Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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EGYPT  ~~ egg crypt  - cry I pit / cry I pity

                        cript gene =



                 egg - Well known *egg* family ;)                               (4 history = find other sources too)




                                           **** NOBEL =>

                                           WOMB ~ STUDIES OF EMBRYOS

                                           Ressurection (art)                           rescue - sure - action ;)



Seeing as iam on my cell phone and cannot copy and paste..Has anyone answered for (Sir)? If not or if this is a repeat 2 anyones earlier post,excuse me i went threw 8 pages of post and skipped to reply. Sir=sri=shri=shree= a polite way to say mr. Or to be called a deitie or lord.
38 (SR) strontium 53 (I) Iodine

heart = earth   height= h eight 8th letter alphabeta 88?

is height for hail hitler?

maybe some1 can break down the word wardrobe = ward robe, what you where in a ward.


award= inside of a ward?


alone=all one


the ward robe is where and what you use to ward(fence) your robe or clothing from things that might damage it. this is only the easiest code breakdown :)

solitude=solution you guys can figure out the rest and "the details" seems I always arrive at alpha and omega never the fine

print....and yet a lil meditation does help with fine-print and details within resistance context. more than all is solitude..which all

should know leads to solution accompanied by the occasional quest/question /seeken outside of solitude.......

Days- Daze

Serpent- Present

Thinking- Thin King

Vowel- Vow El

Name- Mean

Intention- In Tension

HONESLTY, sometimes this blows my mind.


President- Serpent ID
maybe serpentide? as in one of the serpents, or the one that steers the tide of sepents...



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