Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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hey its good sevan youre smarter AND better looking than the willsmith haha.

i never knew that about him almost being neo. i wonder why he would do that? thats funny tho wasnt his wife in the sequels?

Willow smith being his daughter, Doesn't that refer to photon, spark, or light??

astrotheology in video games/technology

look @ the x box 360. the circle represents female (360). the male is represented by the square (xbox) thats the generative principal, sexual energy etc. can you say sex/six addiction?
what is the color green symbolic for venus? who came from venus? lucifer. ever heard of going green? green energy etc? thats why money is green because venus controls the currency/current sea which we are all sailing on. just look @ your ship sailing..i mean social security card.

what color is the x box 360 logo? ding ding! green! so you have three sixes that are green (360=6 6 6) right?

EL is the old name for saturn/satan etc. saturn is the black sun. planets are also represented by squares. . so you have a black box (or black sun/saturn) with three sixes which is ELitist. see what i mean? so whos the gears in the war?

see the rings of saturn?

notice the kabba in mecca the holiest city in the world. what color is the kabba? ding ding! black correct! ever hear of the black stone given to ADAM by god/allah? ever notice the roof of the kabba is green? so here you have a black box (xbox) with a green roof (green logo) and everyone walks in circles (360) around it. see a connection?

remember the apple? remember ADAMs apple from the garden of E.Den? the apple is what got us into this mess, and is equated with the forbidden fruit. so apples are the forbidden fruit. but an apple a day....right? look @ apple computers. see the bite taken out of the apple? you tell me.

another saturn reference.......?

look @ mario and the M on his hat. m is for virgo/virgin/mary. whos the famous virgin whos name started with m? ding ding! mary thats right! mary is isis. so mario is drawing on the power of isis. no wonder its so succesful.

venus with saturn

look @ Metroid. another m/virgo/virgin/mary/isis. whos the main character? Ding ding! samus correct! well samas/samus is the old name for saturn/satan.

hey cool is that the morning star?
Wow Bob, this is excellent observation! Good work, I'm amazed at this. By the way, What is Astrotheology? I heard this before from some guy named Jordan Maxwell, but I can't seem to find a clear definition on this subject.

i just recently learned about it myself.

and hey check the leap into green pic above. see how the waters green.......?
like sevan says you cant have a world without the el/l.

here he is
L is 50 (simplified 5) in Roman Numerals. L is also 7 upside down. A "Z" is a 7 right side up and upside down. 1 is a lower case L. This is called a tumbling cipher. Several words are the same thing but have the appearance of being something different. What %^&* program for the mind. People will start getting very uneasy when they realize all this, then We will have a world on Our hands. Right now the sleep state of this dimension is tedious to say the least for those that are awake, or at least sleep walking. It is good We are developing something and that many of Us are coming together. With Our powers combined We can flood the Matrix with the Cipher that breaks the Code. We have enough content here now, but it will take people to look at the missions tab and get active. I already have an exit, its in my Solar Plexus, but I'm not quitter and I play all games on god mode, so I'm here engaging, not on some yoga mat all the time.

So this of course is the 5 Simplex, called also the Cube. There are still many people that don't see the "Star of David" in the middle.

Of course Apple computer is the Apple/Pentagram bit, so after the fact not before the incident.

Lego is EL "OG" (Elemental King of the Underword) LOGOS - These are building blocks - Cubes. Again the Simplexes tie this all in. You have to know Simplexes because it gives your mind the link to the next dimension if you are attempting to reconstruct and decipher the Architects Designs. Not all have to spend time perfecting such things, but to instruct someone entirely about Realm Dynamics it will save time, which can be dissipated because you only care about the moment and what you can learn of greatest value in that moment. Thats why We have successfully "hacked" the Matrix. Many spending time here are jumping lifetimes, doubt it not. I will have to finish the post elsewhere because I have been meaning to put all this down for it to at least be logged/leggod. :-)
I do agree with You assesment on Simplexes that give you Link to another Dimension The Cube or the Square is also Equal to the Circle (Feminine) or Cipher O the Cube is a Male Princable that deals with the Physical Realm design to entrap energy,Vibration, Sound, Light which are dealing with etheric realm of Cycle Vibration and Sound waves Move in a Spirical Nature that Moves in Frequency ( How many time a Cycle repeats iteslf) which in nature to itself is 360 degree Circle and the Cube is 360 degree so what we are dealing with is entraping energies in a Square which the Mason Ma=water Sun=Re = Mare or Mary the Black Madonna = Black Water Lady/Lord and if you take the w in water and flip it Up you get mater/matter which as you can see the Elements of the periodical Table where Matter/Mother is a Particle wave which the Hu-min Body is Composed of all the elements in the Universe or the Matrix ( Womb)

This is also Alchamy The Black Source Like Ham and Kham words that Derived out of the Sumerian Source linking to Abraham who is a Chaldean Land of the Demons Located in present Day Iraq taken you Back to the Anunnaqi Enqi who was Part Anunnaqi and Reptilian a Dracronian

The English Langauge has encantation that envoke certain energies when called upon Part of these Words activate DNA that is Encoded within your genes to resonate so that outside force or energies may assimulate the Harmonic Pattern Your Alpha beta waves which is where the Letters of the Alphabet are called Alpha Beta based on a 26 Chromatic Scale of the Musical Scale that tuned to A=440 HZ establish by the Rothchilds this Frequency is a Dissonent destructive sound to the Humin body and mind also tied into the Number 666 6x6x6=216 which is a Augmented 4th associated (dissonant) with the Devil that was brought with the Moon Cycle of Destruction Link to the Precession of the Equanox these Cube Square circle are all dealing with the Science of Sound vibration and Light to Control you Dna and Mind
Correction Not Rothchild but Rockafella instututed the A=440 hz that does not resonate or Harm-onize with 360 Harmonic
666 - mr.x 'attention attractor' of: 6 Ring, 6 Cascade-to-Collection Cycle (CCC), 6 Game Universe Model - multi-faceted jewel of dimensions
sweet. thanks. check this site its awesome too. ive heard that name mentioned there before.
Thank you BugFX!



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