i had a dream once about creating a page here tat talked about the most natural forms of spiritual tech.

if people want to share the ideas of things they want to see be made by myself using esoteric wisdoms past down through my trials of etehr they are welcome to share what they want to see and any info on its desired effects.

for example natural energy, instead of artificial energy from orgonite, or something that enhances the weakest point in your energy centers. i also have nerve gear for other purposes such as enhanced connectivity and sensory ability. im unsure if its for everyone.though as i don know if you could normally access the senses of other planes in dreams or astral travel. for example feeling or hearing or speaking n other planes. it also has some other stuff id describe later.

other ideas could come from anyone but i need to understand the ideas and intentions behind a device such as what the metaphysical properties of something are so i can indeed be sure ive made the right item.

to put it in easy terms natural energy or energy that is not orgonite yet still behaves like it has metaphysical properties of being pure energy, not artificial or manufactured but taken from a vast resource and formed into a usable source. built to enhance energy levels naturally but with a slight edge of being less effective than natural experience gained energy. natural energy increases the pressures of ones self which in some cases creates a natural higher natural frequency. this pressure strengthens the body and is a good start to learning ether techniues without building your own reserve or for those who lack the training of the mind.

another example might be best left to a theoretical idea. say someone wanted to boost some aspect of themselves whether it be an offensive boost or defensive boost for instance. like say a wave canceler which is defensive. its metaphysical properties would be based thusly on the wave its attempting to cancel, the research behind that wave, and thus if possible something the wave is weak against. so say radio waves were bothering you. what is the radio wave and what is stronger than that wave. the canceler would also act as a filter and not a straight blocking. it would block negative energy.

the basic wave canceler blocks a wide variety of things simply because it releases a constant pressure to hold off anything weaker than its own outward force or frequency. sometimes the light honors me with wisdoms on how to solve a range of trivial to troublesome issues that happen to people. or most of the time i may already have researched the subject and thus developed a fix or creation built in my own time.

while i must say it takes time to build things it uses very trivial resources more often than not. i dont need much just reply, an idea ,and some time to make something useful. however i will only be putting a couple ideas at a time on my mind. too much might result in trouble.

something people may wonder is how will they receive the item. ill message the specs, how tos, and and an alert that its in your possession. 4th dimensional physics are more understandable to people with my training. movng something between two points is as simple as linking two spaces although how is my secret. lets jjust say by the time i post this ive created point a and when you reply it links energy pathways between us and you thus create a point b unknowingly. its never been a scary concept to me but i have no way of assuring people i can be trusted knowing point b. but the truth whether people believe it is i have no map of where point b is. i know nothing but that intersection of energy. since the 4th plane is a different space its nearly impossible to trace point b. i dont abuse such pathways either.

but enough of that. i did after all build this page to help others. i dont intend to scare people or anything.

may the light bless all.

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