I wanted to send you an personal post about my experience to this point within the Awakening Process that is unfolding on this planet.

One side of my life is normal I work with manufacturing engineers within research and development firms all over the country, I have a beautiful family 2 boys and one on the way, I am 39yrs old and the other side of my life not so normal....lol

I have had so many overwhelming mystical experiences from birth and thru my teenage years  to many to count and now with my clients as a healer/medium... who give these out of this world claims on what happens to them when I touch them. To make it simple it seems they shot thru the roof energetically. Reporting back with euphoric experiences of light and lightness. To me its them shifting and I tell them its not me but the divine in them, I am just opening the door it has nothing to do with me.
I think I am not even drawing in energy but lifting the space of energy (Morphic Field) around me to open up another space of energy in front and around them.I have had numerous healers tap into my energy and give me out of this world information about what is happening.

Now for the weird stuff...lol

I am a medium from birth , didn't know it growing up but I am able to read other thoughts, pick up energy thought forms in rooms, places where experiences have happened. I know when the phone will ring and who is on the other end, I know when the door bell will ring and what is being delivered. So my intuitive sense is very open and my sensitivity to my environment is heighten and increasing daily as I accept this other side of myself.

I know all my symptoms are energy symptoms as I seem to be opening up faster, blowing out energy thru my hands and top of my head. I do energy work with  a friend of mine and find this helps balance my energy. I seem to be able to change the room I am working in by ramping it up with a  breathing technique that I didn't learn but seem to feel comfortable doing naturally and when I let it all go and do nothing and accept it comes in super fast. Extremely fast. So fast some people leave the room and can't handle it.

Please keep in mind these are things that I have found the answers to already just telling you to give you a ground base on what is happening in my experience. To be honest with you I can take or leave this stuff, but have been given this gift for a reason. I also know to look within myself and I can't dismiss my own experiences. Please check out my website it will give you more about me.

Symptoms up to July 01, 2012 are below. 

I usually get the tingling sensation a lot on the top of my head and recently an influx of energy in my whole body that it makes me not ble to sleep or function properly thru the day. I have to sleep with  Crystals under my bed as well beside it to control my energy at night as I 
am in and out of my body all the time. OBE.

When I meditate I keep having different experiences after I finish my 
meditation I get flashes of light when I close my eyes I see intense swirls of silver& gold colors but a  pulse like moris code....on off...on off...long short when I close my 
eyes, swifts of air across my body, head arms and face.

Extreme heat in my hands, top of my head and center of my chest. I 
get chest pains for no reason then they go away then same spot but on my 
back but feels like an opening. I am in perfect health and have no history 
of any problems with my heart. 

I have no idea of what this all means other than a couple of dreams 
and I see the numbers 11:11 a lot then multiple numbers like 1:33 
10:10 or 12:12 with every combination of multiple numbers.144 all the time 
and 8:08..now its 9:11 

One big energy experience I had recently I was pulled out of my sleep my body 
bent straight up, my wife woke up I felt a deep surge of energy pull out of 
the center of my head as well I felt at peace and a deep knowing when it 
come out of my forehead or third eye as a  force of energy. Super bright
Blue energy orb, I felt I could breath thru it. This experience was the most
shocking and scary event to date. 

I have started to trance meditate with a friend who brings me into a deep  
state, I seem to pull in a lot of blue energy and people can see a blue tube 
surrounding me. Then a pure bright white triangle of light will sit on my 
chest.  I can't see it but I can feel it.

I can direct the energy to sit in my hands and they will 
start to shake and vibrate, it's not painful just different. .. I then can 
do an intense breathing pattern and move past this energy and bring in other levels of intensity and color, some see beings of light as they call them come in the room then it changes in temperature depending on what needs to be done. Cold or Extremely hot.  To me it feels super clean and lightness all around me, if I move my hands to the side it feels thick and heavy same feeling before lift off....lol and then I place then infront where the energy has changed its crisp and clean very euphoric .

When I did this for the first time I had a very beautiful, 
orgasmic overwhelming experience. The extreme amount of energy I have no words to explain other than it's like I went from 0-1000 thousand in a split  second. I felt like my own personal energy as stretched like a rubber band. 

My body vibrated at very high rate of speed, buzzing in my ears, my 
hands heated up to a very high voltage. It was like the space shuttle 
taking off before count down....everything is shaking and the energy 
is increasing faster and faster. 

Once I asked to turn down the energy I was able to center myself and 
come back. The first time this happened I was with a friend of mine 
who is a  healer and it had taken him 45 mins to bring me down 
to stop shaking. His hands started to heat up.

I am in control at all times but if you have any thoughts on this I 
love to hear. Not sure if its kundalini or maybe its something else as I seem to 
be able to do it on command . Further into the investigation I have been told you can't open your kundalini on command so I am still looking into what this is.

I have done this over and over now and it changes in the intensity 
and from super ice cold, from the bottom of my feet to the top 
of my head. 

Some people in the room feel a healing and have felt multiple beings 
beside them once the energy comes in the room. When I do healings I pull this 
energy in and the client has explained the feeling when I put my hands near 
them as if an elevator is taking off, that sinking up lifting feeling. Super 
fast like a lift off. I don't even touch them,  just sweep the energy. 

I can manifest things almost instantly, synchronicity all the time with people places and things,
 deja vue loops over and over again, dreams come true within days,  and I still have a sense that I don't have to do anything, which I don't.
I have no idea of what that means and I have been told that no one on this plane can teach me, no book no person.

Love to hear your feedback on the next steps on how to get out of the BOX/CUBE...lol

Is this what the activation symptoms are?

Thank You for your time.

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Thanks for the great share :)

Absolutely amazing, and brave of you to go with it and not resist it. Your healing skills must be powerful, are there any stories on that you would like to share also? plus when you say you can manifest instantly, what things do you manifest?

Just to expand on this and to give you what has been show to me once my awakening was in full swing.

First we awaken on the level of mind and we get pushed into a seeker experience that can last weeks, months, years or lifetimes. The key is to awaken on the level of heart which I am still in the process of doing which is the place of no resistance, no judgement and none interference with your experience. We will jump back and forth from the mind to the heart until you GIVE UP and just allow.

Because you don't have AWARENESS, AWARENESS has you. We are not doing anything we are being done...lol

God knows I have resisted numerous times to the truth but it keeps coming back to slap me in the face. So this is just a theory....that I have gathered over 25 years of seeking. It is alot to chew and to take in but see what resonates and leave the rest...Tap into your center before reading further and see what you feel.

So where are we? who are we? and where are we going?
Now this is just a concept and theory with to much supporting evidence and I do believe it can change but the underlining TEMPLATE or SCRIPT has to play out.
The options/unknown factor is US/WE have to make the change/choice. The EVENT will roll out but it's how will you be riding with the WAVE or be HIT by the WAVE.

Below is a link from a man across the world I have never met and this is the first time I saw this video. In this video he confirms everything I have been saying and more.

This EVENT is a window of opportunity that has already start and will hit the apex Dec 23,2012 and will end March 23, 2013
This window is when the energy will be the strongest hitting the planet from the center of the Milky-way. The planet is a STAR it will be birthing into a STAR you will not be able to be on the planet when it goes thru this metamorphosis. Plain and simple. This isn't spreading FEAR this is presenting information.
You are turning into a STAR BEING/YOUR TRUE BEING will emerge when this process is over you are in a cocoon at the moment. This meat suit is your vehicle/temple to carry you thru this change.
This is a (Trance-Figuration) EVENT for you and the planet.
Changing/Becoming/Releasing/ Morphing
1-SUN Gazing
2-Vortex/Toroid Meditation/Spinning Meditation
3-Ormus Material Intake
Graduating into the COSMIC FAMILY. This is the final exam and your graduating if your resonating with this material. Send me your questions I will try and answer them as best as I can, your feedback is appreciated after you watch the video.

I believe the whole planet is a grande experiment that started in beginning of SEEDING the planet with life. The ones that are super sensitive/psychic are the ones that are hybrids that are SUPER ASLEEP. We are AWAKENING.
We are from the hybrid program, everyone on the planet is part of the hybrid program just in different levels of awakening. The whole planet is one big long ET/ANGEL/Alien Experiment that is coming to an end. Understanding the more you wake up to this the more you have of them watching you and distracting you.....I was distracted for 2 years in a loop.

They can't hurt you but they can make and turn your life into CHAOS, or they manipulate or distract you from understanding this truth. This happens to me, where I see resistance in anything I am looking into I know I am on the right path and I push forward and don't give up because they want you to look some place else and forget about it. But your true nature will remind you to take another look.

I have one Alien/ET ANGEL that is more like a protector/guardian that is a being I believe sent from them to watch me and distract me 24/7 but when you get one like this you get the opposite as well to keep the balance. So don't worry we have both playing it out.

So what do you think your doing when you sleep and your out of your body.....you may want to look into this
I resonate a lot with the information about the MILAB program.

MILAB program from what I can understand when we sleep we are very active and being used for what is REALLY happening in all areas of helping this planet and others to awaken as well the REVERSE is happening where you are being used for other things you don't want to know about but the opposite of helping others.

So every night from the ones that have come to help/ 3 waves of volunteers we are the way showers the ones that can do this ...system BUSTERS. More like rogue Hybrid/Humans awaken team...LOL...see when you encounter someone of like mind it means we are on the same team.

Dolores Cannon's work with the Greys in hypnosis about the 3 waves of beings here to assist.

The name of the GAME or Objective of the GAME is to be awaken in both the Dream State and Awaken States at the same time. This is our True nature but this has been shadowed from us but its now time for it to be lifted.

MILAB program


The waking state is the Dream and the Dream State is Reality.
Have no attachments, no judgment, and none interference to anything in the waking state it's the ILLUSION of reality.
So why do you need to help anyone in regular daily life your doing it when your asleep.

Virtual Reality just like a video game that is placed over your eyes, you are only interacting with only 10% of what is here. The other frequency bands are not accessed or information.

You only have access to 10% of reality when you focus on 3D DRAMA.....(Fix me, Help others, Help Me).

You don't see with your EYES you see with your brain which is the Computer that has access to the interface of Reality, which right now is being manipulated so you don't see anything...LOL.

3 different groups of reality. Think of it like a larger system or Corporation, the owners of the company will not allow upper management know that level of information/awareness and upper level management will not share with middle level and mid level will not allow the ground crew to know what the over all plan is. WE... all of us are stuck in Grown crew consciousness.

You can't comprehend upper level awareness when you are using grown crew awareness. So accessing 3D awareness will not give you a 5D perspective and 4D beings can't access 5D awareness when they are stuck in 4D perspectives...more on this later if you like I know its confusing...LOL

Try and remember what you do in your sleep that is the starting point, the key to opening this door...first step.

Don't get caught up in the different Realities more on this later it maybe over load for you but we are accessing 3 Different Data Bases all at the same time.

Your just focus on this one at the present time. If you want to move thru the RABBIT HOLE faster check out Tom Cambell's work. I suggest you leave this for a weekend or when you have a couple of days to go over it.

Dream Reality/ Tom Cambell

See in waking state they have the ability to control the Energetic Body thru the EMF frequency. It all comes down to frequency shifting from resonating with the Earth to resonating with the other levels. Your MEAT SUIT is a receiver and transmitter it works off the frequency signal and is affected by the manipulation of the 7.83 hz frequency it should stay at but they keep shooting it up or down to throw us all off balance.

The Earth is shifting Frequency that wave will push thru all of us so don't get caught up with the manipulation of this wave. But this is the major reason why JOE PUBLIC can't see them is they are resonating at a higher frequency then JOE PUBLIC is at. They keep that resonance lower for a reason so they can operate in the background. They are all around us. Soon to be exposed because the Wave or Frequency fence is being lifted.

This is a digital reality and it operates with numbers/frequency and light. Its all wave forms vibrating. Hence you see 111,222,333,123,223

To keep the GRID or GRIP....LOL .....of control the way they do this is thru all the Technology, TV, Music, cell phones, WIFI internet, radio waves and all the waves coming off the MOON. Especially on full moons.

When you sleep your getting hit BIG time from the frequency coming off the Moon. The frequency wave they (Piggy Back) on is the BETA wave which is the carrier wave of your everyday thinking. That wave is the frequency of the Earth which resonates at 7.83 hz this is called the Schumman resonance. What I suggested for your Meditation CD.

That wave frequency is what is the cage we are all in right now that is being manipulated/distorted over the whole planet. What they do is distort and increase that frequency so you feel agitated, confused, out of balance. Your thought pattern gets all screwed up, you don't know what direction to move who to listen to.

So most of the planet sits on the couch and watches more of this frequency come thru the TV and listen to it with the music. All music is a program. Especially the meditation music which is even deeper programing with the Theta/Delta waves. Nothing wrong with meditation with music but true deep meditation should be done in silence by yourself with no music.

Think of it like a BIG SHOW when you go to meditation circle your getting ready to go on a ride and the operators of that ride are the 4D beings. Yes there are True Light 4D beings but they don't interfere with us they allow you the choice not to keep playing with the 4D beings that are not the True light. When you leave meditation you FEEL great, your excited you made some progress and now you can move on with your week.

Just got a great BIG HIT off the BONG of 4D HIGHER awareness...LOL
You are now RESET and able to start all over again....YEAH.....and then you might see 11:11 or 3:33 or 12:12 to trigger you to be reset again. Remember your MEAT Suit is a computer/BIO suit that is affect by this frequency.

Looping in 3D to 4D back and forth until you get exhausted and stop.

You need to look at what is really happening. PDF Book on Google about a long time psychic who found out the hard way who his Guides are..LOL...video of his doctor how helped him.

Dr. Karla Turner Masquerading as Angels

I think this is happening to everyone especial the ones that are psychic sensitive more on that later, long story. To keep it simple Like attracts Like so if your in contact with them your probably in the same boat as me...LOL

So how can a 4D being keep anyone ASLEEP if we have FREE will?
They do it by suggestion and you make the choice which way to move. But they have been playing this game for thousands of years and the cycle is coming to a close. They are very cleaver and patient so have fun...LOL

We are bombarded by suggestions and choice. 24/7 by this frequency being broadcasted. The worst is when they attached themselves to you or another being that interacts with you during the day and makes suggestions for them to say or do.

Manipulating the environment to create a problem to see your reaction which they feed off when you make the lower choice.

You will feel this FEEDING come from your First and Second Chakra's where they hook into.
So first and second chakra energy has to do with (all wants,needs and desire). EGO reaction.

Like a puppet on a stage helpless.

So look at all your wants, needs and desire. How do the 4D beings get you to move.
They can be in your energy stream from birth or from past lives you think its you but its not and they will not let you go you are there CREATION you belong to them.

So you want to do something....lol
The work with Dan Winters and Sevan have it right, clear out all the Wants, Needs and Desires...the addictions to Alcohol, Sugar, Sex and Meat.

Don't drink the water or eat the food. Don't use any consumer products that are electronic....get off the GRID...don't go on the internet, use your cell phone or watch TV.
This is the hardest step but I am glad I found this site to help.

I had a dream about upcoming events I like to share

Once that KICK OFF EVENT starts they will start to appear in ships all around the planet. They will show themselves as the savior of the planet and to come aboard the ships to be rescued. They will present themselves as beings of the true light.

The truth is that its a harvest of the planet to save the species. They are coming for what they think is their creation and they will manipulate the belief system of everyone that is not in alignment with their true nature.

Very SLIPPERY STUFF even if your in alignment its going to be a pull on your emotional energetic body to go with them so many will go this way.

I believe we are apart of a grand experiment 
Dr. David Jacob's work
link below.

Dr. David Jacob's work
End of Days/Return of Planet X

So the dreams is.
Ships millions of ships landing or appearing I believe they are here now but we can't see them at least 90% of the population can't and they use the stadiums/arena's to load people into the ships. I am on the ground with a mega phone screaming and yelling at everyone not to get on the ships..that this is not the way.
That its a trick, but no one is listen they are to scared.

I believe actual have more of a sense they cause or assisted in the Earth changes more like amplified them to occur to create the event to be more serious then it should be.
So they create the problem to get your reaction and they present the solution but its a manipulation. False ascension.

After having these dreams I asked to be show the true way. So another set of reoccurring dreams...LOL
We or the one's that will be guided have the ability to open a DOOR/GATE or portal into 5D more less find the opening, I believe there are millions of these openings all around the planet.

Dolores Cannon's work with the Greys in hypnosis about the 3 waves of beings here to assist.
My dream has hundreds of people behind me, walking thru dense forest and brush but we find the openings. I go thru first to show the others not to be scared that it's ok that we all can do this. Then the rest follow but I do not go I stay and continue to help the others with another line of hundred people showing them the same way. Doing this over and over again.

I believe it will stop around March 2013 when I think the openings will close.

Mayan Calendar Count Down to Invasion or Awakening

Remember its like being in Kindergarten and catching up to be in University.

 Oh and this is just a theory I could be wrong...lol

"We will jump back and forth from the mind to the heart until you GIVE UP and just allow."

This just jumped out at me saying BINGO!!!!! and I had to post how much it made sense to me before even reading the rest of your post.

Good stuff

To get out - Frequency, go into the right frequency, it will pull you out of the body. I almost did when I found the crystals frequency on the near astral. I was looking for ascension, (in reality looking for any way out), as you are. I found a massive shaking, vibration, loud noise.

Everything is frequency, so it follows that if you want to go somewhere quickly, you'd go into that frequency.



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