I was meditating over the plethora of information available to us on the resistance platform and was hit with a Eureka moment that broke down to me what I called the "Resistance system." I'd like to share my perspective with the family, but first and foremost understand that I am NOT an Adept by any stretch of the imagination i'm a neophyte/observer at best (hence the title) so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. I've managed to condense the insight I received into a straight forward 5 step process:


      An essential and commonly over looked step. One must decide wholeheartedly that NOW is the time to walk this path. Once you truly decide... once you take that leap of faith, there is no turning back. The Astral Quest is a grand adventure so you most likely wont want to turn back anyhow! :)


    The first action step in the activation process. This is a step that you will be revisiting often as the body needs frequent tune-ups do the the environments we commonly live in. This step helps to unclog the body's filters of dense and unusable...crap... that gets in the way of them harmonizing properly. Stuff like Mucoid plaque and various less than helpful worms and parasites that have taken up residence inside you. 

There is the complete internal cleansing kit available on the site,, I've done it twice now and I must say it is an excellent product and is worth every penny. If you can't afford it now, sell some old junk that you don't use on craigslist, pick up a quick part time gig mowing lawns for old people...Basically refer to step 1 and  do what you got to do to get where you want to get. By removing the access plaque and worms which send suggestions to your brain that perpetuate the condition you are in you take back some control over your self. You move one step closer to sitting at the control point of your system. 

3.TERRAIN MODIFY (the great work)

    Now that your filters are clean its time to throw some High Octane fuel in that ship! This is where the Alchemical work begins. You are going to now start working with colloidals, monatomics, biochemical cell salts, blue green algea and all the other fun stuff! As this is going on your body will begin to become uninhabitable by the worms that live inside you and they will naturally find there way out (party pooper).

You will also upgrade the water you are taking in as well. As Sevan mentioned before there is a good,better, best kind of approach that one should take when dealing with the water. Good would be distilled water but this has its flaws as the water is still unstructured. Better would be structured/ionized water and best would be when you start to get into the magnatized water. I personally am still working with the distilled water, but I am walking what I'm talking and making taking the steps necessary to buy a Jupiter Athena ionizer. Don't get it twisted all of the gadgets like the Jupiter Athena aren't MANDATORY for your activation, I just have a personal desire to get one sense it comes with a review from a reliable source :P


    Once you are fueling your clean body with these awesome transformative substances you will start to feel a notable increase in your internal energy-current-currency. So what you need to do with that currency is invest it back into yourself. Use it to start to exercise a bit more, meditate a bit longer and study!

Studying is very important lean all that you can especially if it sparks your interest and will help you to expand. We have at our finger tips the whole esoteric library so dig in. The Knowledge you acquire will undoubtedly help you along your path because all knowledge ultimately leads to self knowledge, after all... all is self. 

This is also in my opinion a great time to invest in some crystals and start working with crystal mediation Now that your system is pushing out more energy than before you can offer more of a symbiotic relationship with the crystals, you will charge them with your energy and in return they will help buffer and strengthen your chakra centers. A great alternative to crystal mediation is communing with nature, if at all possible for you a great practice is "earthing" or walking barefoot on the earth. Your basically absorbing all the earthy goodness mama Gaia has to offer right through your roots just like a tree!


Working with crystals especially ones that atune with the crown chakra can arouse some challenges in your every day life. By this I mean you may find issues that you need to face in order to balance your chakras or conquer your fears begin to crop up out of no where. But you'll deal... You are Divinity.


    As you study and practice you will continue to gain more and more current and you will in turn be able to invest that current into yourself, you will continue to clime this ladder and conquer various challenges that arise and you will eventually become so in tune that the fear that is working as a cement blocking your kundalini will eventually burn off and you will experience full on kundalini activation. Thankfully you have been consistently studying, cleansing, working your inner alchemy/ terrain modification, working out your body and buffering your chakra system with crystals and the like so you will be ready to handle this sudden and vibrant activation in a safe way. But this is just the start, now you must cycle the energy up  to the crown and back down. If you leave the kundalini energy in any one chakra center you would have missed the point and that might also cause some serious imbalances.


    So your body and mind are now at the point where you are basically living off of a perpetual internal stream of energy that you can take full responsibility over I think now would be a great time to start working with the lucid dreaming (though your probably will be fairly lucid already before this point) and becoming a portal/guide for your brothers and sisters so that they can join in the fun with you. After all you wouldn't want to just part of yourself to have all the fun right?

Like I said in the beginning I consider myself a Neophyte, I'm only just now really getting a grip on phase 3-4 so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Everything in this post are things that I've tried and can personally stand by (save the steps I have yet to reach). Usually I keep thoughts like this to myself but I felt really compelled to share, all of this info is written very clearly through the entire resistance platform and in much more clear and concise ways, but maybe my perspective will act as a spark to light someone else's eureka moment. If you would like to input in anyway feel free.



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Thank you for sharing these insights. In my opinion your depth of understanding, your humble bearing and willingness to share are a reflection of a true seeker on the path of ones Quest. Wholeness and balanced vibrations to you my friend. 

Thanks allot fam Wholeness :)

I actually think it is awesome, simple and straight to the point.  This is exactly what I needed to read tonight! thanks.

Hey glad it got to you in time :)

Beautiful breakdown. thanks!

Thanks bro you're welcome

Thank you, QuesMark

Thank you for sharing. Your summary was very helpful.  Sometimes, and more often than not nowadays, information overload hits me like a train. I feel as if I'm going to literally melt down. What I do now has literally cut my learning into a laser. I don't think I just rapidly follow what catches my eye, and I listen to my body, it's voice is small but crystal clear. If I ask a question, I refrain from logical thought and just wait in my quiet mind state for the quick and succinct reply. It takes a bit of time to get used to this lightening way of ' none thinking ' but it cuts to the core with incredible accuracy and speed. I'm sorry I cannot explain it any better, but let me know how you get on. I am researching day and night, and this method has enabled me to take giant leaps in my subject of research. I believe time is of the essence and There is a lot I need to understand in a short time frame. Best of luck with everything. Kind regards, Suze 



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