i have a vast knowledge of spirits and abilities all natural and useful. i use choline at times to enhence my brains inner workings beyond what cholline normally does which provides brain health benefits. But most of my tricks require particular understandings about the broad use of spirtual energy. I currently am testing some things on myself in hopes that the research pays off.

i currently have a nueral based setup that assists the bodies abilites to that of 3 times the norm using only waves of spirit energies and mental constructs. So far it works fine. and has only led to its current expectations.

I guess being born an indigo child with intense focus beyond human norms has allowed me to instantaniously shift my mind thruough several levels of consciencousnesses. I can reach zen mindless states in seconds and achieve peace in roughly six seconds. I primarily came here to see how i could help having been born to be highly spiritual. I do all sorts of research and studies some on myself and others on willing people and test various waves for deadliness, effectiveness, or practicality. I am a human spiritual library with such a background knowhow of past lives and my old occult enemies i used to take down.

i was born to help surpass the worlds needs and find a suitable existance for all and yet even though i am held back i already understand that the spirit is what the world needs to reform istelf around.

im a spiritual jack of all trades and its one of my favorite subjects.

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i just hope i didnt go over the top too much but i just feel such a need to get this info out to everyone.

Thank you for such kind words. my research is frely funded and aided by the communion of gathering spirits ive come to have known but also based on physical data and other metaphysical sources. spirituallity is but one aspect. My research is however ask only as i dont see the time to post it all down. if anyone is interested in further enlightenment on the subject just ask a question and i'll answer it to the best of my ability.


As for these particular natural enhancements it is wise tro evaluate the body for any signs of trouble as the body may not be able to forwardly handle such things for long term periods. That is still to be researched.


Something much easier is ussing higher states to access the subconcious mind and to allow it to handle tiny fluxuations.

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations brother Crusader.

Thank you for sharing.  I have a question you may be able to help me with.  

Why is it that some days I feel very grounded and strongly spiritual and then others I really struggle to just be?

Some mornings I'm revitalized and others I just feel completely drained.

Any help will be sincerely appreciated


well actually the information i have based on this is perhaps your energies are cycling from an overdrive state to a recovery state where energy is freely available in large amounts and then it lowers to cool off. I think I am currently experiencing a variant of this myself albeit its not my spirit thats low on power its the body and mind. Try to balance out. I have an easy way only i've been able to handle this problem but then again my control over my three bodies of mind spirit and flesh I doubt others caqn just command their mind to control their spirits. perhaps if your energy output lowered it would pan out and fix itself leaving the energy to flow longer but less strongly. the mental construct of natural enhancement is in trial session still. you can try it but I think its moreso temporary. i'm going to strive on and finish my research though till it becomes too problematic. Sometimes though that is how one must train themselves.

I am going to start Choline (Alpha GPC) for enhancing cognitive functions. Can I have Choline at night so it can help me with Lucid dreaming? I have had many vivid dreams but not lucid dreaming so far. I get sleep paralysis whenever i lye flat but beyond that I am yet to discover. I get freaked out during the slepe paralysis. Any advice?

I guess you get used to sleep paralysis. It's like a deep vivid dream state sometimes giving insight and for me I see things that I normally overlook.

When in sleep paralysis just try to breath and stay calm it's unpleasant but over time, a month or two the body adjusts. However it can be different for all.  

Thanks Crusader. I have started taking Alpha GPC only during breakfast and have noticed the dreams are more vivid but not lucid. I am planning to take Galantamine and Alpha GPC together using the WILD method. Let me see how it goes...

Crusader it is good to have you here, and thank you for joining! I do have a few questions;

- Besides choline, what other supplementation would you advise for us seekers and adepts? Why?

- How can you best and most effectively use crystals for healing and/or raising your vibration?

- What are the most effective ways to raise your vibration?

- How can you start to unlock your DNA and/or brain?

- What do you find to be the most helpful meditation techniques?

Thanks for all your help!

To be honest I only supplement so often. Usually when I want the desired affects.

Also I've stayed mostly private only using spiritual means to access the inner me which is like an all the time thing.

By spiritual I mean literally taking meditation and spiritual energies down to the science and redefining the possibilites. For me it's always been fun though. I look at my research and find out how things work.

I've never used crystals or anything to increase anything trying to stay self sufficient.

However this doesn't mean I don't supplement. Ido using energy. But before I go that far think of this.Vibrations built the world we exist in. They affect everything in life. belief takes you far but true depth is understanding how that belif affects you. From just beginning I siezed control of my body and without disturbing it's core functions I mentally vibrated on high frequencies. Frequencies don't need to neccesarily match to bring harmony for that would change the frequency and perhaps unbalance it. Or at least in my opinion.

Adding to this I was born different. With genetic power over that of the norm and focus so fierce I have yet to find an equal. i think by my own nature the energy vibrated and flow perfectly but not in sync but still in ways that complimented the other frequencies.

Unlocking our minds and DNA is no different. Finding the right controls was hard but possible it all begins with understanding how your energy works how well it gathers and what your willing to put in effort wise. Sometimes I find people who have this gift and others just need to develop the control. Perhaps like body building your mind and spirit have "muscles" that over time build up and exponentially grow. But that heappens when you push yourself. to me aligning the chakras seems old fashioned when there is so much more that the spirit has to offer.

It helps when the body mind and spirit are connected and the mind be as opne and perceptive of the feel of the vibrations around us.

I enjoy the wholeness of your spiritual abilities.how can i follow you to derive some knowledge to enhance my brain.please reach me on my email(jakinjoe@yahoo.com) or (jgabriel7760@gmail.com)



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