Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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Tons, imagine how many things to discover. For instance INCA is an anagram for Cain. Studying Inca work I came across the Cross of Indra on a clay tablet. Indra is also Cain and that cross was the Cross of Cain or the mark also called the cross of Lorraine or Low Reign, and so on I could go on all Day or is it Dia the Solar God who has as its consort AN forming Diana who is the who stumbled upon the Garden by accident oh m Diana did have an accident didn't she? I'm going to leave a few Jewels here in a moment i just have to finish reading these documents on the Jewry by tonight its amazing how man Jews stole the Gems from Alkebu-lan.

So a little more? Thank you thank you you are far to kind. Today is a great day, I never thought the Nobel Society would be broken from the yolk of fascism and it is a pleasure to receive the award for such a gesture to humanity of giving them the very key to there existence, The Code. Further I cannot except this idol as if it was me solely who brought about such ingenuity I would like you all to put un the glasses located in you seat pockets so you may see what We have just called until now, the Unseen Ones.

Here is you code for today: IRS = SIR
It is the serpents punishing the world, find their plans and you will find what is to take place in the future and how you may move around it. Start with Russia.

My time is coming.......
or "iris" the Great EYE... i... captain.... tapcain.... I had a peak at the other side last night. Quite fascinating indeed... It was like I poked my head threw a window and saw an entire new way of innerstanding.... I like to call it... INNERscension... Because I felt like I had an entire universe of possibilities and impossibilities in my head... Just like some of those pics on this site.... This world looks a whole lot different now... since I brought my head back into this realm, Curious feelings... not much WARry located... Working on skillz to share the message... Not many are open... They ALLmost seem oblivious... Oblivion, NJ.... Yes... time is ... well... a word... a verse... a UNIverse... the first WARD. (put that one in a book) lol
Hu means God not snake, so Hu Man means God Man, we are the creators, we are God. We are the spirits living in a human body, we are also vibrating, always changing. The British God was from Wales and his Chariot was lead by a Dragon which is the emblem of Wales. Dragons have a magical meaning, China for example relate to the Dragon as Luck as well as Evil, and they also state that it is our choice which Dragon to follow.
Whoa Hu does not mean god just as they tell you EL means god and IL means god and AN means god they are in fact referring to serpent beings that have been worshipped throughout time. As far as Dragons being magical and which dragon you want to choose, we will see what all that has brought about in just a moment. The way you know one has reached deception is this, Jesus is not Emmanuel, Jesus is also know to be affiliated with the Brazen Serpent or simply the cult of Iesu featuring of course Isis which is not a female goddess by the way but also an androgynous serpent IS straight line and curve, masculine feminine. Had these beings wished to distinguish who was the good and who was bad in the first place they would not have pretended not to be serpents, demonizing the serpent since Genesis only to finally find out that Sabaoth, Shaddai, and YHVH are all Serpent Gods. Then they confess solemnly they do both good and evil, hell they do whatever they want as long as people don't stand up and activate. When the snake was cursed to the ground in Eden that was an ego stroke for man to remain ignorant because surely it was him that was cursed to the ground to bow and worship, but not any longer, the gig is up. Do ask before you act like you know. The deception has already come to the world, and had this dragon been so benevolent it would not continue to eradicate the species that it looks upon as produce or ADAM. Now here is the thing Cathy this is not what I think its what's going on, I wouldn't mind having a cute little fiery lizard as a friend but its not that type of party Lemurians and Lyrans don't fit into the ecosystem together which is the main reason why they don't inhabit the surface (Sur (Snake) Face). Lastly I've seen them and I see their objective because I have their frequency and that does a whole lot more that reading fairytales it places the power back in your hands and not the knight. PEACE BE UPON YOU.
Get your mind blown...... :-)

Did you see the Code also on Bibliotecapleyades? Its awesome.
I found this and have had my mind blown- or rather "kissed"!
Who's right here, which one of us has discovered the truth? I respect your views because i am always open to what people think and understand; but where do you gain your knowledge?
Serpents, now these creatures seem to be everywhere, Youtube etc, Reptilian Man etc, but alot of people think that these are bad, are they? If you think they are why? As for seeing them most people can if they opened their mind and got onto a higher frequency....but not everyone wants to do that.They live amongst us and always have done but it is only now with this cosmic shift in conscious awareness that we are starting to see more of them.
Lemurians and Lyrans now that is another topic on its own.....How much research have you obtained on this subject.
Dragons (Dracon) i do not think is a fairy tale especially after coming from Wales and studying the Druids for a number of years, and the Atlantian God named Hu that settled in Wales.
Hu....Not the name for a God, what does Hu mean to you if i may ask?
As far as any religion personally for me i think that every religion stems from one thing....The Emerald Tablet, so i tend to go back further than the bible.
May peace be with you also my friend.
The document is almost complete I will post it when its finished. I really have nothing further to say at this point on the subject as there will always be a difference in those that know ad those that are pretending and wishing to know never seeing the Face. I know what the serpent is I have already gave the warning, it is still up to many to figure it out. Then once they do, most will not be able to separate themselves and will continue to serve as they have been created to be servants (serpents) if the clear etymology of these words don't lead you to truth by no means can it be found. Many are deluded with false beliefs imagining there enemy to be their friend while it consumes their children which they brought to them willingly for a false sense of power and safety.
Hi Seven,
Is this a reply to my last posting or is this something else sorry i seem to be only getting used to this site.
Oops Cathy
In Tibetan Hum means wisdom. And An, as stated is a serpent.
=Serpents of wisdom



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