Here is a special interactive post for the continuation of cracking the language to discover more of the truth. A word is posted that either needs to be broke down or someone has already broke down. We will begin with HUMAN.

HU- An Ancient British god heavily worshipped depicted in the form of a snake. So in essence that term HUMAN means Snake Man.

Mrs or Miss - To want something you do not have. To not make it on time to get something. As in I missed out, I missed the ball. Its amazing this is the word used to describe the female, what We face we can face together for man and woman.

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Demon=Daemon=Diamon=Dio man

Daemon>Nomad= Nomadic Entity



Axis -X (X makes a Cube)=Saturn

        -Y (Y makes a Cube) =Saturn

        -Z (S)=Saturn


AXIS powers are the AXES power, singular the double headed AXE is a symbol of phonecia created from the X for Saturn.





A NEW AGE movement

ANU AGE movement

Saturn- Satan's turn to use powers and set a show for all to see-to take part in that!

Saturn = Shango's planet, Chango/Xango 

We get the X again

Saturn - Santa - Satan - Santeria

The rooster is also his animal = Cock = Clock or C - lock - Cock lock - entrapped by the cock

Then the ram also, and axe and also the double headed axe which brings us back to axis and saturn again and the cross another type of axis as he is, in a sense, a christ figure in Ifa/Santeria.

Rock & Roll. 

Rock - planet

Roll - ring


Planet with rings - Saturn

Latinos = Conquered Tainos

L- Atino

Atino = Taino (Anagram)

Tainos conquered by El/L (Christianity)

We became the spiritual prisoners of the Elohim and their elaborate scheme; And Now we break Free!


Government= Govern (to control) 
ment= mental? mentality?= mind
= control mind

not to sure if this is anything but..

in Sumerian
God= ILU
Want= Mina (to desire)


Im kinda laughing at the Sion/Zion references. The english term Sion/Zion has nothing to do with the falsely transliterated har Tsione (Mt. Zion). Zion in Hebrew means a penis or a nail. Tsione (t and s together as in "booTS" or "caTS"). Probably shouldn't base so much positive connotation about ZION because that was a phallic worship code embedded in the "dark side" of the Hebraic texts called the Bible ( in German {Tynsdale HOLLA LOL} Die Bibel [Die By Ba'al]). 

Here's one. We bury our dead in rectangle prisms so they can't be absorbed back into the earth. Trapped in their "wreck- tangled prisons". If I were to die i would definitely want the earth to recycle my body. Otherwise I might confuse my physical body with my spiritual body and allow the "ill"uminated ones to use necromancy to cause a disturbance. 

Which is why there is all this mass media on zombies (zion bee). probably playing on the emotional trauma of the  physically dead spirits by inciting this mass population hype around zombies.  

I have a term from which I have come to learn from my research and that's the term black. As in be-lacking of anything physical mental or spiritual or another way this term is used is in the way people say someone is black hearted or comically black. Funny how when so called law breakers are tried the judges lawyers advocate all wear black!

Could HUMAN mean MANGOD endowed with spirit energy.

There is Humanimal, a Human who has not transformed their animal state. Lots of 'em around...

Human Being, who has transformed, has learned Self control. Has learned that the Earth is one being and has learned that nothing is a point of Creation.

Just a thought.



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