I was wondering if anyone could share some artists who they know are awake by the lyrics in thier songs etc. I know of a few and i am trying to subject my self to better musical artists.  I will start and if you have any input it is greatly appreciated.


K-os, Dub FX

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I think of my higher self when I listen to this song.

Gene Harris - Losalamitos (latin funk love song)
CONSPIRITUALITY, FLOWHITE,AIMEE ALLEN,KRITICAL KONTACT,L.M.S,STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS,TRECE, here is one of many sites http://polygraphradio.net/musicsite/
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT !!!!!!!!!!! my dad used to make me laugh how he acted when he would play songs from them those are some of the things I plan to tell my young when I earn the role of Father we really liked the song -people everyday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNSMtLjnLlY check it out
there is not doubt these guys are in the know its so strange how when one thing seems one way but really is another and just by taking one step to the side you can really see the truth I must say I am going thru some of the work of the Arrested Development and there in no way they arent a little more then in the know and possibly not in a good way as stated in my other comment I was raised on this group yet I can say for a fact my family and I are for POWER TO ALL PEOPLE !!!! I guess pops wasnt in the know himself to know about the real agenda of groups like this my family also has had and still till this day close contacts with Tupac and his mother as my father and uncles are Panthers with a good peaceful aproach to gaining that power to all people in fact this is becoming more evident by the day as he an I talk about the facts rather then here say he admits the truth is to be faced with out bias and is truly open to the conversations we have for hours on end just my own thinking
wow, i looked into arrested d...man, all their music is sick !!! i remember mr. wendal and ppl everyday back in the day, what a talented group. thanks for opening my eyes to them ;)
Paris, Immortal Technique, Chino - Xl, Canibus, Ras Kass, Nas, 2Pac, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Eyedea, John Lennon, Seal, Sting....
Prince, Michael Jackson.
Hi all
My brother and I have been incorporating higher concepts of reality into our music as we were learning more everyday the words and concepts relayed have also changed. Here is a link to a track we did in 08 telling people to wake up OPen up their 3rd eye. SInce joining the resistance the growth has shot thru the roof all in the space of 2 months. Th current material is quite interesting, will periodically provide links to new material. WHoleness




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