Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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Actually this term means more of to change or alteration to an Eagle/EGO, which is an Egyptian rite. Then one is to mix with the snake after reaching this phase or already is a snake. This combination is know as Serpent or Feathered Snake. Pent means Feather, taken from the Latin which of course what they used in the old days as Pens, just as Pentagon again means feathered dragon.
Back to the Point. Code number whatever. CLOTHES meaning what you wear. CLOSE. When we were ashamed and felt We needed to wear clothes. This shut up the love closing the Aura and beauty within.
the more clothes you wear the less sun rays your body comes in contact with. The further away we stray from the equator the more "enclothesed" we have to be..
been looking at language alot too recently after realising the whole 'sion words connection (far too many to list) altho mansion did fascinate me, man's-very own-sion...panic, pandemic, etc, are also known to come from Pan, their god but one that popped into my head was lesson (like school for example), perhaps its called this because it lessen's our mind of true knowledge instead of adding to it?......just a thought
Compassion- Its the Compass to Zion. Man that was right in front of me, now I know what direction to go. Lets take Earth. Here is what I was told. When you don't know who you are you mirror confusion, when you know who you are the veil completely drops and you see everything as it is, you are ready to accept the ultimate reality, yourself.
Totally true i have come across this before and you are so right. Many people do not recognise who they are i have spent many hours trying to help others achieve this understanding. If you do not know who you are how can you portray yourself....Confusion portrays itself always until like you say you understand who you are then the veil drops.
Lesson. Less On. Less Activated.

Pan-Goat God?  From penalty implant universes dynamics of Spirits (Soothsayer-Elf-Cupid-Pan Goat God)


Spirits: To Predetermine Soothsayer - To Collect Elf - To Influence Cupid - To Solidify Pan Goat God


Pan-Goat God: you evoke nymphs, etc out of trees etc and solidify their bodies by playing pan-pipes

To Solidify  is native state - To Solidify is to be Static

('to solidify isn't native state, nor static -  just implant says so)

Sun swings over the forest glade - This Means Time

Forest and brook - This Means Space

Geyser coming up out of a lake - This Means Energy

Dryads melted into a rock - This Means Mass

Playing pan pipes and calling something forth from a tree - This Means Invoke (spirit)

Dryad outside of tree becoming solid - This Means Solidify (spirit)

Bull like demon rises out of lake by waterfall - This Means Terror

Pin-wheel of energy around a silver cap - This Means Trouble

Tree forest guardian - This Means God

Pan-Goat God in the forest glade - This Means Alone 



Pan-Goat God story:   at first you are alone in a forest glade  

You use the panpipes to evoke the spirit of each natural form and then make it solidify into a person (i.e., summon the spirit from the tree and embody it into a tree nymph)

You go around and evoke 7 groups of spirits and solidify them ('This Means Wonder of Solidifying') 

All of them praise and worship you and want their friends embodied as well  You carry on populating the woods etc, but you occasionally bring out a monster or demon (or the energy pinwheels, which are dangerous to you)  

Also, the embodied spirits have problems etc, and begin to blame you  Also, the nymphs etc, sometimes refuse to give you what you want and so you embody monsters to force them  Also you solidify things for your own gain and demand payment from the solidified spirits, etc and you make mistakes and hide them  

You can also embody concepts, etc  And you embody evil as well as good  The trees etc all start dying, because you've pulled out all of the spirits  Everyone blames you for everything and they hunt you down and the guardian of the forest divides you against yourself (Tree God), and devils throw you later into volcano  You can't leave volcano (hell), because you cannot solidify anymore  Last episodes say: 'Stay There'


Nota bene: penalty implant universes were designed as penalty and were made to suggest abberations and horrible experience for those going through them  It's not adviced to experience or manifest them or symbols or bodies from them, but there is also no requirement to flinch from them neither


Cross+over treadmill counter-terminal symbol for Pan -Goat God was Invisible Man, who disembodies

Invisible Man disembodies solidifications of Pan-Goat God

Ohh a good one Tina most certainly another Chaldean connection, so it is safe to say EAR is another way of hiding UR. I can only think of Rapper Nelly who uses that kind of pronunciation :-) As many get the cipher into their mind cracking the code completely will get more and more easier.
INVASION - VAIN SION - Through vanity our species was deceived, they wanted mere trinkets, mere stones and hunks of metal in exchange for a beautiful essence, light as a feather, delighting in the sea of omniscient experience. We will return soon my beloved, learn all your lessons.
Through various works I discovered that the days of PAN PANDORA the fawn goat god has extended so far across time sectors this may indicate that this is the 10th (EX) SION of Pan. This also confirms my hunches that when new ages come in the old ones do not leave, they all carry on together in a loop counting their times around.
It would seem that pan is alive and kicking here:
and is part of this site: which would seem to want us all to adopt another false calendar as if we hadn't had enough of their time. They're asking us to shift our belief system from "time is money" to "time is art". And it must be true because "it's based on the Maya (meaning "illusion" calendar)". As long as we accept time... "Timar" in Spanish is to "trick"...



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