Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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I chose the chinese symbol for the word Tiger as my one and only tatoo 20 years ago. Since then I have learned that

the word HU in ancient tibetan means God-like. My father nick named me that as a child and at the time  of my

tatoo, my supervisor was chinese so she drew me the symbol which I still carry. I did not know the ancient british used the


Sevan - Venas/Venus

That is interesting...

A trophy



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