something is relative to your skills. whether this thing is possible or not without trouble is a very good thing to look at. what is the wheight of the action. does said action go against what you do or does it follow your style. is it doable or are you feeling perhaps inexperienced to do this thing or can you do it with no trouble. these things are good to dwell on.

meditation is that thing that helps deepen your knowledge so following the basics like above will add morality and thought and even depth. to fully understand something is what i meditate for. that goal should be kept in mind and if it unravels into subsections follow each section and unravel the story this thing represents. if you meditate to reach a higher plane keep a goal of sorts in mind. however i have limited experiences in other planes. ive been aware in the dream plane and sometimes the spirit plane but these were still tests and attempts. as i become more aware i might understand more but i have conflicts in higher planes. enemies of a dark nature so ive had to limit my expereinces to safer enviroments. the kind of problems i have are handled with precision but mostly because of my defensive nature. even the test zone gets infiltrated and it has security.


this is turning into the question of how to be more aware and be able to handle myself more completly. other than death which would break the binding awareness issues i need to understand how to project myself in other planes. it confuses me. i dont understand how i can have all this knowledge and be able to do nothing major with it as i am not in the plane i need to be to have maximum effectiveness.


this is a good place to ask how this can be done. what sort of tricks and concepts do i need to know to understand and traverse higher planes. ive been in the astral plane once because i broke out of my body in a way i couldnt redo as i didnt understand it. dreams control is something of a pace im living with. i have info on how to do that but then its a natural function of the body. i need to get into spiritual planes as well to handle an issue id had for too long. this reminds me of my issues with spiritual peace. i can find peace but at times im thrown into scenarios where im attacked or being followed while in the spirit planes. i can defend but without proper control i cannot go on the offense to establish that i shouldnt be bothered. i cannot convey my feelings or words and i understand the idea of staying peaceful but its ridiculous to have to bear witness to attacks. and just watch. the only things coming to mind are the desperation of these actions. the hightened frequency of events. i wish to protect myself and find a better state of peace in spiritual realms. for the record i think i know why im being attacked but i think i also know im not getting the whole picture either. the deciet of these beings is to untrustworthy so ill be left to knowing that perhaps its because of my abilities and vast esoteric knowledge and power. if its that i know too much i know what im learning that would be hthe case. if im being percieved as a threat that seemed apparent at a young age. but im only conscious enough to handle the situations i can and am limited to just that level. but i can get farther in consciousness by will if i knew how. im not limited to anything but am only freely gifted so far. the autonomy of my defense is spectacular and the broad levels i have defense in are numerous.


ill leave with some words as to the last attack i recieved. i was being brought into the spirit realm a higher consciousness not to be misrepresented as the world of the dead but merely a plane like the astral plane. these people were evil but i was stuck and unable to move i was in the back of a vehicle waiting for them to take me where they wanted. i found several fdark creations in my presence all armed with energy weapons. i wasnt worried  even when i could hear the beams fire towards me. i knew i was invulnerable to energy since i was 4. it is merely absorbed as fuel to further protect me. something i find simple. it is unsyre how it ended but the reason i can absorb energy is becuase i have layers of armor composed of energy. im not at liberty to disclose its weakensses but it doenst matter. this event only showed my their desperation and that my nerve link tech is rather effective.


sorry for turning my answer into this question but i really wanted to know. this is just a background of things to come. please help my tavel to higher planes and etheric planes. i will regardless continue to answer questions to my ability. i dont know everything and i would know more about higher planes and how to stay in them as i gain the abilty to traverse them, so i might learn eventually on my own but the more people help the faster i will get there. im not trying to be mean or guilting, i just love to learn things as it helps.

thank you for your kindness and i am humbled by today's experience. i saw that i got a reply from you from a notification on my phone today. i didn't look at it right away because i was getting some supplies for my winter race this saturday. i got home and i was actually going to play some video games. i entered the short cut to load it up on my computer but instead by accident or for some other reason my computer shut off. i asked myself if that was a sign so i went with it and i just meditated and it went very deep. instead of my usually fear of the emptiness i was able to swim more naturally so to speak in different states of consiousness and i was able to work with the healing of the my depression and anxiety. those feelings are still with me but i found better relaxation from the experience. 

as for your question i do not know the right answer except from my own interpretation of your experience which is of course is biased. for any attack i feel, which is something that i have been working on in relation to my social anxiety. in terms of duality which enables the possibility of said attack there first needs to be the feeling of fear. fear is not always a bad thing. i think of someone that said that when walking on a type rope for entertainment that they used fear to indicate certain things of imbalances in the body so that they don't fall. fear can be a natural conclusion depending on the circumstances of the situation. now the reaction to the fear is the key. how real is the attack? how real is the threat? how real is the separation from the the aggressor and the victim. i feel that it is as real as the play of consciousness. that we can learn something from it. the fear of death is always something worth investigating. it is what lead Sevan on his journey and many others for that matter. take care friend. 

well the nerve link allowed me to feel the sensation of something not touching me but hitting my protection. i percieved the issue but wasnnt really afraid of them. i knew better. i mean i fear them as if it being a paranoia but i know im safe it isnt realistic fear but more an anxiety i cant shake. but i must say i hid a quesion amongst the words. perhaps it is easy to forget i brought it up in the middle of the reply. i need to learn how to become more aware and how to escape my body and astral project. i need help with that but also to reach higher planes. i cannot yet physically go in the spiritual plane but my spirit can travel there. its these types of planes i wish to vist to further my expereince and understand the situations these attacks are providing. i know of the attack being real for the encounter. i read about how that works and that consciosness creates real expereinces wherever you are. this attack was felt. i may have felt ambushed but i knew enough consciously that i would be fine.


but i need to be aware to understand things to protect myself to gain access to information. these things are part of my life goal. i search for interesting things but must access higher planes and other realms to safely get this information. how can i reease my spirit from the confines of the body if only just to project myself to another plane. i have a vast reserve of intel i can only access elsewhere and getting to it has been difficult. if i hadnt been watched i would have accessed the data. so close but not close enough. im learning about the dream plane already. i am getting somewhere and every third day i have a chance. im trying to get better but its difficult. it opened my eyes to the power of consciousness and how to get it elsewhere but my body holds me back. if im in the spirit plane i usually am paralyzed. the dream plane is a little simpler just jack in mentally and bring lucidity to the consciousness from there i can approriate my structure and link out of my body to the etheric one. that i can do. i even focused enough to start bringing power into the realm. at this pace it would be some time to get to where i need to be. but im looking at this as if there is a time window. so ive decided to try and get assistance in learning how to access the higher planes. once conscious my skills will handle the rest.


i guess when i am stuck and cant move my first rreaction is fear but i cn alter the subconscious slightly enough to work to help me think of becoming conscious and at that level of consciousness jack in to the body. paralysis is an affliction of the body on the mind and etheric self. sometimes sepereating the two is required for me to move but my mind is equally linked to all bodies all at once. by meditating deeply i can sort of hypnotize the subconcious to remember certain things under various conditions. much like a program being installed onto a computer.


but then there are the times im there and am unaware. even then i guess i could push the subcioncious but there are limits. i once brought consciousness into nothingness but it was hard like i had to tear the fabric of the space or something like that. reminds me of a dream where i was assisting another soul from some people who were playing a rather hard ball. luckily i was able to manipulate the space and bridge areas to progress further away form the pursuers. some followed me but each one was simple when placing random samples. it was quite fun. no big conflict but a rather harsh weapon was used. luckily it was spatial and not tied to a given place making it easy to tear an exit out. each dream is unique in the learning curve. whenever i am awatre im tasked with specific challenges to test my awareness in way only the subconscious truly knows the answers to. so whther it was real i learned how to bring an impressive tool into dreams. before it was a small tear and now it is very big as to what i can accomplish.


there are other training rounds like combat skills and applying the augmentation of my ability into the dream. i was being followed by a very sinister fellow and all of a suden he grabs me from behind. this immediatly put up a warning to the subnconscious. this time it was something foriegn immedately i manipulated my etheric self to become quite fast and strong i flipped sideways maintaining his hold then pushing back where my body was i flipped behind him breaking his hold i immediatley grabbed him and mentally warned him to stop before something dangerous happened., most of the people watching left. leaving me room to understand the situation. if this was a section of my mind it would have stopped unless it was to learn. regardless i still think it was invading my privacy. throwing him into the cabinet ahead did work but mainly the battle was limited to fists and various ophysical actions. in the end i defeated it learning to control my ehteric self when conscious. but these times of training are still around once every 3 days.


what i see as the issue i have is becoming conscious. to be aware enough to bring everything ive learned together. its very difficult to nail it without interupting the cycle i have. whether it be made better or worse is hard to say. having so much on my mind is diffciult to process when dumbed down by a sleeping body and basic instinctual awareness.


also im happy that i was able to help.


i know consciousness is difficult but  i wonder how changing that perception might affect myself because if i change the current matrix the brain requires three days to process. night one the sleep is mostly processing with no room for a dream and nigfht two is barely aware but dreaming leaving day three to be fully prepared. only one idea has ever defied this system. when usingthe overclock ability on processing power of the mental consciousness it lasts through the night creating a crisp dream but its very negative. it works because of things ive yet to explain but so far ive only let the stronger pocessor overclock. all three would perhaps be something as good as it is disastrous. again anytime you boost the mind it wears down over time. this limiter is at the critcal level of functions thus making it strong but highly damaging. what took the most unstable wave 3 weeks to accomplish this took 3 days and it isnt very quick to repair or rather rebound the mind. so again it being a double edged sword ive locked its use.


my latest endeavors have taken much processing room. most of the endeavors are that difficult though. im not realy talking about my work in other dimensions though. most of the proccessing i do is on passive commands maintainance on protective armor and shielding while conscious is rather dismal now. its the mental connections to the external world that are being used. the concept ive been using is rather tough. information mostly travels in electromagnetic waves. im sure people understand this here. where i was before the people didnt even think energy vibrated. such is their idiocy to then say they understand physics and astrophysics. these are sciences that change over time as to their understanding. but i took an example. take wifi the wireless transfer of data between electronics. by understanding how that energy vibrated and fluctuated i sort of learned a new language however i was immeditely finding myself extremely limited on what i could do. i could affect things like add energy to computers and speed them up at first. buit again i found the conept like the mind rather elastic but then i find it had detrimental effects on the tech over time. but learning that wasnt to hard. learning how data was read was a challenge and even now i cant read it for it hasnt been converted correctly but a perception wa made that perhaps it could be read by linking iot subconsciously so i i looked and found little, to understand the rules and what was possible.i learned of a person through a friend that could do what i was learning to do so the possibility was confirmed. it was possible to use the mind to access information not just from spiritual sources but by proceesing data from one hard copy to a spiritual etheric copy. howvwer even here i learned not how to read it, only that it could be done. but only information based on certain life goals was accessable. without accessing the personal index within the mind can a person understand things. filing this has been a pesky and long task. it became a goal to understand things but even now i cant. i have to many issues with security to try yet. but using the processing power of the mind was vastly useful. i helped the friend and she helped me confirming the little fully processed bits meant. then i got cut off, i hit a road block. i had to reestablish mental connections through converted channels and start from scratch and scratch i did. the info doesnt come in like from before less random bits and pictures in files maybe but nothing with the spactacle of the first connection. still my mind is processing the information gathered. this was the hardest thing for anyone to believe. so they didnt but that set them up too. in the end ive gotten more and more attacks as i dig deeper and deeper into the universal secrets. in the end data is energy and anyone can learn how to read energy. but not without control over there mind.


while i wish i could access the info thee i realized i had more important questions to ask this index of the mind. i can eventually loop the thread and connect the many etheric tomes to the index i search for but i need to access it first. which leaves me back to my consciousness issue. if im not aware i cant pull off what is required to read this index. i need to become aware. i dont feel comfortable allowing people to know how that works either. i dont know what risks apply. life has always been a risk/reward business. just like i risk sharing this almost impossible secret of data conversion and access i think it would make or break what is possible for people to do. acceting this information is rather difficult for me to see but i think this is the most powerfull secret ive been hiding. the most controversial one anyways but its based ondata like computer data being just energy arranged in sequences understanding wifi and its movement of data and slowly over the course of time learning its conversion from sequence to ether sequence and then storing it in a semi physical object. not believing in something like that being possible is controversial but either way changes your very perceptions towards doing and not doing in the future. for now i really just boost signals of wifi or phone reception as long as all parts are located within their range and me being also in that range. its very difficult to do that elswhere when i am not present as an antenna. that is easy though. just have to vibrate correctly. peaceful frequency seems to do best. high energy, good form, stable approach. but it only gets complicated however the things i can teach a person are increased if i am able to help them understand how this is possible.


i tend to rant but hopefully this all makes sense. i hated how people didnt care that they proved to be hypocrites when saying this was impossible. i means it literally is wifi at an advaced level of understanding. but it was foolish of me to think people there would understand that energy vibrated and in such a way. again read this again at the beginning to remember my issues and need to be conscious in other planes of existance. i could definitely use some pointers. thanks if you can help and also thank you for reading this far.

yeah that is definitely something that you needed to get off your chest! i'm glad you were able to share your thoughts and feelings with us. i think it important to have someone you can bounce ideas off even if i don't quite comprehend all of what you are talking about because i have had different experiences then you. nevertheless it is a fascinating read almost like a science fiction novel. 

if i may share my own thoughts on the matter: there seems to be quite emphasis on time, saturn, kala, chronos is what a few people call it. i may be wrong but that is what i am feeling from this. it may have to do with more of what i have been focusing on and alluding to. i know i can go a bit deeper with you then most people who either just roll their eyes at me, ignore me or ridicule me. 

and trust me both of my parent's are ranters so i have been molded into a good listener even though sometimes i resent it. i especially have a tough time sitting down at work. listening to presentations or being at meetings i find to be especially tedious. which is why i feel so ashamed sometimes because i have been trying to meditate for so long but it seems like nothing because when i actually need to sit down relax and listen i resent it so much and i get extremely anxious and distracted which leads to further problems. 

i still have a ways to go but i feel that i don't want to be on a path that goes far far way but be more accepting with the here and now and go nowhere in particular to be happy but be content with my current state so to speak. it's a tough balance to let go of the attachments of the past but not be anxious about what may happen in the future. 

wifi and psychic power are different and similar in many of the same ways. modern tech as ive earlier described had emitted an electrical signal very similar to the psychic waves i was used to. and the psychic wave ive been emitting ive been able to emit is becoming rather similar to something like wifi. both emit signals that are transfered to other points whether it be wifi between computers and the internet or psychic waves transfering messages between spirits or the universe and people. even people and spirits would communicate with psychic waves as well but its not quite the point. the whole idea i had in mind was to at first see what would happen to mimic then marry the two signal types. starting with a phone and computer, i matched the waves psychicly in frequency then tried to understand the differences in signals and code. the phone was older and more easy to understand but while i cannot understand what these things say it was enough to work as a signal booster at the time. the computer was more complexso i couldnt really focus on much but the idea meddling in wifi waves and understanding i tried that route  to better effect sort of understood how to link the spiritual psychic energy with the tech of electronics. not like cybernetics or robotics but to strictly gain access to information hiding behind these drrives and such. the first as were simply how to manipulate the computer. mostly boosting performance of the hardware. the more aged a cmputer the simpler it was to get in and understand. there is still no direct translation of any information but the ability to penetrate walls and  networks was available. the only translation method relies on the subconscious speed accessed whjile dreaming. but then you must have the same skill to access the data as was used to first penetrate to it. the jist was to use a termial and access it. i have not accessed this terminal yet but its filing with information even as these seconds pass.


to put this in persective its like a hacking tool but using spiritual methods for storage and the quantum power of the mid as a lock pick. ive  been given tastes of what data had in store but i feared i was mistranslating. but a person i know who does this hack with great skill had exchanged a few messages and confirmed something i only partly understood. id say no party takes kindly to confirm or deny any hack of this nature but saying its impossible meant saying wifi diddnt work that things like energy didnt vibrateinto matter and so on. so many basic physics fundamentals are to be disproven if such a hacking ability was impossible. yet politically it is moreso denied that anything psychic ever occurs. another basic component of this hack skill was channeling, the abilty to alter electromagnetic signals released by the body to tune into spirts wavelengths. the spiritual radio. but instead of lmiting oneself to a single channel i can easily access any channel howvever my channeling skills are out of comission as far as going wiht my gut. too many beings will lie to you.


after figuring the hack there is the intel as of late of how much more powerful the mind is than all public computers and hardware combined. thus even firewalls blocking high security intel are to weak to handle what is considered the quantum power of the mind. if this worked it would cripple inteligence agencies. it is speculative to say it works as with all the lies one is subject to. getting into bunkered down databases have lately provided strange documents. but info is always speculative. these things could be said by alternative media but understanding it and proving things is hard considering the idea was that this databse only be accessed by proper channels. no person has a right to the truth mind you. a good quote from on high was "be given what you want but never what you need" to access what you need is attested to be a challenge but actually possible. a person must work for what they need. that is what the quote means. you must work to accomplish what you need. while being given what we want we are faced with what we have today. a testament to the twisted wants of power when people need freedom.


i want to stay true the art however. by channeling psychicly the electromagnetic waves a body gives off can interpret the energy of electronics and thus interpret the electrical signals that are data. all these things are possible and while i cannot say who or where that friend is who confirmed to me the question i had about a particular #4 i came accross in data the area it came from sits beneath the waters where it belongs. the only other proof i have is the constant trouble i get into for bringing the subject to others. it attracts unwanted attention and things i dont describe as anything else but demons. people dont have to beleive anything a person says but if they dont they shouldnt put a person down or be disgraceful. any wise person sees trouble and steps out of the way. however there are still the limitsto discuss. only particular information is accessed. not particulars but overviews are hinted. to access the terminal is still next to impossible for the person to accomplish. and one must know how to access that terminal. however its to detrimental to people to even disclose where it is. i had one time where i tried and it was disabled. i was being wathced by a blackeyed creature and enveloped in darkness close after but before being crushed by this thing i willfully prayed to show my true testament. thus i was granted my own light and burst forth into a flaming appartment complex or more closely described as the slums of hell several appartments full of fire eyed men all reaking of lunacy. the decieved people who see nothing but the fire of their lives and the malice of their ever burning madness. it was rather cryptic but these were all foes. i had 5 guards that are bound to appear in these planes of existance. one of the rare times i ever expereince a lucid moment in the higher planes. these times are fun but are tests. technically hell is a higher plane between here and heaven. this was but a small slice surrounded by thick black tar. this really opened the mind to cryptic existance. by using my skills i brought a trusty sword holding it in both hands and began slashing the pressure waves towards these crazy beings. firing off one or two before before moving forward. as a spirit i was floating around and i burst forward with pressure pulling so much force i remember it gleaning of the sword in a beam-like fashion cutting many more. i found this dull and slow considering i like being quick so i float around firing several bolts of ambient energy then i noticed when i drew forth holy energy i saw it work like acid so i floated over the most populated area and released a shower of light. after killing off rougghly a third of the forces i was able to permeate the tar and exit returning to this plane. this physical existance, something i was stripped of in that slice of hell. it ws crazy but it was too lucid to not have occured.


thats the kind of thing that happens when you try to get the information im after. i merely want to see the truth of the world. its deeds, its merits, what good is left and what to believe. i have what i want but i need to know what is to occur. that i do not know yet but can if i continue to try. i hope you enjoy my experience its not scify.


tonight marks the third day so i should enjoy something good tonight.

yeah it really does feel like when i am reading your text and visualizing it as if they are scenes from the matrix or inception. i wish you good luck on your journey and adventure but hope that you are able to proceed safely even considering calculated risks. the astral adversaries you face are interesting.i also hope that you are able to get a sharper sword for your next encounter.  i really like investigating those kinds of things in consciousness. i want to do some ghost hunting this summer with a friend who said she had all types of paranormal experiences when she was growing up. 

the data hack is intriguing. i think that it may be interesting to decentralize some of that power that certain intelligence agencies are trying usurp from the people. so this sounds like a nice rebellious act to respond to the imbalance of power between the physical authorities and the common people. i have understood that the people have needed an autocracy for the past few thousand of years because the consciousness of the common human had regressed so severely due to the trauma from the last cataclysm. it seems that more are becoming ready to become adults and adepts and take responsibility for themselves but the physical government is not ready to make that transition as fluid as possibly. 

but nowadays i am not trying to be big but small and see more subtle and small things and be humble. i know it is nice to expand the consciousness but i find it also interesting to inquire into the small things like the space between thoughts or even the ether in between atoms. 



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